21 Sep 08 22:10
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I orderd slimex

devno9904 — i recently orderd slimex 15mg off the internet and was very pleased!!! Its generic for maridia but it seems to work better than the namebrand. now im almost out of them and planning to get more. i seached this whole forum and couldnt find anything out about this product "slimex" other than what i already know about it. has anyone else tried it? i want to order more but the only sites ive found have airmail and i prefer fedex shipping. heres more info about it unitedpharmacies.com/customer/product.php?productid=757
16 Oct 08 22:41
Guest — i ordered it recently from united pharmacies.com but when i shared the informatiom with a friend it was no longer available.
01 Nov 08 02:37
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miranda — Yeah I just bought these through westcoast drugs but I don't really think they are working for me, I still think about food all the time. Did you get them from India? How long did it take until you felt like they were working?
10 Apr 09 07:45
sarah mangu — hi i used slimex for about a year non stop and it was grate cos i lost 28 kg without any exercise .does anyone know if i can continue even after a year or another good product i can switch to?
14 May 09 07:40
tori — hi, i got slimex from india, and they are working great for me. i take them for a week, then have a week off, and when i am not taking them i notice that i dont eat half as much.
the only thing that i have noticed is that, i have the contreceptive implant, i have had it for a year with no periods, but since taking slimex, i have one every month, which could be just one of them things, any one eles had the same problems
26 May 09 16:13
kristysummmers — i'm a personal trainer and have recently tsted this product, its works great, meaning i lost 5 pounds in 1week, but i had alot of side effects, i would reccomend you read info on it before using, i have had major headackes, nausea all day long, cant sleep and depression moods have appeared, i fought it off since i knew it was this drug working on my mood, so if you dont need to loose alot of weight dont take it.
but my last oppinion is: its great....my abs are flashing all ready after just 4 days.
18 Jul 09 06:28
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melissa — hi im reading everywhere about people loosing great amounts of weight in short times (eg two weeks,   congradulations by the way), im on ZenSLIM siburtamine 10mg, been on 4 three days.   big belly LOL, still eating, perhaps not as much but im still hungry by dinner time!
im unsure if its gonna work 4 me... how long does it TAKE TO start to work?

how much exercise r u guys doing daily, im not fit, so i could only walk.  how long u recommend I WALK to get fast results!!??   did u guys start exercising strait away or a few weeks after starting pill or what??

have u heard of the zenslim brand? any tips/advice?
good luck, stay strong and thanks 4 future replies!
11 May 10 12:46
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DrHalens — Slimex has also worked for me (though I have combinated with more intensive physical excersises a lot of walking).

What about sibustat? Has anyone tried it? A friend of mine can't decide which one to get, Slimex or Sibustat
22 Jul 10 08:34
Edward1 — Slimex the best weight loss pills for me! I ordered it recently from pillswellness.com
03 Aug 10 10:02
hi, i used to get reductil but seen slimex is so much cheaper. im not bothered what brand the siburtamine is if im honest i just want it cheaper than 90gbp a month!!! im scared of getting fake ones though, where has veryone been getting their siburtamine from ans how much for please, feel free to email me at jennibettyboop85@hotmail.co m if you dont want to reply here with the subject siburtamine as i get loads of spam.
24 Feb 11 02:22
PodgyWonton — Just started 2 weeks ago


feel less hungry...got to the point where I ate because I felt like I should rather than because I really wanted to (I got weak!) 
encouraging me to think about what I do eat than before, I don't know if its psychological but I'm making better good choices i.e healthier, smaller portions etc
easy to take, don't taste horrible etc
feel less bloated and thinner although I think this is more frame of mind and the fact I am physically eating less ! 


migraines - omg these type of headaches are awful !!! I'm lucky I don't normally suffer these, they really stop you in your tracks, it made me paranoid like I had a brain tumor or something. I've only suffered these 1-2 days out of 2 weeks.
no actual weight loss

I will add that I've been going to the gym too, 3 x week, 45mins per time, mostly cardio, some weights, sit ups and stretching. I also started walking my friends dog to help but NO WEIGHT LOSS ! I'm dissapointed because I feel like all the correct boxes are ticked, yes I feel healthier, smaller but no actual weight loss so I feel like its not really helping me in actual terms, just mentally (like a trick!) 

My friends say to give it more time but I feel like I'm poisoning my body for no reason! I don't take medicines easily, I don't smoke, rarely drink so this is quite a big thing for me to take. 
Isn't weight loss meant to be the most significant in the beginning? If so I might as well stop now! I've bought loads as well so its a bit of a waste to stop...


How long does it take to start working? 
Is it safe to take? (I bought it without prescription....)
How long do people take it for? 

Thanks for reading!
24 Feb 11 02:32
PodgyWonton — ps: I got it from this site my friend said she got it from if anyone is interested....they only ship to the UK thou I think, or maybe its a UK company not sure but my packet said India?! lol !

but at the rate I'm going I won't be using all my packs so may be selling my unused packs myself lol ! 
(note to self; next time, do not buy so much before testing !)
25 Feb 11 17:52
r1ank1an — hi to anyone above, please could u tell me which site u got the slimex from? i was buying them from united pharmacies but theyve stopped selling them. wud really appreciate ur help :))
04 Mar 11 08:30
PodgyWonton — So thought I should update everyone with how I've been doing on slimex. 

So week 3 has been tough ! I've experienced quite a few symptoms that really made me worried about my health as typically one of those healthy, never go to the doctor types so it was kind of new feeling uneasy! 
I got quite bad headaches and this REALLY annoying twitching in my left index finger which wasn't painful but was freaking me out a bit as it was on and off throughout the day. 
NOW it is possible that these side effects were aggravated through using the computer more than normal recently but I also started to feel quite dizzy when I suddenly got up (from a sitting/laying down position to upright etc) which was the only thing that made me stop (last one yesterday).
However, I've lost 1 kg in 3 weeks so the results were there but I did increase my exercise over those 3 weeks too (didn't really eat healthier, just less as I was full quicker). 
I don't know if it was because my metabolism was a bit speedier or what but I also was a lot more hungry more often like its hunger-restricting effects was wearing off...I don't know!

So in conclusion, I'm off it now or having a break from it (twitching, headaches, dizziness stopped straight away) but will go back on it next month as I hope it will 'kickstart' more weightloss then....now I just need to hope that 1kg doesn't creep back up :S

Hope my info helps someone out there make the right choices as to take this med or not :)
05 Apr 11 06:09
Joshi — Slimex is not good tablets as it increases blood pressure, piles problems and many others. Please dont us it.
18 Apr 11 20:37
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mattj22 — i have 15mg slimex  in uk meds22@hotmail.co.uk

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