14 Oct 08 04:51
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Anyone who have takes Paiyouji Tea?

stevenhow — My friend told me a new diet product: Paiyouji Tea.
But I do not know how it is working? Do it have side effect? Is it any good? Looking forward to see about some reviews and results
14 Oct 08 04:52
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stevenhow — Could you tell me about it?

I just want to try, but ......
23 Oct 08 07:59
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stevenhow wrote:Could you tell me about it?

I just want to try, but ......

In my view Paiyouji is the best. After trying so many other weight loss supplements, going up and down like a yoyo. I discovered Paiyouji tea; my friends had taken it, it worked for them so I thought I would give it a go as well.
I found it to be the most fast acting, most effective herbal slimming tea I have ever tried, it really does work! I was clinically obese, not anymore!! I lost over one and half stones. I feel great; I find I am very energetic and have a new lease of life. Everyone wants to know my secret. I always get compliments now. I got mine from www.Paiyouji.com I found them to be really friendly and helpful. Paiyouji is good and does work. It made me a bit thirsty at first, so I had to drink more water its good I guess as this flushes out the toxins from your body. I noticed that my skin complexion has improved. I did not have any side effects and nither did my friends, just be prepared to spend some more money on your clothes as you will lose fat and would need a new wardrobe. I found other cheaper ones out there and also other teas with similar names such as Pai You Guo don’t bother, as I understand they are cheap copies.
10 out of 10 for Paiyouji...it worked for me and others I know, so don’t wait to see what happens with all your friends like I did. Give it a go!
30 Oct 08 16:03
Nagema — My wife used this and she loved it, It dose work but you have to drink lots of water.She also ordered from paiyouji.com which is the official web site. The real point of it, it takes off the weight and keep it off even if you stopped.
you must be doing some exercise to a firmer body.
19 Feb 09 13:07
Cherry — I will start using pai you guo tea next week, You can follow my thread at http://www.weight-loss-forums.com/other-diet-pills/pai_you_guo_tea_review
27 Mar 09 20:01
curiousdoes it really work?
would you recommend it?
how does it work?
08 Apr 09 14:26
Which consists of the mixture?
I am very wary of this drink, as you know that Chinese products frightening
Are you the medical examination in a laboratory?

Im from kuwait
26 Apr 09 21:14
Malaty — Has anyone really taken this tea and found it beneficial??????
26 Apr 09 21:15
Malaty — what is the difference of paiyouji and paiyouji plus?
20 May 09 10:44
Shabz — paiyouji was ok but a lot of fakes were going around so they made paiyouji plus which is the genuine thing and can only get from the manufacturers on paiyouji.com or avaronbeauty.com
really does work very well sheds off weight in good time
22 May 09 19:47
Sandra — I'm on my third day using this product, and I love it! My tummy has flattened considerably, and I tend not to overeat during meals. A banana in the morning, a little rice and veggies for lunch, and a chicken wing for dinner (with a wedge of fruit or two in between for snacks) is enough to keep me going. And this coming from a person who weighs over 230 pounds, so that's saying a lot!
For side effects, my mouth gets dry, so I've got to drink a lot of water to keep hydrated. And I also tend to sweat a LOT more even with the slightest exertions (like running after the bus for instance). The sweating gets a little uncomfortable on a hot day, so I have to keep myself fresh and cool.
On the whole, I'm pretty excited about this product, so I'm gonna use it till I reach my ideal weight.
01 Jun 09 19:26
Lucy99 — To get 10% off use promo code: 1000325 you need to place an order of 40 pounds or above i think. Ive used Paiyouji Plus and am recommending it to everyone cuz the results were truly outstanding. Ive tried others and trust me this tea is topps.
Sorry forgot to tell you this promo code only works at www.paiyouji.com

07 Jul 09 14:37
I started taking this last week- I do not feel terribly hungry and my cravings are minimal on most days; however I do feel like my mouth is too dry- I drink at lease 6-8 bottles of water a day- I cant go 15 minutes without drinking water... I also feel a little rush- has anyone else experienced these side affects? overall I can see how this can work but am worried about the side affects. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
15 Jul 09 17:40
im fat i want to get paiyouji but i was scared they might be side effects!!
they sell it at my work place and evreyone buyz it and it has worked on evreyone dat has tried it and they have lost weight one woman lost 5 pounds by just using half the box!!
it doesnt taste very gud but you have to just knock it back!!
it makez you lose your appetite and you dont feel as hungry!!
it also helpz if you exersice with it!!
it has 18 sachets in one box!!
have fun losing weight :)
12 Aug 09 02:21
This paiyouji is very nice.. This is my third day of using this product, I dont think if it really works to me.. I tried many products to loose weight but I am not satisfied with the effects.. I am hoping that this paiyouji will help me to loose weight..  
12 Sep 09 10:58
I have pai you guo tea in stock in Miami, Florida. Price $25.00 each with free shipping or local delivery included. Call 786-362-9052 to place your order or email paiyouguo@live.com today.

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