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by sjt78
20 Apr 05 03:29

Just wondering if you are still giving away free samples???

by Light
20 Apr 05 12:37

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Is not WLD who offers free diet pills. Please go to ThermaZan site, mail them and ask for the free pills. I think that they still offers.
Good luck.

by a_vic
04 May 05 14:07

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I emailed ThermaZan and got no reply. I dont guess they are offering it anymore.

by Light
04 May 05 15:23

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They offered for start to 5 people and then mail me and told me that they will offer some more.
I do not know what to tell you, Ill try to mail them and see if they are still offering.

by melinda
28 May 05 18:00

sjt78 wrote:Just wondering if you are still giving away free samples???

by dont have one
27 Aug 05 18:50

i mhave been searching everyone for a diet plan that vwould work for me and I finally found it. thank you ever so much!!!!

by leslie1234
28 Feb 06 21:48

hi this is leslie

by Picazzo
24 Apr 06 06:22

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Hello :-)

My name is Pik, from Thailand.
I'm a newbie in
I need to shed 37 pounds ASAP.
Is it possible to have a chance to try ThermaZan as your topic says??


by Light
25 Apr 06 07:22

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Hi Picazzo,
Welcome to the Weight Loss Forums,

I do not know if this promotion is still on. Please contact and ask them.

Good luck.

by patricia
08 Sep 06 17:05

:( read your web page and wondering if you can send me some free pills. my address is 9561 fountainbleu blv #110 miami florida 33172

by thessr2003
19 Oct 06 23:54

I know I'm taking a chance by sending in this e-mail. I have also tried to contact ThermaZan and asked for the free trial. However, I live outside the United States. I just hope you would like to extend your market to the Far East.
I promise, that if the product works on me, I would be the best investment your company has made. I will be a walking advertisement for your future paying customers if, I could get the chance to lose weight for free.
I live in the Philippines, am 38 years old, 5 feet 3 inches tall,married but I am not employed.I have more than 75lbs to lose.
Thank you.
Kindly contact me at

by Sinead
28 Mar 07 17:29

are you still doing the free pill giveaway ? If so I would really love to try it.

My name is Sinead and I am 40 pounds over weight.
My email address is

by paula.ann21
16 Jan 08 03:01

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paula howard rt2 box 255c salem wva 26426

by Light
16 Jan 08 14:42

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I am not sure if the offer is still avalable, you should contact them...

by alibiner
22 Jan 08 05:19

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i want to try it ..

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