14 Feb 05 07:49

Free Giveaway, ThermaZan weight loss pills

ThermaZanHi Forum Members!

As I'm sure you've seen, every fat loss product claims to be the best,
newest, and most effective. Instead of over hyping we would like to give you a free sample to try for yourself. Weight loss forum is giving away a 3 month supply to the first 5 people who email us. No strings attached. Simply email us with your name and where you want the product shipped.

About the product
It's called ThermaZan, and it's not like anything you've tried before.

ThermaZan attacks fat two ways.

A process called "thermogenesis" (or the production of heat as a by product of a healthy metabolism) fiercely burns fat, calories and stored fat cells.
The ingredients in ThermaZan² are geared to the release of energy in these fat cells and is actively burning them off, even when you're not exercising.

The released energy increases your metabolism and helps to reduce your
appetite. Because you already use energy stored in fat cells, you don't need as much from food intake. You eat less without getting that starved,
completely drained feeling you get from dieting.

One thing that's important to note: You will not get that shaky, jittery caffeine feeling with this product. It's also important to remember that this product should be used as part of a healthy lifestyle combining diet and exercise for best results. This is true for all weight loss supplements.
For more information, visit www.ThermaZan.com
14 Feb 05 08:03
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Light — I am happy to announce that Weight Loss Forums is able to offer free giveaways for its members.
ThermaZan it’s the first products we are offering. ThermaZan people contacted us and offer to giveaway a 3 month supply to the first 5 people who mail them. Everything its for free including shipping and handling.
Weight Loss Forums does not endorse any products and its not in any way affiliated with ThermaZan however we appreciate the fact that they are offering free samples to every one that its interested. It’s a great thing to be able to test before you buy.

About ThermaZan.
ThermaZan its already for sale in stores at the price of $49.99. ThermaZan is similar with the other caffeine based products like Trim Spa and Lipovarin. Both Trim Spa and Lipovarin are appreciated by WLF members.

ThermaZan contains Guarana witch it’s the “active ingredientâ€￾ in many fat burners. Also ThermaZan its made from 100% natural ingredients witch it’s a good thing.

Feel free to test it and please let us know how its going. WLF will publish all the reviews of this product.

Its great that we started to offer free samples and I wish other firms will contact us for this.

Good luck,
The Weight Loss Forums.
15 Feb 05 03:04
Monte — I tried this ThermaZan product and VOMITED PROFUSELY for hours! Be careful about this product because it is dangerous!
15 Feb 05 09:38
Cara — I tried Zan and I had decent results without any notable side effects. Its just like any caffeine based product. Gives you energy and cuts your appetite. I am now on Phentermine and do not want to mix them but overall I can tell that it’s a decent product.
17 Feb 05 09:07
Madi — Is this product totaly free couse I am thimking in getting one.
Thank you.
25 Feb 05 19:36
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andie — I contacted them yesterday night, and got an answer this morning. They send it for me for free!
Since I've been considering taking a pill again for a while, I can't hardly wait to try it!
Of course, I'll let u know how it works :wink:
26 Feb 05 05:45
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Light — Thanx Andie,
We are trying to get more free samples on different weight loss products to offer to our members.
Please let us know how it goes.

27 Feb 05 03:54
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Light wrote:Thanx Andie,
We are trying to get more free samples on different weight loss products to offer to our members.
Please let us know how it goes.


I was just reading the lipovarin feedbacks. Sounds great! But I alredy made up my mind to try that one, so I hope, it's as good too...
28 Feb 05 00:48
Sue — I tried calling the # but no one ever answers...whats the deal? Is this legit?
28 Feb 05 09:09
Micro — Yes is legit, try to mail them to get the free samples.
03 Mar 05 18:37
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andie — I got them today! And not only 3 bottles, but four. It seems, I have to take one pill a day. Just like reductil...
Do you think, I should open another topic about my experiences?
04 Mar 05 08:16
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Light — Sure Andie,
You can open another topic and let us know how it goes.
Good luck,
20 Mar 05 18:06
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LoveMyBostons — Andie

How did ThermaZan go? Does it work for you? I am curious :)

03 Apr 05 09:32
tonimotorcycle — are you still doing the free pill giveaway ? If so I would really love to try it.

My name is Toni and I am 30 pounds over weight.
My email address is raytoni@comcast.net
04 Apr 05 15:30
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Light — Hi Toni,
Please visit ThermaZan.com and ask there for the free trial.
Good luck.
20 Apr 05 03:29
sjt78 — Just wondering if you are still giving away free samples???

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