24 Oct 06 17:23


Guest — Well, after a lot of searching around, I finally placed an order with sisterspharmacy on 10/16. It was for 90 phentermine 30mg capsules. I ordered them COD b/c I had a lot of suspicion about this purchase. I bought the COD the next day and didn't make it out just in case I had a problem. Well, I have a problem! I was supposed to get the pills via 3-5 day Fedex Express. I, of course, don't have them.

I have emailed and called dozens of times. If I do get anyone on the phone, they give me the old "it shipped Friday" or "it shipped today." That is really impressive that you know that seeing how I didn't even give you my name or order #. Oh, and once I called and simply got hung up on. I've yet to receive a reply to any of my emails.

I truly hope the pills come in this week, if not, I'll make the COD out to myself and forget about this company and phentermine altogether. I am so disappointed. I cannot for the life of me understand how people can act so shamefully. They are full of nothing but lies and deceit and will get their due eventually.

I will come back with an update one way or the other.
24 Oct 06 19:23
aquablu81 — i order from them 2 weeks ago and i finally got them, it takes awhile so i suggest using a cod, there customer service sucks so you have to just wait it out
24 Oct 06 20:36
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HowLisa — I ordered from them last month, and my pills showed up in 3 days. I didn't do COD though...I wonder if they're a bit slower with COD orders.
25 Oct 06 10:07
Guest — Well, I guess I'll just hope for the best. I just wish they weren't so shady. Even their message on the phone sounds like it was done by a second rate mobster. I told the "customer service" rep on the phone yesterday, "look, I just would like to know if the pills are coming and when I can expect them." All I get is the same old lies, our tracking system is down.

It's pretty easy to tell when someone is blowing smoke up your rear end and that is all I get from these people.

I'll wait and see and I'm so glad I ordered COD.
26 Oct 06 13:39
Guest — Oh where, Oh where could my pills be? Still nothing from these wonderful people at sisterspharmacy.com. I'm sure they are doing their very best to fill all orders in a timely fashion. :lol:

We should all strive to be the type of hard honest workers that make sisterspharmacy.com such a great customer oriented company :roll:
26 Oct 06 15:56
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Light — Hi Lee,
Please let us how you order goes.

Good luck!
27 Oct 06 16:30
Guest — Well, they told me mine shipped this Tuesday. They don't even look the order up. They just say it shipped Fri. or it shipped Tues., etc.

BTW, you are doing better than me, I have NEVER got an email reply. I'm going to send them another right now.

Hey, what email address did you send it too? Or did you use the contact us link on the web page? I've been using the contact us link and have never received a reply.

I'll keep everyone informed, please do the same if you've ordered from this place.
27 Oct 06 19:55
Chan — I ordered a 2 month supply today....i paid for overnight..... I hope they are still doing good business. ill let you all know what happens.
27 Oct 06 23:47
Chan — Well many people here said that they have used them so just hope for the best. They dont want me on their back.... I will put the FTC and BBB on them.... And I also work for the US Dept of Labor.....that will scare them
30 Oct 06 04:21
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Light — Hey, nice pics:)
Keeping an journal with your activity and nutrition will sure help. Please keep us up to date, I am sure that you will do great.

Good luck we are all behind you!
31 Oct 06 11:35
Chan — I finally have my tracking number and they are so slow.... Just got the tracking number and the shipment is already on the truck for delivery. So maybe its just the COD that takes forever. Will update you guys later today.
31 Oct 06 15:09
Guest — Congrats Chan. I still haven't heard a thing from the jerks. Today is exactly 15 days since my order. 3-5 day delivery my a$$. I'll keep everyone updated.
31 Oct 06 15:52
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Light — Nice!
There is a big fuss about Sisterspharmacy. Please feel free to make a review about them so other people to get an opinion about it. If you can please let us know how your order went, delivery time, costs...

31 Oct 06 16:42
Guest — Well, I just called sisters to see if maybe I could get a tracking number. Surprisingly, I got through. He said "hello,...". I told him that I had placed an order over 2 weeks ago and knew a couple of other people that ordered later but already had tracking numbers. He simply hung up the phone. Now, I was not being rude at all, I was actually being overly polite. But now I'm frickin' pissed. This is the second time these jerks have hung up on me. Then when you try to call back, you get "sorry, no one is available to take your call."

I'm done with them. Can anyone recommend someone more reliable online. I really don't want to visit my doctor for a prescription (long story).

Anybody have any online suggestions?
31 Oct 06 21:51
Chan — Hello all, I got my Phen. I ordered on Friday and paid for over night shipping which sucks because now I see that the pharmacy they used is right up the street... Less than 10 miles away in Riverdale GA and I am in Atlanta. But anyway, it was shipped yesterday and I got it today.

My order is fine, no major issues with the order. I will say that when I called to inquire about my order, I got the same unavailable message that everyone else was getting. And they would not answer my email inquires. But the pricing was good. 99.00 for a 60 day supply.

Good Luck to everyone waiting
01 Nov 06 01:54
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mechassy — I received my 2nd duromine shipment from YKPharmacy.com although it took a little bit longer for delivery (about 8 days).
I believe they are quite reliable at least I had mine in time as promised.
Good luck to anyone if you want to try this OP.
The price is the best $25 for 30 capsules 30mg. I have mine $85 for 90 capsules as this is the max they will send in one shipment. $10 for shipping.
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