09 Apr 07 18:53

Taking phentermine, just found out I'm pregnant, help!

Worriedmama — I've been on phentermine for about a month and I just found out I am about 8 weeks pregnant. I am really worried that it may have caused damage to the baby. I got my prescription online because my doctor doesn't believe in diet pills, so I haven't told him I'm on it.

Does anyone know if phentermine causes birth defects or anything to the baby? Please help, I'm worried. Thanks.
09 Apr 07 19:43
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chubbie_love — Hey,

I hope this helps. As long as you've stop taking it I think your baby will be fine. I too was taking meds while I became pregnant, and the baby was great!!

10 Apr 07 01:08
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Amy5683 — I also was on Phentermine when I found out that I was 10 weeks pregnant. My Dr. told me that it was ok that it was ok and that he had read up on different studies and had not seen anything noting that it really had any impact at all. This being said. Take a deep breath - everythings going to be fine. Worry and Stress would prob do more harm. As long as you stop things prior to your 2nd trimester the rest should hopefully be smooth sailing.
Congratulations and I wish you the best.
11 Apr 07 12:17
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Kamakozzzi — I was on phen when I found out I was expecting. I stopped taking it right away. My lil guy is perfect-no problems. So...don't worry to much about it...put the phen in the medicine cabinet for the next 9 months, then use it to help lose the baby fat. Congrats and enjoy your pregnancy!!
13 Apr 07 00:45
Worriedmama — Thank you everyone for your help. I was just so worried that my baby was exposed for almost 5 weeks of phentermine, but i feel better now. Thanks agian.
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