25 Mar 05 15:55

Xenical success stories

Maria — Hi,
I am new in here.
A friend of mine recommended Xenical. He said that he had good results with it. I want to try it also but I am interested in hearing some success stories. Any tips on using Xenical are highly appreciated.
02 May 05 07:52
olive — I've only been using it for a week. If you are not squeamish about toilet issues and can get used to this adaptation in your bowels ruling your daily schedule, then it seems good. I already feel like I am losing weight and have got used to the toilet thing but I'll have to wait and see a few more weeks before any real results are apparent.
09 May 05 09:35
olive — I have just started my third week. The toliet issue is much better now and I am really careful how much fat I eat. I have lost 2kgs.
25 Aug 05 18:22
Guest — Hi everybody,

while doing a google search about Xenical I found these Success Stories presented at the Journalist Forum "Making The Right Move For Success In Metabolic Syndrome - The Role Of Xenical", held at the ECO 2003 congress. I thought I should share them with you...

I've ordered Xenical for myself & I'm hoping to get the pills maybe tomorrow... So, I will definitely keep you all posted with my progress :)

Thank you for such a wonderful Forum full of great people & support!


Name: Lilian
Sex: Female
Age: 39
Occupation: Artist

Weight: Weight fell from 89 kg to 67.3 kg
BMI: BMI fell from 31.5 kg/m2 to 23.86 kg/m2

Waist circumference: Waist circumference fell from 90 cm to 75 cm
Blood pressure: Blood pressure fell from 150/90 mmHg to 120/80 mmHg
Blood glucose levels : Blood glucose levels fell from 122 mg/dl to 94 mg/dl
Cholesterol levels: Cholesterol levels fell from 245 mg/dl to 190 mg/dl

Liliana’s Story

Liliana initially decided to lose weight as she had low self esteem and felt that her excess weight
affected her lifestyle. She had previously tried other weight loss strategies, such as psychology
therapies and amphetamines, however, these had not proved successful. Following a suggestion
from her doctor, she decided to try the weight loss medication Xenical.

Liliana was extremely successful with Xenical. Her weight dropped from 89 kg to 67.3 kg and her
BMI fell from 31.5 kg/m2 to 23.86 kg/m2. In addition, Liliana experienced a significant improvement
in risk factors for Metabolic Syndrome, including a reduction in waist circumference, blood pressure,
blood glucose levels and cholesterol levels.

With help from a Xenical Weight Management Programme, Liliana successfully changed her eating
patterns, and now finds it easier to maintain a healthy, balanced-fat diet. In addition, she also
increased her level of physical activity and now walks between 70-90 blocks a day.
“My greatest achievement since losing weight with Xenical has been the recovery of my life. I now
feel much more confident with my body image and feel comfortable wearing swimwear.â€￾


Name: Nicole Marie Osborn
Sex: Female
Age: 30
Occupation: Nurse
Country: USA

Weight: Weight fell from 136 kg to 77 kg
BMI: BMI fell from 47.3 kg/m2 to 26.6 kg/m2
Waist circumference: Waist circumference fell from 137 cm to 87.5 cm

Blood pressure: Blood pressure fell from 170/102 to 130/72
Blood glucose levels: Blood glucose levels fell from 300 mg/dl to 90 mg/dl
Cholesterol levels: Cholesterol levels fell from 280 mg/dl to 170 mg/dl

Nicole’s Story

Nicole decided to lose weight after she was hospitalised in February 2000 because of diabetes and
hypertension complications. She had previously tried a number of weight loss strategies including
the Atkins Diet, over the counter pills and other prescription medications, but had never been
While taking Xenical, Nicole lost an amazing 60 kg and her BMI reduced from 47.3 kg/m2 to 26.6
kg/m2. Following her success, Nicole has seen a significant reduction in all of her risk factors for
Metabolic Syndrome and she no longer needs to take medication for her diabetes and
Nicole now feels much more confident and is able to participate in activities with her sons that she
was not able to before she lost weight. She has achieved optimal health, and this is the most
significant impact of the weight loss on her life.
“My greatest achievement since losing weight with Xenical is that I am now a smaller size then
when I was first married thirteen years ago!â€￾


Name: Gustavo Alberto Valencia Marquez
Sex: Male
Age: 40
Occupation: Chauffeur

Weight: Weight fell from 158 kg to 128 kg
BMI: BMI fell from 51.14 kg/m2 to 41.32 kg/m2

Waist circumference: Waist circumference fell from 130 cm to 105 cm
Blood glucose levels: Blood glucose levels fell from 88 mg/dl to 76 mg/dl
LDL Cholesterol levels: LDL cholesterol levels fell from 258 mg/dl to 194 mg/dl

Gustavo’s Story

Gustavo initially decided to lose weight as he was extremely conscious of his appearance. In
addition, he had a number of risk factors for Metabolic Syndrome including a large waist
circumference, increased blood glucose levels and high cholesterol. Xenical was recommended
to Gustavo by his physician as a method of achieving his desired weight loss.

With the help of the Xenical Weight Management Programme, which gave Gustavo the support
and advice he needed with regards to diet, he achieved weight loss of 30 kg. He can now walk
further, and fits into clothes he couldn’t wear before he lost weight.

“My greatest achievement since losing weight has been the reduction in my cholesterol and
triglyceride levels. My weight loss has also had a positive impact on my family and friends.â€￾
02 Mar 06 06:28
Hi i'm new and i was reading all the articles for xenical but i would like to know in how many time these people lost weight? if somebody know pls ans me. :lol:
04 Mar 06 22:41
Heather — I have been using it for 5 days and I have lost about six pounds. I am at age 19 and every other day I will go walk on the treadmill for fourty five minutes. The pill is great, you can CLEARLY see in your bowel movements that it works.
08 Mar 06 11:55
kissmeinky — If you eat right you will notice you don't have the oily bowel movements. So people thinking about using Xenical should not be intimidated if they are willing to eat right.

Good Luck
11 Mar 06 13:44
hungrey all the time — can you use xenical with ATKINS diet??Or is that to much fat?I have tired EVERYTHING to lose weight.I feel like I am at my end here.I have been thinking about the surgery.I have tried almost every diet pill there is. They help then as soon as I'mm off the weight just comes back on then some
20 Mar 06 21:01
Guest — xenical doesnt work on Atkins type diets
09 Apr 06 03:23
lynnr_98 — I took Xenical for a month while doing the Atkins diet. I lost 30 pounds that month (I was in the bathroom all the time) and was very happy until I developed gallstones and had to have my gallbladder removed. :( Now I've gained the weight back and have no gallbladder! I wouldn't recommend Xenical at all.
05 Oct 06 10:06
hihi — hi, im from malaysia. im 17 this year and i have tried alot of diet pills such as deuromin, mediaxal and xenical.
Infact last time my weight is around 108-110kgs.
And now im 89kg. but im still trying to slim down.
i take one tablet of xenical a day. dieting and do more exercise is very important.
Xenical is a diet pills that helps us to trap all those fats that we eat.
so, try xenical. but the price is quite expensive.
so. how much do u all buy it?
27 Feb 07 16:00
Guest — can any1 tell me how much i can expect to loose and how quick you see results
05 Mar 07 15:51
User avatar
Gr8ness — Where is a reputable place online to buy Xenical?
04 Aug 07 10:42
melanie20 — ei ive been a lil overweight since highschool and i never experienced wearing sexy clothes coz im very chubby. However i tried ionamine before an anti suppressant pill and it helps loose weight but when i stoped i regaine my weight so much more and now im 87kilos and inactive. I heard XENICAL from commercials on tv so yesterday i bought the 2weeks psck and try it for a day, i dont mind the toilet side effects of it but im hoping and praying that this will work for me. Or else im gonna be so upset.. Any one here that can advice me about xenical...plss :(
31 Aug 07 11:45
marie — Iam now in my second week with xenical so far I have lost 3kg which is pretty good I combine with exercise and diet in the morning about 9'sh I go for my cereals with semi skimmed milk ,lunch salads and dinner I try as much as I can to eat only fruits.all the best
17 Oct 07 11:42
Guestxxx — Dear fellows,

Recently, i have read many articles in the internet, and magazines talking about this anti-vertigo Betaserc, Serc or Betahistine that works for reducing weight. They claim can reduce weight by 7-12kg in some patients. But majority of the patients have moderate weight loss. Maybe its a new super drugs for weight loss.

Any comment on this! Seems in US a very hot topic.

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