21 Jun 07 19:27

I miss the original xenadrine

Guest — I sure miss the original xenadrine with ephedra.That stuff had everybody I knew losing weight fast.Now we are limited and have mostly junk or a bottle of lies over the counter to choose from.
15 Aug 07 03:26
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loseme — I totally agree!! I just wrote a post on this. I lost 30lbs in 5mos with that.
30 Mar 08 09:31
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violingirl — I found a ton of "original" ephedra products online. I am thinking about buying from them but I am worried that they really arent like the original products. Has anyone heard of or used ?? If not check it out and tell me what you think.
05 Apr 08 10:55
Sains — I took that, when it was legal. When ephedra was banned, I found a supplier who had a whole stock of it. She ran out about a year ago.

I cannot seem to find anybody else with it and have, since then, tried like 4 other types. Including Metabolift (which did absolutely nothing, although it was the original formula with ephedrine) and am now trying the Zenalean Pro, which is supposed to be almost identical to the Original Xenadrine, except just 1/2 the amounts. If you are like me and have a sensitive body, do not take zenalean pro. It has given me horrible headaches and I refuse to take anymore - even though I have about $200 worth of it left.

I was wondering though. I am now in Finland for about 10 months. Does anybody know where I could get real good ephedra. I mean, wasn't ephedra just banned in the U.S.? That'd make it legal for me to buy, here in Europe.

My email is sainabuns@hotmail.com. I would really, really like to find a product that goes well with my dieting and exercise regime as I have serious problems with my metabolism.

Would love any and all suggestions!
14 Apr 08 18:19
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abby&caleighsmom — I bought the RedHotz from . The packaging was discreet and I recieved them in a couple of days of ordering. It was the real ephedra. I was washing the walls in all of the rooms of my house for the first week. Make sure that when you buy an "ephedra-based" product that it states in the ingredients list EPHEDRA ALKALOIDS. Not Extract. They are two completely different things. The alkaloid is the original ephedra that everyone remembers. 8)
16 Jun 08 17:22
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LuvlyReina — I think it's the original one. if i remember right, i stopped taking them because they made me a little too jittery and they kinda scared me..so i set them aside and then the ban went through and then i really got scared. i have like 65 pills..they expired in 2/02..does anybody think that they would be at all effective? i was kinda sorta contemplating if i should take them but i'm not sure...maybe i should trash them. did anybody use this product? how did it work?
19 Jun 08 18:07
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thinisgood — LuvlyReina, see weight-loss-forums.com/viewtopic.php?p=44632#44632 .
28 Jun 08 01:48
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carrina — Do you have the original bottle with the ingredient list? You should be able to make your own version of it with all the online herbal stores around, no?

29 Jun 08 22:51
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kawiboytwo — Back in 2001 i tried xenadrine because i was over weight. im 5-10 and wighed 235 at the time. the first bottle i felt jittery but i got over it then noticed i losed a couple lbs in the first week or so. I was on xenadrine for a total of 7 mo. i got down to 185lbs. as i was when i was in highschool. i felt the best i ever did in my life. now i would love to find some pills that are the exact same thing. I tried a few other diet pills with no results. right now i am 210 and would like to get back down to 185. I heard Superdrine was suppose to have the same ingrediants as xena. I do not wanna waste my time and money on a product that are blanks. Does anyone have any suggestion on the right product that would help me lose weight quick ike xenadrine did? Thanks in advance!
15 Mar 09 22:34
Fern — I started taking xenadrine in 2001, and I took it till 2003 when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter.  I lost 50 pounds and would love to loose the last 20 pounds since having her.  I have been looking for the same product that I took then, but I cannot find it either.  I have tried the other xenadrine's on the market with no luck..I liked taking xenadrine 30 minutes before my workout, I used to get a great surge of energy for my workout.  I have yet to get that same feeling again with any other product.  I tried Zenalean too but it made my heart race, I stopped taking it.  I emailed the company and they told me to keep taking it that my heart racing would stop.  I never did as I was to scared. I would love to get some of what I took back in the good ol days..any suggustion would be aprciated.
03 Apr 09 17:04
2ypvc — the originsl was the best, as my wife got pregnent so did i, i was up to 250lbs im 5-9 so thats a bit much, i started useing the original xenadrine and lost 60lbs in 2 months i drop to 190lbs i also did atkins diet at same time maybe thats why i dropped so fast but it was great i felt great, i've blown up to 250 for other reasons this time but would love to get some again if you find something similar email me. pavlovich.aca@gmail.com

04 Apr 09 20:00
ephedra — I noticed that the
real ephedra from years ago had the active ingredient Ephedrine Alkaloids.
Most of the ones I saw at have them.

Beware of the fake ephedra being sold
elsewhere. It is a new scam. Fake ephedra does not have the active ingredient
ephedrine alkaloids. I am considering RedCutz Ephedra as it has the real
ephedrine alkaloids at 25mgs and is a pure ECA Stack without any of the other
useless ingredients. Does anyone have any experiences with it?
04 Apr 09 21:22
Xenedrinejunkie — Has anyone else tried Zenalean.  From what I have found it is as close as you can get to the good stuff.  The heart palpatations I had at times with the original Xenadrine but it was usually because I was dehydrated.  Any input?   I really want the reall thing ;)
08 Apr 09 20:02
ephedra www.thatswholesale.com — Zenalean Pro has the same key ingredients as the original Xenadrine RFA-1.  On the label you will see Sida Cordifolia 6% Alakaloids instead of Ephedrine Alkaloids.  The word Ephedra and Ephedrine was omitted in order to pass international customs.
But don't worry, it has the Ephedrine Alkaloids just like the original Xenadrine RFA-1 and will provide the same results and effects.  Just follow the same dosage of 2 pills at a time with an empty stomach. 

Get the Zenalean Pro here:
The Heat Ephedra is stronger at 24mgs of ephedrine alkaloids.
10 Apr 09 23:11
Fern — I did try Zenalean and did not like the effects I got from it.  The oringinal Xenadrine I would get a boost of energy a half hour before my workout.  I never got that same energy feeling from Zenalean.  I also felt my heart racing while on Zenalean.  My heart never raced while on Xenadrine back in 2001.  I emailed the company to tell them about my heart racing and they told me to keep on taking the Zenalean that it would eventually stop.  I was to scared to keep on taking it.  I do not beleive that the oringinal Xenadrine and Zenalean are the same product because I did not get the same feeling or results..
17 Apr 09 22:09
ephedra www.thatswholesale.com — You are supposed to take 2 pills of Zenalean Pro and not follow the suggestion of just 1.  Since it is basically a clone of the Xenadrine RFA-1 Ephedra original formula, then you have to follow the same directions.  It is 2 pills, twice a day.  You will feel the energy, appetite suppression and fat burning for about 8 hours.  I get about 6 hours of energy with just 1 pill of Zenalean Pro so I don't know what you are talking about.  If you don't  feel anything then you need a stronger formula like Heat Ephedra or the original Stimerex-ES which is the strongest one in the market.  It is the one sells in the 2 pill packets.  You must also beware of fake ephedra which is sold almost everywhere.  You might have taken one of those.  The real ones have ephedrine alkaloids.

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