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by Gimme
06 Jul 07 08:17

What is the best place to get alli. Where can I find the pest prices?
Thank you.

by snooper
07 Jul 07 21:53

I saw Alli at Sams Club for $66.00 It was a 150 day supply I think

by kelly4u2
14 Jul 07 09:37

snooper wrote:I saw Alli at Sams Club for $66.00 It was a 150 day supply I think

Yep, Sam's Club is the cheapest place to find a two month supply. If you're not a Sam's Club member you'll have to pay 10% more for it though, so Wal-Mart and Costco are the next cheapest choices. Just stay away from buying it online.

by blkbelt65
24 Jul 07 14:46

Amazon is currently cheaper than the walmart price.

by aydin
24 Aug 07 21:15

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I bought in very good info.

by stephie24jar38
25 Aug 07 06:32

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CVS starter pack 60 pills for $49.99 plus if you can find a CVS coupon $10 off $50 or more your set ! :D

by Life Is Healthy
08 Sep 07 18:43

I actually bought a 120 count bottle on ebay for $43 :)

by aydin
19 Oct 07 19:36

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Life Is Healthy wrote:I actually bought a 120 count bottle on ebay for $43 :)

lLots of fake in ebay,believe me,thats why they are so cheap.

by m98075
22 Oct 07 19:10

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Donot Buy it off ebay. too many fakes etc.
There are legitimate online pharmacies where you can buy Xenical safely.
Please visit to learn more about Xenical- things to look out for, contraindications, online pharmacies to trust.

by packstang
04 Nov 07 14:15

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One of my friends told me that Walmart sells it. Is this true? I haven't seen it at mine. (Of course I live in a small town..) :D

by uwaybie
11 Apr 08 20:41

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Costco, $66 for 150 pills.

by Midnight
14 Apr 08 16:08

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Got mine at with a coupon code not that much cheaper but discounted none the less. 8)

by cjh
16 Apr 08 21:34

Amazon has it at a discount - check out

by Ketty
30 Sep 08 04:15

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You can check this site for best discount price :

by Jacky1962
28 Dec 08 13:09

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Which price is the best online? Is it really effective drug? I find a low price Alli at I'll order it there

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