27 Apr 12 05:07

Does zantrex work? How much weight can I lose with Zantrex-3

i wouldent recomend giving such a young girl weight loss pills, it doesent help in teaching her healthy ways to loose weight and could possibly cause health problems. i would conciter waiting till she turned 18 so she could make that decision for her self. i could understand if she is seriously having problems loosing weight, but if that is the case, then prehaps she needs to go see a doctor so he/she could see what would be helpful for your daughter.
01 May 12 22:00
Maggie323 — Hello my name is Maggie I been working out for 3 days 2 hrs I will like to know if I take the zantrex  how much weight will I lose I'm 5"0  w 151 I wanna lose 25 pounds in 2 months 
12 May 12 11:56
I've been taking Zantrex 3 on, and off for the past 2 weeks. I started off with one, instead of two pills. The first three days of taking it, I lost about 4-5lbs. However, this was with exercise. I can honestly say that I usually only lose about 2lbs, without Zantrex in the same amount of time. If I don't workout or eat properly, I don't see any results! This is the same without using Zantrex.
I would also be aware of the side effects! I definitely had trouble sleeping, headaches, anxiety, etc. the first couple of days. Now, I jsut get slight headaches, but I think it could be my lack of appropiate diet. I haven't bee working out lately, nor have I been eating very well. Thus, I've gained about 5lbs over the past week. So, I'm going to really buckle down, and see what happens in the next few weeks.
I definitely think zantrex give the weightloss a little boost, but it's not really needed to reach your goal. I'm going to finish off the bottle I have, but I don't think I'll repurchase. Idk, I guess I will only know after my final weigh-in.
I'll try to remember to update after I finish the bottle!
16 May 12 18:50
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devidboon7 — we can expect to loose aprox more then 30 pounds.
22 May 13 19:21
This is my second time trying Zantrex 3 the first time I tried Zantrex I
could not handle the side effects I would only take one pill in the morning and I would feel terrible and shaky all day
Now I got a bit used to it so I started using the pill on May 1st 2013 I take one 15 minutes before I work out with one cup of water and half a glass of cranberry juice -no sugar added  I work out 4-5 days for about 30 hour after that I will eat one Egg with vegtables on the side ,  For Lunch I will have either half a tuna can with salad or Chicken breast with salad or Frozen vegtables steamed.  I will take another Z3 pill . For dinner I will usually eat a very small portion of whatever my mom has made about the size of my hand than try to work out on my arms for ten minutes -Helps with insomnia.  
After 2 weeks on zantrex3 and my diet  I lost almost ten pounds and feel great!! I am 21 yrs old Female 5'1 starting weight 146 Current weight : 136 .
26 Jul 13 10:22
GuestX — LVZANTREX3LV are you still taking Zantrex 3??

And if so how are you doing now?

I just started taking it on Wednesday so for 2 days now and have lost 2 pounds so far.

I havent been working out with it yet, wanted to get use to it first.

But i definitely eat healthy along the same lines as you so i was wondering what your progress has been.

SW 141

CW 138.8

GW 125


22 years old.
17 Aug 13 07:52
GuestX — concernedmother, i would start her with 1 a day for a few days to see thats its safe for her. It should be fine. Dont have her take them after 3pm or she'll be up all night from the caffeine. A few other diet tips; no drinks with calories with the exception of milk & make dinner before 6pm & go for a walk after dinner with her. I lost 6 lbs just doing that.(without zantrex) so the zantrex will just add to it. I'm also 16, i was 167 when i started and i'm 5'3 so we have similar factors. It doesnt have any side effects on me so she should be fine
24 Aug 13 05:39
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2big — How much? about as much as you can expect to lose without it.
06 Dec 13 22:06
GuestX — well... I started using zantrax about a month ago. I've had major issues looking weight since having my children and pretty much gave up. was sick of starving myself with no results. I cut calories in easy ways such as not drinking my calories and started taking the recommended dose before meals and am now down 20 lbs.. I'm so excited! I think it's def working as an appetite suppressant and energy booster. I'm a huge coffee drinker and haven't really cut back, first day or two I felt a little jittery but now I'm fine but also feel like it's more of a habit than a necessity after starting the anthrax : )
06 Dec 13 22:07
GuestX — zantrax... stupid auto correct haha I don't recommend using anthrax lol
10 Dec 13 22:16
GuestX — Haha @anthrax! =P I used Zantrax 3 about 6 years ago and lost a HUGE amount of weight. I'm talking close to 50 pounds in a matter of maybe 3 months. I was younger, about 20 years old and worked out about 3 times a week. I felt pretty good the entire time. I ended up stopping usage, for some reason or another and gained about 15 lbs back. I've tried using it again and had panic attacks that weren't worth the possibility of the weight loss.. Now here we are about 2 years and a baby since I've taken any weight loss pill. And I'm trying again. Day 1. Took one pill before lunch at about 12:45. And one before dinner at 5:30. Feeling a little nauseous but not bad at all. My energy all afternoon was great. Right now I don't have excessive energy. Feeling and hoping I'll be able to sleep tonight! :) I have about 70 pounds to get to my ideal weight. Of course I'm not relying only on the pill, but hoping it'll make it all easier!
14 Dec 13 01:18
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Looneymo123 — I just purchased 2 huge bottles of zantrax3 112 each bottle from Amazon did not like feeling totally spacey feel stupid I still have my oxyelitePro original formula just bought the last I wish they didn't stop making them new formula is not even the same
22 Apr 14 20:23
GuestX — Im 5'6 at 178. My goal 135-120. I'm taking the red bottle. I've been taking it for 3 days now. The first day I took 2 in the morning and 2 last that night. That day I felt almost all the side affects. I was out all day shopping. I didn't work out. Didn't eat a lot I went to my favorite buffet and I'm use to having from 2-3 places of food. But that time I had one I was full all day. The next day I took 2 in the morning and then around lunch time I didn't feel good all day didn't workout kinda just stayed in bed. On day 3 I felt way better. I workout like crazy. The pills do work. You have to eat right and workout.
24 Apr 14 15:32
GuestX — i have been taking 2 pills in the am and 2 before dinner. Before i go to sleep, i do my T25 exercise for my workout. I gotta say, I lost about 7 pounds in two weeks. It might not be alot for some people, but its something. It might be the T25 doing the weight loss, but taking these pills gives me the boost to keep going.
25 Apr 14 12:43
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10 May 14 10:11
GuestX — Great love it

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