18 Apr 05 15:28

Does zantrex work? How much weight can I lose with Zantrex-3

Daria33 — Does any one have any data on Zantrex-3. I want to loose about 25 pounds, I know that this is a lot, can Zantrex help me do it? Does Zantrex work?
20 May 05 00:39
Danielle — I can't believe no one has replied to your question yet. Well I hope you are still looking for the answer because here it comes. Well, it depends on how you use it. Without excerise or change of diet and simply lying around the house doing nothing you could expect to lose maybe 1.5 to
2 lbs a week in my experience, add a 15 minute per day walk and you could step it up to about 3 lbs a week. Get crazy and go low carb ( you will not need will-power the pill will basically do it for you, trust me, I know) add any amount of exercise and you could expect to lose 5 lbs a week. Well, this has been my personal experience with Zantrex-3 and my metabolism sucks and I have no wil-power. Last week, my first week using Zantrex-3 and adding a low carb diet, I lost 6.5 lbs. This week I haven't lost any weight so far but I'm a woman and when I go through my womanly issue I always retain water and become bloated and weigh- in 5 lbs heavier so I know that's why I'm not seeing the same or similar weight loss but I know I'm still in the weight loss arena. Well that's my personal experience, I hope this helps, Good luck!
20 May 05 07:20
Daria33 — Thank you Danielle,
Did you experienced any side effects? What diet did you followed?
09 Jun 05 17:27
Daria33 wrote:Thank you Danielle,
Did you experienced any side effects? What diet did you followed?

I got blood pressure 175/102!!!
And did not loose even 1 lb!!!
12 Jun 05 16:58
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iamouttamymind — Hello,
The Zantrex 3 is best used when you exercise. You have to be careful to not take any more than suggested or consume additional caffeine while taking this product. It will raise your blood pressure and cause problems. I took half the dose suggested and still I felt jittery. Also taking a little too much for your body, you will know because the nausea is unreal. Worse than morning sickness. If you exercise and take this product, you will lose weight. But you also have to watch what you eat, no matter any claims from anyone else.
I had taken Xenadrine RFA way back when it was still on the market. The best product and my body looked good and I felt good- it really did take care of eliminating fat and keeping muscle. I did not exercise that much and my muscles were toned while takeing Xenadrine RFA. I took less the recommended dose and only once a day and I had lose 53 pounds in one year. I even stopped taking it every three months like the bottle suggested and during that time, I did not gain a thing back. I have not been able to find another product like Xenadrine RFA. It is too bad some people died while using Xenadrine RFA; however, if you read about their cases, Some were taking other diet supplements, products, and taking more than the suggested amount. I thought Zantrex would be an equivalent, but I was disappointed with this product. It just was not the right one for me.
10 Sep 10 13:42
I just started using Zantrex-3 this morning. I taking 30 minute walks twice a day. I took 2 pills this morning and I take 1 pill this afternoon. If I continue this everyday with the exercise of walking and only taking 3 pills a day, How much weight do you think I will lose by next Friday? 
My current weight: 171lbs
My goal weight: 130-140lbs
My height: 5ft 9in
Any advice? Keep in mind, I walk 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the afternoon. I eat small meals and dinner around 6pm.
23 Feb 11 15:16
well it has been 2 days that i have been taking zantrex-3.. im only 19 so i take one pill in the morning and do zumba for 1 hr once in a while i will eat in da morning and if i dont i eat a special k bar..i eat lunch and take one more pill and wont eat nothing after i will drink a special k shake if i feel im getting hungry...do you think i will lose a few pounds in a week and more less how much?
01 Mar 11 16:48
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i would expect to feel horrible and lose nothing as a result of the pill. i took it and hated it. you probably don't need it and you'll do great anyway!
02 Aug 11 19:54
Quick question how much are you suppose to loss per week while beging on the zantrex-3 fat burner?
17 Aug 11 12:33
monicahmayy — I just started taking them 3 days ago. I get up hella early, take two right away, eat some fruit or a fiber one bar for breakfast, chill for a minute, hop on the treadmill for an hour, do stuff around the house, I eat lunch, usually a sandwich and some fruit, do more stuff, come 4 oclock I still have hella energy but I take half the serving (one pill) before I leave for school and it keeps me with high energy all evening and I still have energy to do stuff when I get out of class at 9:30 pm... I think it's awesome!!! I did have a bit of insomnia the first day I took the pills but I slept fine since then!
29 Aug 11 18:49
Ronald pshycs
Hey I'm taking crack and zantrex and I have lost 80 pound in one week.
I stay in the Main Stream Apt. Many people see me walking around. They just don't know I am working out.
A crack habit is hard work, I steal radios and cars and running from the police and angry residence.
But since I started using Zantrex I have more explosion when the police flash there lights and I can even out run dogs in the neighborhood.
All I have to say is crack and Zantrex works.
07 Sep 11 16:37
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patco — WoW, that's really amazing. I didn't try Zantrex. But I will :)
06 Nov 11 20:49
Daniel, I know what u meank, I am the same way...Ive been taking zantrex on and off for 3 yrs and I take 3 when i wake up in the morning but it really doesnt do much for me for energy or anything but i do find that I dont get sick like other people and if u read about the ingrediants its actually good for u...I have lost 15 pounds in 2 weeks but I am on strattera, melatonin and i have been back to taking zantrex 3...and walking will take weight off so keep at it!
06 Dec 11 02:54
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steve8819 — I think zantrex is also good for losing weight but if you do some other tips to loss your weight then you can also lose your Fat..
12 Feb 12 05:34
concernedmother — can my 15 year old daughter take z3? shes 5'4 and 180 pounds.
27 Apr 12 05:07
i wouldent recomend giving such a young girl weight loss pills, it doesent help in teaching her healthy ways to loose weight and could possibly cause health problems. i would conciter waiting till she turned 18 so she could make that decision for her self. i could understand if she is seriously having problems loosing weight, but if that is the case, then prehaps she needs to go see a doctor so he/she could see what would be helpful for your daughter.

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