18 Sep 07 20:06
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B12 / Lipo injections

DietGuru — HI,

I am new here and I was looking for different views on losing weight. And to see what other people are doing.

Everyone seems to help each other out great by sharing information and where they get stuff. Of course I have also where people help each other out by telling them where not to get stuff. So I want to help out also;
I want to contribute something.

I order B12 injections and B12 lipo injections from an online source that is very reliable. I get my injections in 2-5 days by Fed ex. They are great. And a real life nurse DOES answers the phone when you call.

They have a great website that is being updated as we speak.

They are located at mydietsolutions(dot)com

Anyway, I had read a few posts here and there that were interested in this type of thing, so I thought I would offer the information.

Thanks again for all the great information I have read here.
19 Sep 07 09:33
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DietGuru — Hey, I was wondering how others have done on B12 injections. They are working great for me, but do others have the same results.

Care to share your stories?
21 Jun 09 14:39
sonja1122 — Hi'
Finally I found some one that used this product. I've been surfing the net for days and cannot find anybody who sells it!!! 
Can you please help me, I'm desperate!!!

Oh, I'm from South Africa and need it to be delivered here!!!!

You'll be my hero for ever!!

Sonja Classen
24 Jun 09 21:57
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I go to a doctor every week to receive a B-12 / HGC harmone injection.  I also get a weeks supply of a time release appetite suppresant.  It is really working for me.  I've been going for 4 weeks and have managed to lose 12 pounds.
08 Jul 09 16:44
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AmandaNY — Dietguru- do you know what size the needles are? 

I used to get B12 injections once a month when I was a vegan because I wasn't getting it from my diet. Amazing effects on energy! Didn't notice an effect on my weight though :(
14 May 10 12:20
Where is a good place to order them? My email
is janis.hudgins@yahoo.com.
09 Jun 10 20:43
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gee thing
Does anyone know if the sublingual B12 tabs are effective?

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