29 May 05 17:13

was the ephedra ban really lifted ?

daisysuperstar — I have seen a few websites now that are offering ephedra (MaHuang) diet products. Was the ban really lifted in some states ? I lost 70 pounds on ephedra diet pills several years back and kept it off for over 5 years with no problems, and due to some medication I was on(I am no longer on this med.), I gained a lot of it back and I would LOVE to be able to buy some of these products again to help, but I don't know if they're legit or not. I don't want to waste my money, but I am getting excited thinking that there could be the possibilty ! Has anyone heard anything about the ban being lifted ? Or has anyone else recently bought any ephedra products ?
Thanks !
05 Jun 05 10:54
magicwizard — Daisy,
I to lost weight on an ephedra based product. I read on a website that the ban was lifed but am not sure how true that is.
Xenadrine RFA-1 is what I used to take.

So I typed that in my search and I found it on a site and it does contain Mahuang and at a great price. I got it for 19.99 for 120 tabs and there is a 2 bottle limit. So I ordered two and it came out to be with shipping 49.77

I can't wait to get it.
06 Jun 05 16:18
daisysuperstar — wow ! What site did you find those on ? I took a few different brands, Metabolift, Diet Fuel, Hydroxycut, and Xenedrine. I had results from all of them !
06 Jun 05 23:59
magicwizard — I am not sure if I am allowed to post where I got them. So, if I make a mistake by doing so please know that I am sorry.

I got them at the following site


I have not gotten my order yet. I will let you know when I do. I hope this stuff will work for me a second time!

I also should tell you that once you get your order you can not send it back if it contains ephedra, I am not sure why that is but it says on the site that products containing ephedra can not be taken back.

wish me luck! good luck daisy in any thing you deside...I will let you know how my progress goes.
07 Jun 05 00:11
daisysuperstar — Good luck to you too !! I know that when I took them before, it was like the weight melted off of me ! Every single day the scale dropped ! Once I got to a smaller size, it didn't work as strong, its like the larger you are to begin with, the faster you lose ! And I was bad, I didn't exercise at all ! But I am excited to see if the old ephedra supplements will turn back up on store shelves or if we will only be able to find them online. Let me know when you get your Xenedrine and if they work as well for you as before, I'm sure they will !!!!
07 Jun 05 07:54
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Light — magicwizard,
You can post from where you get them, Ive modified the link so who wants to go there just copy the URL and paste it into their browser.
07 Jun 05 13:01
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Cactus — Hi,

Does anyone know if the 'new' ephedra (mu huang or ephedrine) products that are on the market since the ban actually contain enough quantity to be effective...I mean does anyone have a bottle with the quantity on it since BEFORE the ban to compare with the amount used since after the ban...could be they are getting past the ban simply by not adding enough to be effective....

Food for thought!!!
(there I go thinking about food again!!!!)
07 Jun 05 16:40
magicwizard — Daisy,
thank you so much for your kind well wishes...I can't wait to see if these work. Still have not gotten them. should get them no later then friday I would think. I will keep you updated. I will also keep track in my blog...

thank you so much for your understanding. I appreciate it.

I wish I did know how much was in it last time but I have read that now they can not put more then 10% of ephedra ...then again your reading that on the net so I don't know how true that is....
I don't remember how much ephedra was in it before but we will see if what I ordered will work because it did before. I will post my results

thanks again everyone and gl to u in your quests
09 Jun 05 18:20
IAMOM — I used to take Metabolift 2 years ago--loved it. I ordered Metabolift on-line and it is the same amount of ephedra in it. I had an old bottle and compared ingrediants. Good Luck!
24 Jun 05 01:06
magicwizard — man!!! How frustrating!!! I have been to 3 sites now saying that they carried the product i wanted. However, they don't they tell you it has been discontinued and offer you something at a higher price.
I even tried to order Maxadrine RFA it is just like xenadrine but has less Ma Huang. Max has 208 and Xen has 335

I ordered from another site and we will see what happens with that....gl to everyone.
24 Jun 05 15:35
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Cactus — Hi,
I found it at easypricematching.com... have a look!
14 Aug 05 01:07
billy g. — I use to take Metabolife and got a lot of energy from the ephedrine in it and lost weight but found it's easy to overuse the stuff and get bad side effects. I try to stay away from ephedrine based diet aids and found there is a product called rightsize that has diet smoothies, vitamin pills, and an appetite suppressor that doesn't have ephedrine. They have some great recipes too.
21 Feb 06 15:19
Thrinny89 — So is it real about the Ephedra coming back? I took Diet Fuel with it and loved it. I have asthma so by taking it, I didn't have any attacks andd never needed my inhaler. For someone like me this was the perfect way of naturally taking my meds. The natural ephedra is mu-huang. If you know where to get this product I would love to know. I can't take a lot of the products because they contain sunflower (which I'm fatally allergic to) or St. John's wart (which makes birth control pills not work, and I need that type of cardio too!) It was one of the few products I could take and with exercise, I lost my baby weight from my son. I delivered him at 204lbs. then was 125 and a small size 4!! It was a dream!! I did workout a lot, but then I had the energy even though I had 2 little ones only 2 years apart. Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!
10 Apr 06 07:20
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jane76 — can anyone tell me if any of these fat burners are available in the uk please,and which 1 is the most effective?i really need to shift some weight,any advice? :?:
20 Apr 06 14:42
Nirvanagurl — From what I understand after researching this, is in 2005 a judge ruled against the ban on ephedra, basically making it legal again, the reason you are not seeing it back on the shelves is a insurance reason, although temporarily legal again, the makers of products can not get insurance, which means if you take it, it hurts you and you go to sue them , they themselves will have to pay for it, and not a insurance company and very very few companies are going to take that risk and very very few stores are going to take that risk to sell it as they could also be sued with no insurance..

it is around online , I found one really nice place that sells true ma huang stems that you can brew your own tea with, half the problem with ephedra from what I have researched is the stems of the plant when used in tea have a compound that actually helps with the heart racing aspects of the extract of ephedra, so basically if you brew the stems in a tea it is much much easier on the bod then when a company extracts the ephedrine out and just sells you that..
so when you consume a metabolife or stacker pill your not using ephedra like the chinnesse did for 5000 with no problems..
not to say that the tea from the stems is the best and only way..not preaching..just saying it does kinda explain why alot of americans had problems with ephedra in the first place..we wrapped up like a super pill and then went a big ga ga with it, I truelly believe ephedra is over all usually a safe product and a good one, you just seriously have to remember a little tiny bit of it goes a long long way and let your body take breaks from it from time to time..nothing out there..NOTHING..no med, no herb is meant to be taken in large quanties for long extended period of times, I dont care if its ma huang, suffaded, marjiunna, beer, nitequil, even advil..all things can be dangerous when used in extremes!

but yes ephedra is back around online, the price is extremely jacked up,

you can also get and you always could and some ppl didnt realize this, you can by vasapro, and broncaid tablets..asthama medicine..
that has ephedrine in it..
its the same thing..take one with a diet coke and a asprin you basically have old school stackers and metabolife
those are sold fairly cheap still.
but even they can be a lil hard to find in stores because of the meth lab buttheads ..

I actually went to the gas station the day I heard ephedra was unbanned and was looking for the old cheapy ephedra pills..the mini thins..and the clerk got all high and mighty with me and she actually made some snide remark about isnt that what they use for meth labs and I was like no thats suffafed ..but it really made me mad, I was like listen I am a stay at home mom that had really good luck with epehdra diet pills.
I am not running a dam meth lab for gods sakes..

but that was before I learned about the reason that ephedra is not back on the shelves..it can be legal to sell but that dosnt mean its insurable and untill compaines can make it with insurance again you wont see it on the shelves..
and that is sad..
but it is still around, you can buy a whole bag of stems for 50 bucks on line which will make enuff tea to last for awhile
you can buy ephedra products online, you just have to search and most will run you 40 bucks
or for 8-12 bucks you can buy broncaid or vasapro , drink some coffee and pop a asprin

20 Apr 06 17:29
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Light — Thanx for the feedback Nirvanagurl.

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