26 Dec 11 14:25

2 DAY DIET JAPAN LINGZHI slimming formula anyone know?

DONT USE THESE PILLS if you are a GUY!!  They lower your sex drive expenentially and they cause your sperm to come out watery and strange.  I do not know thye caused those problems for me, but thye DID.  Everytime I would stop taking them and re-start, the syptoms would occur again.  Otherwise, there is nothing and never has been a problem with my sexual performance.
31 Dec 11 07:23
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robinthomson — Here i know something for weight loss product which i have already used it is pure ephedrine and it is very effective in weight loss.
21 Feb 12 18:43
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Krodri231 — Got pills in the mail today. Going to give them a try tomorrow and see how it goes. Anyone ever tried these pills before? Zen de shou.
26 Feb 12 17:55
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sheyna melrose — honestly, i wouldnt try that japanese diet,, those 2 day diets usually just starve you for days and make you take their "formulas" and you end up losing nothing but water weight, its cool if you wanna lose a couple lbs for an event but its nothing permanent, and you might not be at the best health after you do this either... many ppl get side effects.. trust me, ive tried this! lol i have heard of too many people getting sick from that stuff.. if you want something quick and permament ill show you what i did, it worked for me my sister and sister in law and our co workers too, its been 3yrs since ive kept the weight off.. check it out!!!!

31 Mar 12 04:00
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fan.smiles — I agree the  Day Diet is no good
12 Apr 12 04:33
I didn't loose it as fast as I thought but I did loose almost 20 pounds in 5 weeks with 2 day diet. I bought mine frome www.2daydiet.co.uk I am going to try another product Fruta Planta. I want to know the difference. Does anyone know?
10 Aug 14 20:44
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net — what was the name of the pill an what color where there so i could buy me some i really need something that work thank you
03 Oct 14 08:50
06 Oct 14 05:02
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elen82 — Hi,
My suggestion is to check if you really overweight.
It is not good idea to buy diet pills if maybe you don't need them.
Scientists developed new way to measure weight called BAI which is much better and precise than BMI.
BMI it's a veeery old method of measuring weight.
You can check your BAI Here
10 Jan 15 11:49
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nini — hello everyone I'm new here,Im just looking to get some tips and share stories with people on this same journey! Recently lost 50 lbs in 5 months with meizitang and lida pills! ! I still have about 30 to go but I'm loving every second of it! Please share some tips with me, I love trying new things out! I just started yesterday 2 DAY DIET JAPAN I will lets you know in a week if I have lost some weight
20 Apr 15 14:55
GuestX — I wanted to know where can I order real 2 day lingzhi? Please help

Thank you
20 Apr 15 15:00
I work with the company total life changes we have some amazing weight loss products that really work I have testes them out myself the most popular we have is our skinni detox tea and out resolution drops! Any questions let me know My name is Ebony
20 Apr 15 15:01
GuestX — Or something that will help me lose weight or some kind of solution to keep it off. I worry about gaining all back after getting off the pill.

Thank you

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