Shrink broad shoulders on a woman

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by Mandyrae
09 Jan 08 11:48

i have always had broad shoulders but since i've gained weight they are really wide, and make me look fat when i am not. when i am standing next to other women i look amazon.

I am not sure if its because the weight gain has caused my shoulders to get fat and if i lose weight they'll be smaller or what. if i get really thin will my shoulders appear less broad?

by MandyRae
09 Jan 08 23:28

please help me

by Light
10 Jan 08 09:45

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If you loose weight that you your shoulder will also get smaller. You may have a genetic predisposition towards this. Anyway there in nothing wrong with a woman with broad shoulders, at least in my book :wink:

by Kalimera
10 Jan 08 19:01

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Yes your shoulders probably will become smaller with weight loss. However, as Light said, you may just naturally have broad shoulders.
Broad shoulders aren't a bad thing. I know a lot of women that would love to have bigger shoulders. People still use shoulder pads in their clothing to achieve that look.

by Light
10 Jan 08 19:13

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Very good point Kalimera.

by Silkspinner
29 Jan 08 01:31

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Well...keep in mind that the bicep is a very big muscle. Yes, your shoulders will certainly shrink if you lose weight...but the rest of you will, too. You'll stay in proportion.

Small changes may be possible, but you're honestly better off accepting a detail of you that's not at all bad. It sounds like you have may have a mesomorphic body type...which is really a blessing in that it's the easiest to keep truly healthy. Ectos stand a chance of falling underweight, and the poor endos have more trouble than anyone not looking overweight. ^^;

by tedan
09 Mar 08 01:09

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by shy
12 Oct 08 02:57

I feel the same way you do! i have very broad and big shoulders and im not fat! however, if i take a picture of my self, the picture will turn out of me being real fat! I know plenty of people who are much bigger that me but have small shoulders, but by me having big ugly shoulders i would appear bigger than they are! I think that losing weight will help make them smaller, but the broadness will not go away!

by guest1
28 Jan 09 03:31

o good, im not alone in this...

by lele
24 Feb 09 21:00

Your shoulders are part of your bone structure... whether you gain weight or not will not make your shoulders any more broad or narrow than they already were.  If you lift weight or something you may gain muscle mass, but your bone structure will not change.

by cheryl7879
26 Feb 09 14:02

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I have broad shoulders too whether I'm on the thin side or even if I've put on a few pounds....I'm just build that way. Plus, I'm tall so I know what you mean about feeling like an amazon woman! It does bother me from time to time, but I've learned to live with it.

by real
14 Apr 09 16:13

I have very wide shoulders and back fat under my bra line i have a fat stomach and a narrow flat ass. how can i change my shape i been exercising for years but my back seems to be getting wider and my back fat is getting looser and my stomach is getting bigger and my ass is still narrow and flat. i have the same ass i had 15years go everything else has gotten soft,flabby and fat i am very shame to take my clothes off in front of a man this is why i been single for 5years tell what can i do i am real

by LadyJ
25 Apr 09 10:33

I am a female with broad shoulders.  My shoulders are broad regardless if I am underweight or overweight.  Men do not like this look and I have been made fun of for several years because of man said that I had the "face of an angel and the body of a linebacker".  One man asked if I used to be a man.  I have also been referred to as "Mighty Mouse" and the "Incredible Hulk" because of my shoulders.  (Oh and all these statements were made at my workplace.)

by redrover5670p
27 Apr 09 18:12

I totally know how you feel. I'm a classic hourglass figure (36-26-36) at 5'8'' but I feel like I am very broad, especially when standing next to other girls my age. I'm at a healthy weight for my height and build but lately I've been feeling like my shoulders are wide in particular and my backfat is so embarrasing. I've been trying to lose weight but it just doesnt happen...I already eat healthily (my diet is loaded with fruits and veggies and I drink 48--96 ounces of water per day) and exercize...I just dont know what to do at this point. 

by hululula
02 May 09 05:27

I  have  the same issue, my measurents are 39-30-39
I feel my shoulders are far to broad.
Its really getting me down.

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