27 Jun 05 12:58

Fat Burners from Wal-mart

Just_Watching — Has anyone tried those fat burners from walmart I think they are like $7 for a 120 tablets? A friend of mine's brother has been taking them and has lost 50 pounds. Of course it always seems like it's easier for men to lose weight anyway.

I was just curious if anyone else has seen these effects also?
12 May 06 18:14
Jamie — I'm looking for a good fat burner for myself. If these pills really work can u email me the name of them so I can try them. write me at g_jamie_@hotmail.com
14 Jun 06 18:40
Guest — i have been want to try those too :)
14 Jun 06 18:51
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talent306 — yes the mega green tea pills r good i lost 5pounds in a week
10 Nov 09 14:56
i've tried and the work
21 Nov 09 01:38
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Aquariann — what's the name of the pills? I mean you they are available at walmart so it's not tabu to say it right? If not, then can you please email it to me at semispecial@gmail.com

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