12 Jun 09 22:12
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Snowhoney's Before and After

lilblondangel — wow, snowhoney! what a fantastic transformation. :) you look great!
16 Jun 09 20:39
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Snowhoney — You know, I didn't know I had curves for so long, that when I begin to lose the weight, I had to stop and look in the mirror myself, to see if it was true.

Even today I still do my workout, 3 times a week, I wake up at 4:30am, do a fast walk on my tread mill, working up to a 4% incline for 10 mins, then I run for 15 mins ( No incline). Then I go right into my routine of Strength Training, using 3, 5, 8, 10 pound free weight, to get a 20 min total body workout, shoulders, triceps, biceps, lower back, upper back chest, buttocks, inner & outer thighs and waist.

Thank you all so much for the motivational words. But I also supplement Phentermine periodically, to help with those hungry days to surpress that ole appetitte.

I also use Green Tea Concentrate Liquid form, 2 x's a day. But it does take effort to get moving, but I'm glad of the results.

Thank you all so much, and I wish everyone the success you're working on acheiving.
17 Jun 09 18:24
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Good for you!
18 Jun 09 12:57
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Sweet, you look fab!  I hope I can do the same.
18 Jun 09 17:40
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Thank you for the inspiration.
03 Jan 10 21:43
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I agree with what everyone else has mentioned above but I need to add that I think it is great that you have set yourself a healthy weight goal and you have maintained that.
I have a friend who is 5'0" as well and she thinks that her "healthy" weight is around 105.  I cannot convince her otherwise.
10 Jan 10 04:53
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24 Jan 10 05:05
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So beautiful!!!!  Congrats!  You have given me such encouragement with your testimonial!!!
05 May 11 09:58
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arco — BEAUTIFUL ! seriously, you look amazing and you should be so proud of yourself. and not to get too much off topic but it's inspiring to see other black women like myself take control of their bodies. great job!
31 May 11 12:11
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Desperate2LoseWeight — WOW! those are so inspiring! if you can do it, i can do it too. I will keep telling that to myself. LOL! Thanks for sharing! Great job!

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