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by sandypar1968
04 Apr 08 13:17

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I started at 178lbs and have lost 13 lbs already - the old-fashioned way - eating the right foods & exercising. I have gotten stuck at 165 and the scale just doesn't budge :evil: - soooo I just received my b12/lipo kit from a clinic in Florida last week. I have so far injected twice and that scale still does not budge!!! Has anyone here tried this and how long does it take to get unstuck???? I am exercising just about every day and eating very reasonable and healthy. The doctor at the clinic says it can take a couple of weeks to break the plateau but when you do you lose fast. I do feel more energy since the shots though just getting impatient.

Luck to all on the path to healthy weight!!!!

Sandy in Vancouver

by sandypar1968
20 Apr 08 19:56

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I am sooo psyched!!!! These last couple of weeks my weight has finally started to melt away. I have lost a total of 8 lbs in two weeks!!!!!! For me that amount of weight in two weeks is unheard of. I am definitely not starving and I walk at least 4-5x a week. I have completely lost my nervousness about self-injecting. I am now at 157 (only 7 lbs to get to my goal.) I have done this without drugs and just a sensible, nutritious no starvation plan. The B12/lipo have helped me past the plateau and I feel great! :)

Success to all

by belindastar
20 Apr 08 22:41

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I am sure you are very happy to be so close to your goal. I am very far away. As a matter of fact I am just starting. I live in Miami Florida and you mentioned you get your injections from Florida. Is the clnic in Miami? I am at a point where I am dsperate to loose the weight. None of my cloths fits and I just feel awful about myself. I have a high scool reunion and dont want everybody to see me like this. I apreciate an answer as soon as you can. You can send me an email if you want at ***@****. Thanks so much. B

by sandypar1968
29 Apr 08 20:10

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The clinic name is Healing Light Holistic Center. They are at 7800 sw 57th avenue in Miami and their phone is 786-306-8009.

Please let me know how you do.

Best regards,

by satabaja 77
18 Jul 08 20:26

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I had a lot of frustration loosing weight until I found a health and wellness coach that recommended a plan using a Herbalife weight loss system along with other supplements. Not only did I loose the weight I wanted to, I immediately felt a lot more energy and my overall health improved. The cost was surprisingly reasonable and the coaching was free.

For whatever it is worth I found him at cpfeelgreat.com

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