09 Feb 09 07:57
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Alli the worst side effects -- liquid, oily, orange

mysticposter wrote:I have been using Alli for about a year now. Much of what the original poster said is true, but ONLY if you eat a lot of greasy foods. Make sure to eat plenty of fiber to stay regular, that way if there is any oil in your system it will come out with your bowel movements rather than later in the day. One thing I have noticed is that the Alli builds up in your system, so don't think you can skip taking it for one day while you eat a greasy meal, you'll get a surprise. It takes several days to get out of your system. The only time I eat a greasy meal now is when I know I'm going to stay at home the next day. The oil will stick to the sides of the toilet bowl as mentioned, so it's a good idea to keep a bottle of degeaser in the bathroom, I find that Mean Green works well. You'll need to spray and flush 3-4 times to get it to go down since the oil floats. And yes, the oil does stink. It doesn't smell like poop, it's a strange smell. Always have a can of Febreeze in the bathroom as well. Thankfully I have never had an episode at someone else's house.

Lastly, if you have eaten greasy food in the last day or two and you feel like you need to fart, DON'T! If you do fart, find a bathroom and do a safety check. LOL :oops: You'll most likely know if it was a greasy fart because it'll make a bubbly sound.

If you stop eating fatty foods why take alli? You will lose without it.
22 Mar 09 19:20
dkfjdkfjklsdj — I have been taking Alli for a month now and I am just now experiencing it and the way the story sounded I am nervous to continue.. Has Alli worked for the weight loss? Cause if it doesn't work then I am Definatley not going to put up with Orange poop oil?????
26 Mar 09 14:38
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IRideHorseyZ — I have been on Alli for almost 30 days. I have not yet experienced (knock on wood) any anal leakage issues. I have had some times where I had to go&it came on quick, but I just went to the restroom&did my thing.
28 Mar 09 12:10
Alli oily guy — I am taking Alli and yeah it sucks to have oil come out of you ass when you fart, luckly for me the accident happened when I left work so no one noticed that my pants where dirty.  What I do now, and I know this might sound shocking, I stick toilet paper up my but so when I do fart the toilet paper will absorb it.  Most of the time I can feel it so I go to the bathroom and change it.  It's kind of like being a girl and changing your tampon when you get your period LOL.
But the reason it does this, and I know it sucks.  Is that it is throwing away the oil that you eat in your foods, that way you can use the excess fat on your body to burn energy since we all need fat.  That is how you lose weight with Alli, you are using the fat you already have verses the one you eat.  The best way to solve this issue is to eat foods that don't have a lot of fat, like fast foods, chinese, fried foods, etc.  I noticed that when I eat out I go directly to the bathroom and I have a whole bund of oily stool, and it stinks too.
I wish they would warn people more about this, and come up with a special ass pad that will avoid accidents. But if Alli didn't do this it wouldn't work.  WHAT THEY SHOULD LOOK INTO is see if they can make it where you are not as gasy, that way you don't fart and you don't have accidents.  If you didn't fart as often then we wouldn't have this problem, we would simply stool the oily stuff, which I'm okay with.
01 Apr 09 13:03
alexparis — Hello
I am a french journalist. As alli is coming in France in few weeks, i am making a report on it. I am  looking for some people who have tryed, or still tryong alli> You hate it, you had problems with it. Or you loved it.
Please i need your help. I will be next week in the us, 7-14 april.
I reaaly need some people, in order to inform french people of the alli bad and good effects.
Thank you to answer me at:
15 Apr 09 16:07
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Chasingkids — WOW....now that was hysterical! I haven't laughed so hard in a long time!!!
15 Apr 09 17:56
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Light — WOW Image

Alex, you can use Alli oily guy story from above for your newspaper.
22 Apr 09 02:38
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azsanz — Yes Alex, feel free to use what I wrote. You are welcome to PM me if you need more info.
Oily guy raised an issue that I didn't emphasize enough -- farting can be hazardous! There is no way to tell if it's going to be a liquid fart or a regular one. Sometimes I would get cramps just trying to hold a fart back until I could get to a safe place. It sounds funny but believe me it's not when you are in that situation.
I have been to Europe and it's damn near impossible to find a bathroom when you need one. I stopped taking xenical when I went to Europe because of the risk.
08 May 09 10:00
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mepaulson — ha ha ha ha. i opened this thread up because i used to use alli, and it is SO true!!!
but it's like everyone's said - the orange oil only becomes an issue if you consume too much fat. also, i became very bloated (read as gassy), and that sucked.
i used alli for 7-8 months with working out and although i noticed a difference because my diet became low fat (due to the orange oil monster), i didn't really lose as much weight as i wanted to. i was also exercising as well. it is really important to know that with alli, you HAVE to exercise. you can't just eat a low-fat diet. at least some sort of exercise, because i feel that helped kick start my metabolism.
21 May 09 12:39
les — oh yes i was abble to buy coss i had a bmi of 33 down side is the orange stanes you leave when in the toilet and the runs to the loo in the middle of the night when you think you are just going to pump and oh no there it is a full blown poo ha ha ha its is funny the other day i was out side my house and had a feeling it waS GOING TO COME OUT and yes there she blows it came out ran down my legs and onto the pavement ha ha lucky no one was around i walked back to my house as if i was clutching a diamond inbetween my bum god help me if the people in my street seen me lucky it was raining aswell as i was leaving a trail behind me ha ha ha god you will laugh when you start to watch that video about alli its true becarefull not to go anywhere with white pants on wear black pants and maybe tuck ya pants into ya socks and dont go to your local swimming pool that would be bad good luck hope have as much fun as i have had
21 May 09 12:53
les — ps the other side effect i have had as a man is a constant errection which lasts for 1 hour after taking my first pill of the day is there anything in alli that is linked to viagra ? good job i dont start work till 930am god help if anybody knocks at my door early in the morning after taking alli i would get arrested but i am sure they would let me go when the strange orange gue comes out my bum ha ha ha ps dont go to your local post office if the que is long not a good idea unless you have wellys on cya yas
30 Jun 09 20:46
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Jenny1980 — Here's a video you might find of use about Alli :)

12 Aug 09 04:03
OMG I just started taking Alli yesterday and I started passing orange gas.lol. its so gross and wet feeling. it is liquid and smells horrible.
I was going pee and when i wiped it was all slimy and orange.
I seriously can't deal with that.
What if im out with friends and this happend?
It smells putrid~
12 Aug 09 04:06
Oh and yes, stick toilet paper up your but helps,but then taking it out...omg,,,,puke ass oil is sooooo gross i hate it
12 Aug 09 15:47
serena — Does anyone know how long alli stays in your body after taking the last pill?
Its been three days now and the pills are still working and I was only on them for a week.
I took two pills to each meal instead of one if that works in on when the effect will stop.
01 Sep 09 02:57
shitty alli — i have a big pad on to protect me =]

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