19 Aug 08 12:05
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Has anyone tried Herbalife, results, reviews?

batwoman607 — Has anyone ever tried Herbalife? My mom lost 70 pounds on this 4 years ago after she had my baby brother but i am still skeptical. I guess I am just looking to see if anyone else has had success with this. I reall love herbal stuff and I was looking on the website but there is so much stuff on there for weight loss that I don't know which one to try. Theres stuff to boost metabolism, block fat, block cravings, theres shakes to drink as meals but I don't know which one to try. My mom lost weight with the shake plan but I was wondering if anybody else tried it and which one did you try. The website I went to is shopherbalife.com/mjaynes if you could take a look and tell me what you think about it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
21 Aug 08 07:26
Guest — I thought it had some dubious side effects?

I am on a diet pill called proactol and have not suffered any side effects i think you need to be careful which one you choose - also I am losing weight and still feel healthy as it is a natural pill
21 Aug 08 09:43
ODUgal09 — Hello,
My name is Kimby. I am a 21 year old college student. I am here to tell you I lost 7lbs and 6 inches in just 2 weeks. I have tried every weight loss product there is and none have worked or kept the weight off. I was at my all time highest weight over 200lbs. One day I was surfing the internet and saw this advertisement for herbalife. I looked into it and decided to give it one last try. My first week on the products I had so much energy! I was pumped up ready to go walking and exercising. Not to mention for the first 3 days I ate pizza (my weakness)! After just 2 weeks I can see a change in my body. I am still on the products to this day and will continue until I meet my goal of losing 40lbs by the end of September 2008. I use the 3-2-1 plan, a shake for breakfast then take my pills after, a snack in between, then a shake for lunch and take my pills after, a snack in between, then I have a colorful meal (protein veggies starch). I love the lift off tablets they give me so much energy its like taking a red bull but its good for you and low in sugar. After using these products actually feel like going for a walk, taking a bike ride, playing some basketball (haven't done in years). I am a busy girl with school, organizations, and work. Taking these products helps me get through my day without crashing. Not only do I take the products but I provide them to people who are interested. If you want some more suggestions PLEASE email me or call me at: Moufyreggaegal@aol.com or 804-218-7588

I would love to help you reach your goal. We can take the products together. I am always looking for a weight loss buddy! You can never get enough motivation while trying to lose weight. Well I hope to here from you so I can quickly get you some information and get you started towards your weight loss goal.

Thanks, Kimby
24 Aug 08 11:52
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carrina — I've not tried it because I had heard it had some bad side effects. :(

Check out my BEFORE and AFTER photos:
**Comments are welcome**
25 Aug 08 21:51
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batwoman607 — i tried the herbalife. Been on it for 3 days now and haven't had any side effects yet. I am doing the shakes and the total control. Really feel energized so far. I really feel like it boosts my metabolism. I'll let everyone know how it goes. What kind of side effects have you guys experienced and for how long did you try it.
03 Sep 08 20:46
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Herbalifer — Hi All,

I have been having a look around this forum and saw this thread. i just had to sign up to put the record straight with herbalife.... i have taken the products for over a year and have had fantastic results. I am now a distributor as I have so much faith in their effectiveness and above all, their safety. Im not sure what "bad effects" vitamins are meant to have?

I would say to anyone who is interested in finding out about herbalife that they should do the following....

1. Call around a few herbalife distributors and ask as many questions as you like about the products. This is very valueable because distributors are also your personal weight loss coach and are meant to give you full and ongoing support with your diet throughout. So, you need to find someone you click with and find caring and encouraging. This is one of the great things about herbalife and people should take advantage of it :D

2. Dont be confused by all the products you see online. The programs are designed very personally for your exact needs and so there is a lot on offer. However, if you are wanting to go onto the basic weight loss products, then PER MONTH you would need: 2 x Formula 1 (shakes) + 1 x Formula 2 (vitamin tabs) and 1 x thermojectics green tea (it boosts metabolism and aids with your water intake). if you want to add other products later on then you can. these can include the fat blocker tablets etc. again, this can all be discussed with a coach (distributor).

3. Please do your research. It is all very well to be wary of something because of what you have "heard" but think about where you have heard it from. I personally used to feel the cambridge diet was dangerous but I didnt go around saying it until I had done my research and had facts to back up my claim. Herbalife have some of the most amazing scientists working for them and all of their products are put through rigorous tests, having to meet very high standards and they are all completely herbal. When many of the big herbal shop chains were having their products pulled from the shelves, herbalife were the only company who did not have any of their products pulled from the market. this is because they are so good (to be frank!). You'll also find that LA galaxy are sponsored by Herbalife. I dont think such a huge corp would let their players wear herbalife shirts and have their players take the products if they were bad for you. Lastly (i could go on all night but im only trying to make a gentle point) herbalife is a product that passes all boards for drug testing. many of the athletes who took part in the Olympics take our products. of course, I could be making this up entirely but you wont know that until you research herbalife properly 8)

Any coach you seek who is worth knowing will give you very compelling evidence on the products safety, their effectiveness (we all carry tons of our clients b4 and after pics :) ) and will be genuinely passionate about helping you to lose weight. Avoid ones who offer huge discounts (sounds weird, i know) but you will find these are the ones who are more interested in customer numbers than customer results. Avoid ones who are too pushy, for obvious reasons. You need to be able to trust your coach is working in your best interests rather than just trying to get every penny they can from you. Of course, the more products you take the better the results but only you can decide what you want to add and the results you want to get after you have at least tried the basics and decided if it is the right diet for you. It would be pointless to buy everything only to find you just hate the products.

lastly (i promise)...there is a 30 day money back guarantee with herbalife so if you are curious about the plan, theres no risk. Nothing to lose but LBs :D

best of luck on the products batwoman. I am betting you have had good results. xxxx
10 Nov 08 00:09
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lperkin — My fiance and I were thinking of becoming herbalife distributors, but couldn't find enough neutral information. We looked and looked, and the info we found seemed to be less from users and more from distributors.

We were so interested in the inside scoop that we launched a website. If you have used these products, please share.
04 Feb 09 18:44
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jimbo — In Europe Herbalife has gotten a pretty bad reputation. I would not trust any of their products to be honest.
05 Feb 09 04:17
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anirow — herbal life is that one of the multilevel marketing product? i guess i have heard about it. i wouldnt advise anybody to go for it
24 Feb 09 14:15
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Hamenopi — I'm on week 2 of Herbalife. Lost 3.5 off the waist 1st week. So impressed I became a distribuor. From what I'm noticed more distributors did not go in to make money, they when in to lose weight and gain energy. Also, 70 counties now, 29 years. Whatever rumors you have heard, It's hard to dispute the success Herbalife is.
25 Jun 09 21:20
stef — I  love herbalife! It isreally life changing and that to the good changes peoples lifes for the good its the only diet that has ever worked for me
05 Jul 09 22:49
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anndunn — I have nothing but good things to say about it too. I've been using it for about 2 months and lost 15 lbs. And it was so easy.
07 Jul 09 10:27
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maybelle — I tried it for two months a few years ago and wasn't entirely happy. I didn't find the shakes particularly appetizing and (conversely) found the protein-bars all too tasty. I did lose some weight, but I was very strict with regards to what was allowed and what not. I did lose some weight but gained it back pretty quick- I think the issue with most shake-diets is that you don't really have a chance to change your overall food habits.
02 Sep 09 01:46
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Hey all
I have a great result story with Herbalife.  I lost 21 pounds the first 14 days on the program that I designed for my self to fit into their advanced program.  I studied nutrition for 6 solid months prior to ever calling a distributor.  Don't know how you could not get results from taking such a nutritional product two shakes a day only total 420 Calories with 24 grams of protein and (over half of all the nutrients your body needs) my system worked ridiculously well, I'm 6 foot and started out at 300 pounds and in 90 days lost 60 pounds.  My Calorie intake to start with was around 1900 calories and with eating the right foods and at the right time I figured out a way to lose even more faster and healthier than what most people lose on the programs.  My problem was not eating to much, it was not getting enough Calories I had to eat 750 Calories for 2 meals in the middle of the day and when eating healthy foods that's actually hard to do.  Also in my nutrition research I found out its not only what you eat but when you eat it you feed the fire fuel first thing then tapper it down during the day to keep the metabolism burning strong this forces the body to burn fat at a rate that is unbelievable I averaged 4.5 pounds per week.  The whole time I was losing weight I felt like I had the energy to take on the world, first time in 5 years since I quite drinking alcohol that I actually slept for 6-8 hours also, before most nights 3 hours here, and 3 hours there, and I was good.
And to answer your question yes I am also now a distributor for the company because I think with the knowledge that I know have on nutrition and healthy eating habits I can help a lot of people lose weight and after I lost what I lost I want to help anyone lose weight weather they use products bought from me or not I will still help anyone as long as they don't give up on themselves.  I have helped a number of people, and currently help about 40 people lose weight as I type this story, start losing weight and wish them all the best of luck with their goals.  On the average most people I help do lose roughly 30 pounds in 90 days but that is because they find it hard to change their old eating habits, so they don't lose the weight as fast as I did ( I can only take them to the water, but I can't make them drink it).  That they have to decide on their own I mearly coach them toward their personal goals that they set for themselves.
  But it's a great feeling when you see someone that has been fighting and trying to lose weight for years, step on the scales and see that they lost 2 pounds in a week and start crying sort of hits you right in the middle of the chest and gives you a real good warm feeling inside if you know what I mean.  As far as I am concerned this is just the tip of the ice berg I want to help as many people lose weight that I can because I know what losing my weight did for me ( it gave me my life back)
07 Sep 09 11:07
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jjracersurvey — Yes i have had some great results with herbalife as well. i lost 20 lbs in 30 days using this. JFWeightPlan.com. The company is great too, they walk you through using the product and help you at any time. This is my recamendation.
06 Oct 09 02:25
Nateilus — I have been on Herbalife for about 5 months.  I have lost over 30 lbs so far.  I have had no issues.  My brother has been on it for a year and he has lost 105 lbs.  It is a good product.

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