25 Aug 08 01:23
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Dr. Cherkassky - Ft. Worth

herndonr — A few months ago, I began using Dr. Cherkassky in Ft. Worth. He prescribed me Phentermine and set me on a calorie plan for my diet. He also uses Senotherapy which is really cool. The Phentermine is great, but I feel it absolutely has to be taken with a plan to accompany it. Dr. Cherkassky started me in the right direction with a thorough health check and monitoring. He and his staff have provided me with the important information and direction I needed to give the phentermine and the diet a chance to work. Since I have been going to him for the last four months, I have had better success losing and keeping off weight than I ever have. My choice of food and portion control has gotten so much better and I feel like I am healthier than I have been in years. I have never really gone out and promoted anyone, but a lot of people I know demanded to know who was giving me the results they could see. If you are looking for an excellent doctor who prescribes Phentermine in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex, I highly recommend Dr. Cherkassky. His office number is 817-332-3089. Check out his website - weightlossfor.us I am telling you, he really can get you results if you are willing to trust him and put forth a little effort. Good Luck.
25 Aug 08 11:39
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Dallas1 — Is the Dr. real strict with weight requirements? Technically I'm not obese anymore but my appetite has increased dramatically since I've stopped taking phen and I'm scared that I'm headed towards obesity if I don't act fast :cry: ! I visited the website and it talks about a sensotivity pill...Is he reccommending that before phen?
04 Mar 10 15:58
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citygirl95 — I went to the same doctor. He did prescribe me the phen and gave me sensotherapy pills. I lost 25 pounds in two months with his diet plan and the pills. I really liked him however I was feeling guilty because I had not been working out at all even though I was strictly sticking to his plan. When I mentioned to him I haven't been working out he brought three of his nurses to the room and had them explain to me why working was useless in the battle of weight loss. I felt that was soooooo wrong!! I have lost weight by watching my diet and working out and taking no pills at all. It's a matter of self control. I never went back to him and I have continued my weight loss with out pills. And guess what? It's been 6 months since the day I walked out of his office and I have lost 46 pounds.No it's not as quickly as I could have done it through him however, I know it's healthy way to do it. I think that day was an eye opener for me.
04 Mar 10 16:47
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defectively — Wish I were in that area, the doc sounds like he knows his shit.
@citygirl, I hear what you are saying but I think, in this doc's defense, his emphasis on working out is tied to the simple fact that on top of a healthy diet, exercise is essential for good general health, not just weight loss. It just plain makes you feel GOOD to exercise.
We can all lose weight by getting control of our urges and curbing our diets but skipping exercise seems to rob us of the great feeling a brisk walk can give you: all that chemical happy your brain makes when it knows you're taking the body out for a spin, y'know?
04 Mar 10 19:36
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Sugar T*ts — I think it's a matter of self-control for some, and a matter of genes and environment for others, citygirl. If a pill helps some lose weight under medical supervision, what's the big deal?

BTW, Time and Newsweek ran some sensational articles this past year about how exercise won't really help you lose weight. The gist was that it's effective to help maintain but for loss, it's not that effective for very overweight people. You can find them on the forum if interested.
04 Mar 10 20:09
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defectively — @Sugar - gotta lookup those articles! I wonder how much is truly sensationalism and how much is, as the infomercials say, "science" (lol).
04 Mar 10 20:57
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Sugar T*tshttp://www.time.com/time/health/article ... 57,00.html

Self-Control Is like a Muscle
Many people assume that weight is mostly a matter of willpower — that we can learn both to exercise and to avoid muffins and Gatorade. A few of us can, but evolution did not build us to do this for very long. In 2000 the journal Psychological Bulletin published a paper by psychologists Mark Muraven and Roy Baumeister in which they observed that self-control is like a muscle: it weakens each day after you use it. If you force yourself to jog for an hour, your self-regulatory capacity is proportionately enfeebled. Rather than lunching on a salad, you'll be more likely to opt for pizza.

Some of us can will ourselves to overcome our basic psychology, but most of us won't be very successful...

In short, it's what you eat, not how hard you try to work it off, that matters more in losing weight...
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