29 Aug 08 17:53
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Ephedra Powder...

weightlossjunkie — Ok I just bought 8 ounces of ephedra powder and I'm trying to figure out how to measure out 25-30mg of it so I don't end up doing something stupid to myself. This whole idea is kind of stupid but anywho theres 1000 mgs in one gram and about 28gs in one ounce which leaves me with about 224,00 mgs of ephedra powder. Basically what I want to know is there some kind of mg measuring tool that exist out there? Weird topic I know but if anyone can help I'd appreciate it!!
08 Sep 08 17:42
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kasper-girl — Where did you get the ephedra powder from? i have been talking phen and am finding it extremely hard to find these days and need something to help me out for the time being......
08 Sep 08 17:51
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weightlossjunkie — I found it at the link below...it should take you right to the ephedra page. They sell it in powder form for asthma which I believe is its original purpose. I got it from mountain rose herbs. Here are two links for the ephedra and info about it. I just got caffeine pills also to take with it. Hope it works out....


and if you want to buy it:
09 Sep 08 01:14
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duromine — Im sure your local chemist should be able to help you with info as to where to buy a measuring tool as am sure they use these for some powder form medication,however i do recommend not mentioning what "meds" you're gonna use it for ;0) heheheh
09 Sep 08 17:11
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weightlossjunkie — Yeah I might have to do that...or ask a pharmacist. I'm sure i'll get some crazy look from them when I do. Errgh. I just don't want to take to much or not take enough to have results. I'm thinking I should put the powder in empty capsules from GNC or something so its easier to carry around with me. I hav no idea!
09 Sep 08 19:55
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duromine — Yeah thats a good idea..however its gonna be a long process getting the right amount & filling them inot the empty capsules ( i wouldnt have the patience to do it) but then again being thin doesnt come easy now does it??? I had a look at the website you mentioned however i will wait to hear from you if its working for you as i have already speant $$$$ on many so called "epehdra pills" ..... Pls keep us up dated on your progress....
13 Sep 08 22:45
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duromine — Hey there,
Just wondering what happened with the powder...?? Have you taken your 1st doze yet? did it work?
16 Sep 08 16:54
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weightlossjunkie — yes it does pay to be thin...I don't even consider myself over weight or anything I'm just starting to get anal about certain areas that won't budge and I need help because 6 months of exercising and dieting did nothing and its really getting to me lol. I know most people encounter this problem too. I haven't taken it yet cause i have yet to get the capsules together...it'll be an annoying process I'm sure but I'll let you know when I get it together.
17 Sep 08 15:37
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estee — any update on how this should be dosed/divided up/weighed? i hear ya about not wanting to do anything stupid to yourself. be careful, and be sure to fill us in on what you come out with. thanks!
17 Sep 08 15:42
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estee — i have another question -- did this bag of herbal powder not come with instructions on how it should be dosed? i mean, this website still says it can aid in helping asthma, etc.... great, so how should it be administered, ya know? i'm confused. they should be concerned about selling something on which people could overdose if not properly instructed on how to administer it. :shock:
18 Sep 08 14:58
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weightlossjunkie — No I haven't unfortunately. I have a L-carnitine supplement thats 700mg a dose and the 1/4 teaspoon measuring tool it comes with = 700mg but i dont know if it works the same way for ephedra powder. I read on this site that 350-360mg of ephedra in powder form equals a 25-30mg pill - but that could be incorrect information as well. I emailed the company asking about how to measure the powder out when I bought it and they said by law they are not allowed to share information on dosages and to ask a local doctor or pharmacist. Should of asked before I purchased it :roll: oh well. I'll see what I can figure out...
19 Sep 08 01:11
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tonydee67 — Is there any good definitive site that gives proof that this stuff works?
19 Sep 08 09:12
Guest — i did a little internet research and what you're saying seems to be right... but that you'd also have to "standardize" it which involves methanol, and 1 part this, 1 part that, etc... basically sounded like something you'd do in chemistry class. so it sounds POSSIBLE . easy? definitely not. anything with methanol can be really dangerous if you're not in the right environment or sure what you're doing.

any thoughts on this, anyone?
19 Sep 08 10:08
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estee — I found this.... read towards the middle/end of the paragraph where it starts talking about "potent ephedra powder".... it says something about putting a tbsp in tea, and thats how it works best. i'm not sure though.. what do you guys think? anyone try this? if so, let us know your results (aka, be our guinea pig, LOL.. be careful though!)

19 Sep 08 10:17
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weightlossjunkie — I don't think I want to do any chemistry involved with methanol...ha sounds dangerous but if anyone knows anything please inform!

estee - I might be the guinea pig for the tea idea. I've though about putting it in tea already but a tablespoon sure does sound like a lot! lol Maybe I'll start with a smaller dosage and increase it a little at a time...
19 Sep 08 10:46
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estee — weightlossjunkie - if you do the tea thing, let me know! i think your idea is a good one ... start small, and if ya feel nothin, bump it up a notch! :)

did you ever think about just snorting the powder straight?? HAHA JUST KIDDING!!!

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