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ways to lose weight

meizitanganna — Did you know that the average person eats an extra 3000 calories on major holidays?

And, it takes 3500 calories extra to gain one pound?

So, if you are looking to watch your waistline this holiday season, follow my realistic tips to cut the calories despite the onslaught of cookies.

Burn about 300 calories by holiday shopping for two hours.
If you live in a snowy climate, build a snowman or have a snowball fight. These fun activity burns about 300 calories per hour.
Burn 400 calories per hour ice skating.
Sign up for a festive 5K walk or race.
Schedule a quick pre-holiday interval or circuit training workout. This type of exercise can burn, on average, 300 calories in 30 minutes!


Make lighter eggnog. Traditional eggnog can rack up 350 to 400 calories per cup! Slim it down by using skim milk or almond milk.
Create a skinny hot chocolate the same way--with almond milk or skim milk.
If you like apple cider, use 100% juice to get in a serving of fruit.
Limit your alcohol consumption, or try a japanese 2 day diet

Practice mindful eating techniques to help slow your eating and limit your portion sizes while still feeling full and content. Studies show this can save about 200 calories.
Instead of lingering near the food table, find the kids at the party and play with them! Not only will you avoid mindlessly munching on appetizers, but you will burn calories running around with the children,you also can take some food with superslim pomegranate.
Offer to bring a dish to the holiday party. This way you can bring something of your choosing that you know is a healthy choice.
If you are hosting the party, serve raw veggies instead of chips with your healthy appetizers.
Do not arrive to the party hungry, or you may end up eating even more calories because you were so ravenous. Have a small snack of ¼ cup almonds and super slim pomegranate.
26 Mar 12 00:54
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yourbeautyspeaks — That was very useful. Thanks :-)
27 Mar 12 12:28
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Nancy101 — I would like to add some more points into this :
We also should sun salutation.The sun salutation increases flexibility, builds strength, and relaxes your mind and body.
16 Apr 12 07:47
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weightloss55 — its a nice and useful information for all
19 Apr 12 08:41
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Foujanjone — In my personal observation that weight  loss food has a  lot types special  food can be prepared during cooking like not
use the any type  oil or any greezee
substance for fry the item moreover less use of the spices also play very
important role for the lose of weight ,leaving all type of  the high diet proteins  for this purpose.simple boliled vegetables
are much better for the light weight.
03 May 12 16:07
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mavilini — What up forum, this is Mike. They used to call me Big Mike until I got tired of the excuses and settling with my weight issue. I stuck to and completed this plan it and I lost 112 lbs. From 378 to 266 and steadily losing more. If you're tired of the excuses you make for yourself and ready to lose like I did. Here is a safe way to lose weight fast. It was reported in Oprah and Fitness magazines, I saw it in Fitness. lol
08 May 12 01:47
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screwnicolas — I would like to add some more points into this :
We should do Yoga. The yoga increases flexibility, builds strength, and relaxes your mind and body, but while doing yoga either have a trainer or VCD/DVD for proper workout. You can check best weight loss exercises to lose weight.
25 May 12 01:59
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depp12 — No doubt that this was quite an interesting as well as very informative topic on losing some weight. I may advice people to make use of stairs rather than using an elevator. Drinking Green Tea might also help.
12 Jun 12 04:32
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mackwhite — Its really very useful... specially for people like me those who are interested in loosing there weight.... to look good and smart.and confident tooo

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