15 Apr 09 06:11

Bronkaid for weight loss

Bronkaid — I heard that you can use Bronkaid for weight loss. Does it work? It should be something for asthma but it also contains Ephedra, making it good for loosing weight.

Any reviews on this? Is Bronkaid good for weight loss?
24 Apr 09 05:52
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Light — It is used for weight loss but its is actually an asthma treatment. I do not know how effective it is, it may work because it have the "real" ephedra in. I do think that you also need a prescription for this so stay away if your doc does not recommends it.
24 Apr 09 11:22
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Kevsworld — Bronkaid has Ephedrine Sulfate and can be used in the ECA Stack.  It is not quite as potent as Ephedrine HCL.
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