29 Jul 09 21:01
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Where Can I get Real Ephedra?

TWS-are-rip-offs — Dont spam me! I just want the real stuff. Tried buying from and I know they're a load of crap. So, where can I get the real deal? Does anyone know?
30 Jul 09 00:44
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Try an ECA stack. This website has tons of info kevsworld.cc/eca.html. You have to make your own ECA stack (Ephedra, Caffeine, Aspirin) since Ephedra has been banned.
30 Jul 09 01:12
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jenthejedi1983 — CLS i just ordered my stack and have been doing tons of research int he past 24 hours.  My friend told me years ago other than phen this is the thing that works.  I read some of your posts on it.  How is it going for you?  I know back in early/mid 2000's when stacker had ephedrine in it, it worked wonders for my college friends
30 Jul 09 01:18
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jenthejedi1983 — Yeah read that article and then do some research.  Look for ephedrine hcl and ephedrine sulfate.  All the reviews I read are so great and its so damn cheap lol.  Will run you 40 bucks a month and thats a high figure!
30 Jul 09 02:34
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cls — I was going to buy the pure Ephedrine HCL off of some site I googled, I think it was nutrtionsevices.com or energyreload.com (kinda expensive but you get a lot of pills) but I have to wait since I already wasted money on the Thermogenesis. When I got the Thermogenesis and they did not work that great I picked up some Sudafed which is working really good together. I've been eating once a day and I'm not even hungry. I think the ECA stack will be even better cause it will probably be stronger and give you even more energy. Back in the day when I use to take Ephedra it was like herbal speed and if you take the Vasopro or the pure Ephedrine HCL 25mg, a caffeine pill 200mg and a baby aspirin (which is optional) then it should be the same. Just be careful though. Don't over exert your heart by exercising to much and stay out of the heat. But if the Sudafed and Thermogenesis is working this good for me I think the ECA stack will be better. I've lost 5 pounds since Monday which could be water weight but my pants are loose too.
30 Jul 09 13:36
Na — nutrinesis.com

little bit pricy for a reason
30 Jul 09 13:47
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jenthejedi1983 — I plan to change to my walking/jogging exercise program instead of running with the ECA stack.  You know you can got o CVS and get Bronkaid for 10 bucks for 60!  Did more research last night and most people on other site say that vasopro and bronkaid are about the same.  Vasopro has 25 ephedrine hcl and Bronkaid has 25 mg ephedrine sulfate with is equal to 20 ephedrine hcl!! So about the same. Most other sites I go to use the Bronkaid because it's cheaper/no internet-running out issues, easier to get, and it works just and well and some bodybuilders say even better with the guaifenesin in it.

Yeah I know have to be careful. Not even going to run with this stuff. Will switch to my walking/slightly jogging and cut out other bad habits.
30 Jul 09 14:14
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I looked the Vasopro and Bronkaid up on the Internet and they said they would not ship to my state cause of the stupid regulations they have which is a bunch of bull. I'll have to go to CVS and see if they sell the Bronkaid or Vasopro there cause it would be a lot cheaper then buying the pure Ephedrine HCL and I won't have to wait for it to ship. I hope I can find it there. Thanks for the info!
30 Jul 09 20:59
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jenthejedi1983 — I hear bronkaid is just as good and waayy cheaper.  CVS carries primatene/bronkaid not vasopro.  Primatene has ephedrine hcl like vasopro not the sulfate BUT only 12.5 mg per pill so you have to take more pills.  Most of the people posted that for the price just go with bronkaid because you can't really feel the difference.

Just walk into CVS and go to the front desk and ask for Bronkaid. They will make you sign for it so Ive heard. I'm going to the store later to get some while i wait because the place I ordered from is taking forever even though I ordered express shipping. Will tell you how it goes. They regulate it because it has ephedrine in it and they know people use it 4 more than just asthma. It was put behind the counter because of dieters and meth people omg!
31 Jul 09 01:12
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Let me know how good it works once you try it. The Sudafed and Thermogenesis isn't working that great already, probably cause I've only been taking one a day though.
31 Jul 09 01:13
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jenthejedi1983 — Well I went and had to give my id which was scanned and I had to electronically sign for it.  Blame the meth addicts for that.  Eh f well not so bad.  Will post results some time this week. Night.
31 Jul 09 01:16
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When I bought the Sudafed they did the same thing.
31 Jul 09 09:41
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jenthejedi1983 — Took my first dose 20 mins ago. Omg very strong. Stronger than the first time I took phen!  Will keep everyone up to date.

01 Aug 09 04:39
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TWS-are-rip-offs — Jen what did you mix for your stack? I cant seem to find anything that is real!! Its so frusterating. So is Ephedra banned? I hear different stories. And is that nutrnesis the real deal? Is it actually what it claims to be? Does a real freakin product exist?
02 Aug 09 12:06
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jenthejedi1983 — Day three down 2 pounds and this plan is only 30-40 bucks a month tops on stuff you can find at CVS and this is coming from someone who took phen on and off sinc 2006 yay!

I use vasopro ephedrine 25 mg/caffeine pill/baby asprin
Go easy on the ephedrine tabe might have to divide in half at first.

Vasopro is online even at amazon.  The one person that sells it there is real and this will be hard to completely ban since it is a breathing med but I heard about this many years ago and it is the only thing other than phen that works.

At CVS you can get primatene or bronkaid which work just as well and very cheap.  Only reason I ordered the vasopro was to see since it was HCL not sulfate if it was stronger and it is not.  Just the same in fact the sulfate is stronger.

Remember tws--you want ephedRINE not ephedRA!

Go to CVS later and get a box of Bronkaid (meds aisle, will be a card you bring to the front), caffeine, and baby asprin.  Will cost about 20 bucks.  Take the 3 pills ( small) each 3x a day (spread out early morn, afternoon, and night).  This stuff is very strong. 

Ephedrine is banned in diet pills but not asthma medicine.  Its behind the counter because people use it to make meth sadly and because it has ephedrine.
03 Aug 09 21:56
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Is it still working good for you? I called CVS and they actually sell the Bronkaid so I'm gonna get some soon.

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