Keep track of your results. Feel free to share with us your progress, thanx.

by LuckySmile
26 Aug 08 14:55


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by songbirdcutie
04 Apr 12 03:21


I am new and in need of help and support

Hello everyone, I am new to this site and I am glad I found it. I am a 21 year


Last post by karferraro

by Laurabarros
18 Feb 15 07:10

Natural muscle-building tips

This is different its typically about us 85 sense and your Mac's serenity fat loss o


Last post by EricCirulis

by shivani22222
01 Dec 14 22:39

My weight loss Journey, which I am going to begin tomorrow.

Hi Friends, I am glad to join this forum as I will be able to interact with all tho


Last post by CindyM

by Sarah Jane Adams
15 Jan 15 23:12

Sarah Jane Adams

The Venus Factor Testimonies

Hi, Losing weight can be a struggle if you try it alone. But! Get the right help a


Last post by GuestX

by myjavita/lifechange
07 Jul 13 17:00

Lost 20 pounds in a month and a half! drinking coffee!

its a new coffee company called javita. i was approached by a friend who told me the


Last post by merouane

by draven915
14 Jan 15 21:04

About me

i am a 30 year old, single male. yes, i am overweight. i wasnt always overweight.. i


Last post by Funny girl

by darlin
07 Dec 14 01:37


Daily Results for 12/12/14- HCG and Phen.

I intend to post my HONEST weight (never said it out loud to anyone ever!) with dail


Last post by kju

by Sarah Jane Adams
27 Nov 14 21:37

Sarah Jane Adams

Let's talk about our weight loss journeys!

Hi! I am a mother of 2 who has managed to lose 42 lbs within this year. I would like


Last post by CasendraNelson

by Genius21
22 Dec 14 01:50

Weight Loss Resistance

I am a new mother trying to lose my baby weight, and I have begun to wonder why it i


Last post by Genius21

by DragonMom
23 Nov 14 23:04


Just a few more kgs

I'm a mother of 2. Gained 6kg after having kids. Doesn't sound like a lot. I don't t


Last post by GuestX

by Keven
05 Sep 13 15:07

(success)1 month into DIY VLCD

So I've been on a VLCD (very low calorie diet) for about a month now. I have lost ab


Last post by darlin

by indefspares23
23 Sep 14 08:07

Benefits Of Hcg Weight Loss method

Golden Rule three, Get in The Zone. There are great factors you need to do that. Amo


Last post by darlin

by firesolutionz
21 Nov 14 11:38

Weight loss Somatodrol is a supplement

The Somatodrol is a supplement used for gym addicted people who seek the definition


Last post by rohan321

by 440to220
12 Nov 14 01:11

Losing 220 pounds or so.

Hi, I finally decided to do something about my problem, while I am still breathing.


Last post by 440to220

by weight2lose1494
03 Oct 14 22:32


Stress Eating/Sodas Causing Problems with Reaching Goal

I have been trying to loose weight for several years for more energy and health reas


Last post by yelloeyes

by Spacewombat
14 Sep 14 03:00


Spacewombat's weight loss journal

At the start of this year, I weighed 163 lbs, and am down to 142. I would like to re


Last post by wlynch

by deeker
31 Aug 14 23:30

20 pounds in 48 days, woohoo!

I am very excited and not sure how I have been able to do it but the obsession to o


Last post by wlynch

25 Aug 14 06:12

My journey from gross to great

Hi everyone. I am a newbie to the forum I started my weight loss journey on 22/4/201


Last post by wlynch

by stronge300
10 Apr 12 17:41

How to weight lose quickly

hi i am joan me i was fat woman in 2011 i have used many thing. one day i found a pr


Last post by pernillejuels

by Gisellegetsfit
02 Jul 14 02:16

On my way to losing weight

Hello all, My name is Giselle. I'm 23 years old and I've been overweight most of my


Last post by anwarsmit

by mf1241
01 Aug 14 11:33

I lost weight eating chocolate!!!

Hello everyone, I wanted to talk to you about these products that I found and that


Last post by mf1241

by anne3
26 May 14 06:37

How to reduce fat gained by having steroids

Can Anyone help me with the weight loss tips that can help me reduce weight i have g


Last post by GuestX

by Bfrost18
07 May 14 18:42


Needing some Motivation

Im Back :) So as of 5/5/2014 I weighed in at 169.7 lbs 34 BMI (I am 4'11 and 22 yrs


Last post by GuestX

by MonicaDuncan
04 Jun 13 22:07


need to lose 120 pounds

I need to lose 120 pounds by January. Any ideas


Last post by dealers

26 Jun 14 19:19


Some Information Related To The Healthy Way To Diet

Obesity has become a very serious problem that is plaguing our generation. There are


Last post by dealers

by cmarz1
02 Jul 14 02:05


My journey with ACE

Hi - I started my journey with Saba/ACE 1 year ago in January 2013. I've lost 34 po


Last post by dealers

by deniseschipper
16 Jan 14 01:04

If you've had weight loss surgery, would you do it again?

I'm considering it, and most people who have had the surgery within a year said yes


Last post by anne

by winniew27
09 Nov 13 18:40

Why People Gain Weight

You gain weight because you have low metabolism, you have low metabolism because you


Last post by kryptonite

by ashleestreasure
17 Feb 14 16:57


My Weight Journey Video Diary

I just started a new weight loss program with a supplement. To get motivated and hav


Last post by ashleestreasure

by agusmaulani
11 Jan 14 11:59

Weight Loss Truths Un-Sugar Coated

Millions of people are currently on a weight loss mission. Sadly, only a small fract


Last post by mande056

by LucasMoore
17 Jan 14 23:19

Thanks for starting healthy quote thread

Healthy Quotes of the day 1. An apple a day keeps doctor away. 2. Drink water


Last post by LucasMoore

by deniseschipper
16 Jan 14 01:04

If you've had weight loss surgery, would you do it again?

I'm considering it, and most people who have had the surgery within a year said yes


Last post by deniseschipper

by alyssanikole94
13 Oct 13 21:03

I need inspirtation and encouragement

Hi guys, so I am currently at my absolute highest number on the scale... 177. I am a


Last post by winniew27

by ChristieandCasey
22 Oct 13 15:42

He can do it - You can help. Personal Journey &Support Group

My husband knows what it's like to struggle and fail at losing weight. Support meeti


Last post by winniew27

by awuzan
08 Oct 13 03:06

When I look in the mirror...I see

Hi Guys! I'm new here. I though this would be a good place to note down my struggl


Last post by winniew27

by healthnmoney
08 Oct 13 00:08

Have you ever tried that crazy wrap thing?

Hi everyone! I am not here to ask you to make a purchase or anything. I just want to


Last post by healthnmoney

by hidietpills
30 Aug 13 00:12


St. Nirvana Herbal Slimming, it help my friend lose 5 pround

St. Nirvana Herbal Slimming, this diet pills very popular in the world. Whether you


Last post by hidietpills

by sherrisloan
04 Jul 13 21:18


New to forum! Just introducing myself.

Hello! I'm a 36 year old wife and mother to two teenagers. I have recently became a


Last post by sherrisloan

by chenay83
24 Jun 13 16:39

Realistic changes

I am 29 years old with two young children, 2&6. I have a child with me 24 hours


Last post by chenay83

by meizitanganna
06 Apr 12 02:53

Effective ways to lose weight

In our eat-and-run, massive-portion-sized culture, maintaining a healthy weight can


Last post by BrandonAldrich

by LindseyAL
04 Jun 13 14:15


Have you tried Herbalife????

Hi everyone! I'm new to this site! I am excited to explore it. I was just curious if


Last post by LindseyAL

by Mary-Berry
15 Apr 13 09:55


Just Do It! Goal: 120's

I had a birthday Saturday and decided that yo-yo-ing with my weight and exercise is


Last post by Mary-Berry

06 Mar 13 17:02


I need advice on low carbs meal, I have been taking phentermine for a week and I am


Last post by ELANIE

by lisarayray
12 Mar 13 14:29

weight loss jounery

Thanks to my doctor office in Dunwoody, Ga, I feel great and lost 25 pounds and down


Last post by allen11

by digsdiets
13 Mar 13 01:54

Has anyone tried this diet plan?

Hey all, I came across this diet plan and was wondering if anyone else has tried it


Last post by digsdiets

by melanie@herbalife
26 Feb 13 20:21

Success Story- HERBALIFE

Weight Management - Michelle S Michelle struggled with feeling miserable as a res


Last post by melanie@herbalife

by bumpywowus
31 Jan 13 20:42

My weight loss journey + your favorite weight loss product

Mine was definitely fat loss factor. about 6 months ago I was really overweight(250


Last post by DebbieM

by MomBrown
16 Jan 13 20:05

Fern, New here!!

Hi, My name is Fern and I am new here. Its been a life long struggle with my weight


Last post by MomBrown

by paige_fat2fit
14 Dec 12 17:54


The Fat2Fit Diaries: Weight Loss and Fitness

If you are looking for a good blog resource to follow check out this one: fat2fitd


Last post by Tipsycherry

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