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LA Weight Loss Journal 14 May 15 12:06 18


lr86 — I started taking Phentermine 37.5mg today! My starting weight is 172.4 and my GOAL w

lordoftheflies1 — Hi friends, I recently began my weight loss transformation and after two months I'

Effective ways to lose weight 31 Aug 15 06:10 6

meizitanganna — In our eat-and-run, massive-portion-sized culture, maintaining a healthy weight can

Hi, got any advice? 29 Aug 15 05:43 6

healthyweight — Hey, I'm new. Im here cuz Im in my late 20s now and Im a lot heavier than I was whe

How to weight lose quickly 28 Aug 15 11:30 14

stronge300 — hi i am joan me i was fat woman in 2011 i have used many thing. one day i found a pr

Need help with some criticism! 28 Jul 15 04:51 0

ErgoKannikka — Hello all!! I am currently on a diet and can someone please help me with some advic

How much weight can i lose? 29 Jun 15 16:42 1

Nico96 — I would very much like to lose weight. About 20kg(44 pounds), and I want to lose the

Weight Loss Resistance 25 Jun 15 06:21 4

Genius21 — I am a new mother trying to lose my baby weight, and I have begun to wonder why it i

Mon14 — Hello all :) I started a 16week healthy lifestyle change last month with a plant bas

Le-Vel 16 May 15 19:51 0

thrivelevel — Last Tuesday, I weighed 129. This Saturday I started le-vel. I go back to the doctor

Weight loss and horses.... 16 May 15 13:54 4

mariahall — Today is May 1st (a good beginning), I've pushed all my stress issues away (I've act


Celcal — Hi I'm new here and excited that I found this site. I'm 41 years old married with tw

How i lost weight 11 Apr 15 03:36 1

EthanFox — A product that beats all weight loss challages and dose not have that many risks. Th


Spacewombat — At the start of this year, I weighed 163 lbs, and am down to 142. I would like to re


rica — Hi, I have decided to try a new path to reach my weight loss goal. I need to loose

Help! I can't stop eating!! 13 Mar 15 15:29 6

squidly — I feel like I am too big honestly. Some will say 134 isn't that much, butni have gai

shivani22222 — Hi Friends, I am glad to join this forum as I will be able to interact with all tho


songbirdcutie — Hello everyone, I am new to this site and I am glad I found it. I am a 21 year

Natural muscle-building tips 21 Feb 15 09:07 1

Laurabarros — This is different its typically about us 85 sense and your Mac's serenity fat loss o

Sarah Jane Adams
The Venus Factor Testimonies 03 Feb 15 23:50 3

Sarah Jane Adams — Hi, Losing weight can be a struggle if you try it alone. But! Get the right help a

myjavita/lifechange — its a new coffee company called javita. i was approached by a friend who told me the

About me 15 Jan 15 11:31 1

draven915 — i am a 30 year old, single male. yes, i am overweight. i wasnt always overweight.. i


darlin — I intend to post my HONEST weight (never said it out loud to anyone ever!) with dail

Sarah Jane Adams

Sarah Jane Adams — Hi! I am a mother of 2 who has managed to lose 42 lbs within this year. I would like

Just a few more kgs 18 Dec 14 18:58 1

DragonMom — I'm a mother of 2. Gained 6kg after having kids. Doesn't sound like a lot. I don't t

(success)1 month into DIY VLCD 07 Dec 14 01:17 1

Keven — So I've been on a VLCD (very low calorie diet) for about a month now. I have lost ab

indefspares23 — Golden Rule three, Get in The Zone. There are great factors you need to do that. Amo

firesolutionz — The Somatodrol is a supplement used for gym addicted people who seek the definition

Losing 220 pounds or so. 16 Nov 14 22:30 3

440to220 — Hi, I finally decided to do something about my problem, while I am still breathing.


weight2lose1494 — I have been trying to loose weight for several years for more energy and health reas

20 pounds in 48 days, woohoo! 02 Oct 14 17:09 4

deeker — I am very excited and not sure how I have been able to do it but the obsession to o
My journey from gross to great 02 Oct 14 17:08 4 — Hi everyone. I am a newbie to the forum I started my weight loss journey on 22/4/201

On my way to losing weight 26 Aug 14 20:51 3

Gisellegetsfit — Hello all, My name is Giselle. I'm 23 years old and I've been overweight most of my

mf1241 — Hello everyone, I wanted to talk to you about these products that I found and that

anne3 — Can Anyone help me with the weight loss tips that can help me reduce weight i have g

Needing some Motivation 21 Jul 14 19:36 7

Bfrost18 — Im Back :) So as of 5/5/2014 I weighed in at 169.7 lbs 34 BMI (I am 4'11 and 22 yrs

need to lose 120 pounds 18 Jul 14 01:28 9

MonicaDuncan — I need to lose 120 pounds by January. Any ideas


MDWL — Obesity has become a very serious problem that is plaguing our generation. There are

My journey with ACE 18 Jul 14 01:26 1

cmarz1 — Hi - I started my journey with Saba/ACE 1 year ago in January 2013. I've lost 34 po

deniseschipper — I'm considering it, and most people who have had the surgery within a year said yes

Why People Gain Weight 25 Feb 14 01:11 1

winniew27 — You gain weight because you have low metabolism, you have low metabolism because you

My Weight Journey Video Diary 17 Feb 14 16:57 0

ashleestreasure — I just started a new weight loss program with a supplement. To get motivated and hav

agusmaulani — Millions of people are currently on a weight loss mission. Sadly, only a small fract

LucasMoore — Healthy Quotes of the day 1. An apple a day keeps doctor away. 2. Drink water

deniseschipper — I'm considering it, and most people who have had the surgery within a year said yes

alyssanikole94 — Hi guys, so I am currently at my absolute highest number on the scale... 177. I am a

ChristieandCasey — My husband knows what it's like to struggle and fail at losing weight. Support meeti

awuzan — Hi Guys! I'm new here. I though this would be a good place to note down my struggl

healthnmoney — Hi everyone! I am not here to ask you to make a purchase or anything. I just want to

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