18 Feb 12 07:10
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How To Begin Healthy Weight Loss.

RocketGirl — There are many things to have in mind when considering a healthy weight loss plan. The body likes slow changes in food and exercise. For example somebody who hasn’t exercised in a long time should not rush into running for hours on the treadmill. Some people decide to use crash diets as a quick weight loss plan, but this can be dangerous and you will never see long term effects.

The reason for taking things slowly is there is less risk of injury and setting your fitness levels back further. The same goes for people who suddenly start starving themselves. Diets that severely restrict calories can lead you to be deficient in nutrients and vitamins that your body needs.
So here is the basic rule to success. Your body uses food for energy. It stores any excess energy as fat. This means if you eat more than your body actually needs in a day you will gain weight. So by increasing your exercise levels to burning more calories than you eat will eventually result in losing weight!
28 Feb 12 15:47
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StephanieH — RocketGirl, it's 100% of truth what you have posted! I can just add that there are people who do not care about their health - they just want to lose wieght fast and they go by unhealthy methods. The sad part is that after unhealthy wieght loss they do not become happier - they have lost weight, but got into medical trouble and I guess nobody wants it. One more thing what happens after extreme diets is that you lose weight, but then it comes back very fast and even more. So this slow and healthy wieghtloss is what actually makes new healthy habits and that means you can't harm your health and you will be able to maintain your perfect weight once you have reached it.

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