Is Green tea good for losing weight

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by mkhealth84
31 Jan 11 11:37

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green helps in in weight control not in losing weight but black tea with lemon do help for sure in losing weight.

by Thomas
31 Jan 11 15:47

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Yeah green tea is very useful  in losing your weight..It help you to burn your body fats very quickly and it also controls your cholesterol level..wholesale supplements

by rminaker
31 Jan 11 21:17

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by 2big
01 Feb 11 05:11

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It is good for you-lots of catechins ecgc, polyphenols and all that, but it won't rev up the metabolism of a sedentary 45 year old to that of an active 25 year old.  I want THAT tea!:)  Better still, I want the coffee that has the power to neutralize the caloric intake from every do-nut I dunk in it! 

by winischneider
02 Feb 11 10:00

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For sure Green Tea is very good but not all you can do, or better, have to do controlling your weight over a long period. There are several programs you may know. However the best guidance I ever saw is the Weightloss Package. There are really useful hints and you can follow them easy without running daily to the gym. I've been following that Program for 3 month and I've so far lost 11lbs so am over the moon. Try it out look here

by romasdaks
02 Feb 11 11:12

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With a wide range of weight loss teas on the market it can be difficult to decide which one may be right for you and which one really does deliver on its promises. The Chinese have been drinking Green Tea for thousands of years, it is nothing new for it is greatly beneficial to our health and the general healing of the body and has a dramatic effect on weight loss so with this is mind; Tava Tea was developed.

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