06 May 10 17:33
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Adderall and Adipex

legarm44 — I used to have a prescription for Phentermine. When it expired I didn't go back to the doctor. Instead a friend of mine gave me some of his Adderall. I took it. It was free and it took my hunger away. 1 week later there was a random drug test at my job. Guess what? I tested positive for amphetamine and was terminated. So be careful how you chose your diet methods without a prescription.
07 May 10 02:58
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estee — Not to be on a soap box or anything, but the only person who can pass a drug test with Adderall or any other higher "class" drugs in their system (more highly regulated Rx drugs) is someone who can tell the testers beforehand of their current prescriptions.  Then, they rule out amphetamines as a part of the test.  If you can't back up thatyou had an Rx, then you're out of luck if it shows up on the test.  You basically have to be able to provide them with the rx bottle that has your name on it, and/or your prescribing doctor's phone number so they can call and verify.  If you took Adderall recreationally (which technically, you did) then you have no way of proving these things and you're out of luck.  Sorry to hear that happened.

Normally, amphetamines are gone from your system in 2-5 days, so I am surprised it showed up in your test a whole week later.  But who knows, everyone is different and it may have still been lingering in your system (especially if you do not take it often).  

I'm sorry to hear this happened to you, especially considering the job market these days, and that you are not a frequent abuser of rx pills.  However, there is no grey area in the eyes of a drug testing company... if its there, and it has not been disclosed as a prescription that you legally obtained from a doctor, then they assume the worst -- that you use these drugs recreationally and therefore, you are a liability to the company.

I know I've popped the occasional Adderall or pill of a friend's that is not mine, per se.... and back in my college days I did my benders of various recreational drugs that would've sent me right into the 'positive' test pile at a drug testing place.... its just something you have to be smart about.
03 Jun 10 19:33
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Yoda — What is Adderall actually prescribed for?  I have heard of people taking if for weight loss.  Is it an ADD drug?
08 Jul 10 04:50
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SadPuppy — Yoda: 
Yeah they only prescribe it for ADHD. It's a miracle drug that works wonders, makes normal people able to concentrate for hours and lose weight by doing nothing because it's mostly Dextroamphetamine (basically really strong Ephedrine)
I was legally on it for a few months and I think it should be sold in stores to adults like Alcohol since it's safe enough to give to kids and the only "abuse" that goes on is by college students who use it to study to get better grades LOL. Sadly it's Schedule II so it's super hard to get and no online stores have it because it's completely illegal in most of the world. :(
31 Jul 10 16:34
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mookie30 — Im actually taking adhd medications prescribed by my doctor and it actually doesnt do much for curbing my appetite, I have taken over the counter diet pills that have worked better. It could be because Im only taking 10mg
01 Oct 10 03:19
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azsanz — Lots of websites claim to sell adderall. I assume they are selling fakes or they are outright scams. Don't know because I haven't tried.
08 Oct 10 13:07
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Mookie – I’m with you. my son has a Rx for Adderall – he often forgets to take a dose and then his dr changed his dosage so he had a bottle that had about 20 left it it. He was just gonna pitch them, so I snagged ‘em. They are only 10mg, but I don’t notice anything when I take one – think 20mg would prove effective?  

23 Jan 11 23:28
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2big —      " Dextroamphetamine (basically really strong Ephedrine"
NO.   So verry not.  If that were the case taking a large dose of ephedrine would be like taking Adderall and it's just not the same. For one thing the rise in blood pressure is proportionately higher with ephedrine, much more beta adrenergic activity than with aderal relative to the other desired effets. If chemistry isn't your bailiwick, don't pass on misinformation. BTW- Adderall is a 3 to 1 ratio of D-amphetamine to  L-amphetamine, not the pure d-isomer.
21 Mar 11 06:23
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I tried as an experiement to take my son's 15mg XR pills and lost about 4 pounds but then it stopped working.  I eat sensibly but not following a diet(try to eat more protein, less carbs but love to eat chocolate and have to have My Starbucks skinny caramel macchiato every day but do love breads and pastas).  I was also working out with a trainer 3 days/week at the time(had a back injury with him and so I stopped b/c it was hurting my back).  I do take Sudafed 12 hr daily for sinus issues so I am wondering if I needed a larger dose.
15 Aug 15 17:02
GuestX — How long does it take adipex to get out of ur system..?? And is the any way to get it out faster.?

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