14 Jul 09 12:35
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Beautiful Slim Body

mary_delones — Does anyone know where to get the Beautiful Slim Body cheaper than $50.00 per box? They guarantee 17 lbs weight loss in the first month?? You only take one pill a day.
05 Nov 09 13:45
I think $50 is pretty reasonable, considering I paid $65 for them!
22 Nov 09 19:29
hot_espanol — you can get it from houseofmonet.com or safenaturaldiet.com.. i have ordered from both of these websites and you will normally receive your order within 3 bus days...there customer service is great they stay in contact with you until you receive your order and one of these website offer FREE shipping.  good luck
01 Dec 09 12:32
lan00 — check this out, this site offer only $48
04 Dec 09 13:03
UnknownWhat color are the beautiful slim body softgels?
23 Dec 09 15:06
none1 — This is the correct URL
09 Oct 10 09:51
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ILost75Pounds — You can get them at ishopmonet.com for $45 and they also have sample pack that you can try for $8 to see if you like it.
21 Dec 10 19:41
amazon.com 20 dollars and 4.95 shipping takes a week to get best diet pill i have ever taken
03 Jan 11 12:06
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Go to ebay. THANPham is a seller from VA. PLEASE tell him Robin referred you. I don't know where you live, but if you want to contact me directly @ robinharkins@ymail.com or text me @ 229.507-1933 I will give you some additional assistance. They really work & if you are buying from nail shop, that'll work too. However, again, I may have some information that will assistace you.
23 Jan 11 06:58
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lillyslifestyles — houseofmonet.com, with flat rate shipping. I purchased 6 boxes from them and it arrived within 2 weeks.

Also, I wrote a review on this pill:


Lists the results my 3 friends and family end up with, how it works, facts and tips, popularity, side effects, safety issues, and my overall rating. Would be use to check it out, if I do say so myself ♥♥
11 Mar 11 18:27
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ExclusiveMe — Go to ebay, it is sold for 19.99 free ship

If you go through this site, you will get 3% off also, I always use this site to get some extra.


I just tried the pill for couple of days now, I'm not feeling hungry, not sure about other side effects.
17 Feb 12 19:25
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Krodri231 — Just started taking this diet pill today. I got it from a chinese herbal store in town for $45. So far just been very thirsty today with no appetite. I'll stay posted. Hope it helps me drop these last 10-15 lbs I need to get off!
17 Feb 12 19:29
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Krodri231 — I use to take the original Venom 3.0 capsuls for almost 3 years. The weight came right off and stayed off. I was always skinny without having to do anything at all! I seriously thought I found what I need to stay thin but then they changed the damn formula and they suck now. I've been exercising daily but food is something I've been having being able to control. Hopefully this beautiful slim body does something. We will see...
18 Feb 12 16:06
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Krodri231 — So I didn't feel much yesturday. My head today feels a tad bit congested? Kinda weird. Sorry if this is too much info but when I went number 2 today the color was a very lite pale color. I'm taking that as a bad sign coming from my liver so I'm thinking maybe these pills are a bad idea. Going to move on to something else.
19 Feb 12 10:34
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Tipsycherry — Way to listen to your body Krodri, there are so many pills out there that I have tried that never worked. I must have tried hundreds before finding one that really worked for me. Then they stopped making them. Could not even find it on ebay. Maybe you could find the old formula of the ones you liked on ebay or sell.com or ioffer? Just a thought????? Oh and welcome to the forum!
21 Feb 12 14:39
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Krodri231 — Thanks :) I have tried searching every site possible. No one sells them anymore :( I've dropped a bit of weight since I took two of these recent pills I got. It did nothing to curb my appetite but I wonder if they did anything to help it? All the horror stories I've heard from diet pills freak me out though.

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