review, is it legit?

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by Simonne
01 Oct 09 09:22

I want to order some weight loss pills from Does anyone have experience with Looking forward for reviews from people who bought from Thank you

by Merrybeans
01 Oct 09 11:56

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Yes, I have been using it for a while and the side effects can be very "nasty" if  you go over the amount  fat grams the diet suggest.  I'm losing about  a pound a week.  Which isnt nearly fast enough .  I have recently started  searching  for a place to order Duromine from online that isnt a scam... I'm beginning to thinks it's impossible.

by lou12355
06 Jan 11 22:59

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Hi can anyone tell me where I can order Phentermine without a script or it being a scam looking for the real thing.   Thanks

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