05 Jun 12 16:56

does saffron extract work?

mattpol723 — It seems that a lot of people have been saying good things about satiereal saffron extract as an appetite suppresant. I ordered some and I am seeing weight loss already.

Dr Oz even had a tv show about it and said it works, and participants on his tv show actually lost weight with it. I found some good information about saffron extract over at [url]SaffronExtractReviews.com[/url] - what do you guys think??
05 Jun 12 17:01
mattpol723 — oops not sure what happened to the link there, but the saffron extract webiste i was talking about is at http://saffronextractreviews.com/ - do you guys think it works? has anyone tried it?
05 Jun 12 20:33
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the5000poundwoman — I am curious to hear more stories about results from Saffron Extract.  I too saw the Dr. Oz Show on it.
12 Jun 12 00:49
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Jonesy75 — I watched the Dr. Oz episode about Saffron Extract. He was pretty jazzed about it as a hunger suppressant. I found more information about tablets at www.saffronextractsupplements.com. I really like the idea about using something natural to help stop snacking. I think I am going to give it a try. Curious what other people think?

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