22 Apr 13 20:37
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has anyone tried garcinia cambogia?

marieg1212 — has anyone tried garcinia cambogia select weight loss pills? i have read this review about garcinia cambogia and I'm interested about these pills
25 Apr 13 17:13
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AmishGirl — I have tried it, but - I get strange aches/pains all over my body when I take it. Def. can't take it on work days. I also have to take it with a small meal, not before, or else the pains are even worse. I have noticed some appetite suppression.
07 May 13 17:41
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I'm on/off it now....kinda new to it. I'm just getting a placebo effect. Ugh!
06 Jun 13 16:23
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I have just started using this...its been just about 2 weeks today...and I think it does great curbing my appetite.  The first couple of days it gave me tummy aches...nothing horrible just felt full/gas-y.  But now after being on it for 2 weeks it is fine.  I have actually finally been able to make the scale budge!!  Down 3 lbs just this week.  
But I have also been trying Access bars by Melaleuca just this week...so not exactly which one is the one that has helped...or maybe they both have.
I don't care, which one...just happy to have started losing!  Was getting so frustrated that with diet change (smaller portions, more fruits and veggies, not eating too late at night) these things didn't seem to be working.  But with a combination of them all at least seeing some improvement...which is enough to motivate me to keep going.
P.S. If you happen to be interested in enrolling with Melaleuca let me know.  They are running a promotion this month $1 to enroll.
21 Jun 13 21:28
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Light — Here are some facts on Garcinia Cambogia other-diet-pills/garcinia_cambogia_review from Kevsworld. Quite interesting.
05 Jun 14 15:09
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Steve471 — Im not fat but after having my second child I just couldn%u2019t shake the baby belly. I tried everything with very disappointing results. When I saw this on TV I figured it was just another drug but my friend used it and said it actually worked. So I gave it a shot and couldn%u2019t be happier. It actually works. This is where I went http://purechoicegarcinia.com/

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