17 Jul 09 18:19
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Ifa Norex = Redotex = axcion

nellynereyda — i know people have been having difficult times buying pills and getting ripped off all over the internet. i live by the border and can get almost all kind of pills for cheap prices. if anyone is interested send my a msg nellynereyda@gmail.com

the one im taking right now is ifa-norex, it gives you energy and its an appetite suppressant. i lost 10 pounds in a month!! its grate!
17 Jul 09 20:49
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stargazerHas anyone heard of ifa-norex....I have not.  Does it work well?
05 Aug 09 20:43
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Hey there, I was just reading through and found your post about being able to get any pills needed b/c you live close to the border - border of where? How is it possible to get these pills without a prescription? I am obviously not educated enough on prescription pills to know these things but I am very interested in diet pills. Thanks.
08 Aug 09 16:20
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wowababy08 — I have taken Norex, it's the same as Neobes only 50mg instead of 75.  It's not very strong in my opinion.
25 Dec 09 15:55
anyone ever tried it/?it is the bomb.full of energy and sheds pounds like hot butter. the product that i use is I F A acxion.i know a inexpensive reliable to get it.anyone looking,shoot me an email at barryjincalais@yahoo.com
12 Oct 10 13:37
im looking to buy IFA NOREX 50 mg email me if you know where i can get these
10 Nov 10 18:16
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I used to use Brazillian pills, the real deal, they actually worked but now no matter what I buy is fake.  Can anyone tell me that has actually used acxion does it work, how quickly and what if any side effects?
21 Feb 11 23:49
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wanttolose — Nelly do you still post here?
27 Feb 11 18:52
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feelthin — I  have been taking them I am interest in purchasing. I lost 34 lbs. in 3 months. and I feel very energetic, that I exsercize. clcrobles09@yahoo.com
10 Mar 11 05:12
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sonyt24 — Normal 0 I am very interested in buy. I lost thirty-four lbs. in three months. Or  I sense extremely active, that I exercise.
31 Mar 11 13:58
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hello everyone im new to this but i am interested in buying axcion and ifa norex . i heard it is a good weight loss pill does any one know if you can take axcion for breakfast and ifa norex for lunch together. very confused.
16 Jun 11 05:19
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26 Jul 11 15:31
Where can I purchase Norex Pills?
19 Jan 12 08:15
AngieB — i am in need of this medication as i have seen the amazing results first hand. if anyone can assist me in purchasing please do not hesitate to contact me at andriea.brown@hotmail.co.uk
09 Jun 14 20:23
GuestX — I am currently taking Acxion, started with 2 months of 15 mg tabs, and have lost 15 lbs and not even done with my month two supply. then for month 3 and 4 I have 30mg that I will start. Its working well for me and i'm really not very active, plus i work at a call center.
Nelly was referring to the border of Mexico. You do not need a prescription to get most USA prescription only pills.
I get my Acxion from the Tucson AZ swap meet. there are two different women there that sell it. One sells it for $5 cheaper than the other, but it all depends on who is there when you need to re-up. Ebay has been jipping all of you as well as SELL.COM. they are selling it for $55 or more PLUS shipping cost. I get mine for $40 for the 30 day.
Its best if you have friends who can get it from mexico and not charge you out the bum.
27 Sep 14 03:02
GuestX — Hi,
Are you still looking for some of the norex or redotex or something similar-

I have several different items if your still in need of it.

You can email me at re*****@mail.com


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