07 Jun 10 10:57
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Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen Capsules

Healthy_Nut — Researching this (as well as other diet pills)...thinking about trying this one out. If there are any real life testimonials out there, I'd appreciate hearing about it. Thanks...Please, no promoters or distributors; I just want to know if you tried it and had success and/or no success. Sincerely...thanks.
15 Jun 10 07:23
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yasgata — I have had success, yet there is one drawback...it has Senna in it.  I lost 90 lbs in 90 days, but then I couldn
t go to the bathroom.  I researched it, and found out that Senna was the cause.  So, now I use Yasagata, since it has the same ingredients, minus the Senna.  Just food for thought.  
29 Jul 10 22:07
enchanted diva — I agree Yasagata is better, more energy all day, less desire to eat, and now I'm working out. I have lost 60 lbs. and prefer it over Zixiutang Pollen capsules.   Because of the exploding intestines and having to stay close to a bathroom after eating, was not what I had in mind for weight loss. My sister has lost more than me she has had both but prefers YASAGATA. Because of her 100 lb weight loss, she has energy all day and less desire to eat. She does not want to look back at the thought of the bathroom routine with taking Zixiutang. She said it was too uncomfortable and too  much sacrifice to lose weight. When I researched about the ingredient Senna I realized what was occurring.  The body is addicted to it and never works on its own. 
10 Nov 10 11:23
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Hi Enchanted diva,
Can i ask where did you buy YASAGATA?
I cant find them anywhere :(
19 Nov 10 17:26
mia504 — hi, i have tired yasagata as a trial run, these pills made me soo sick, i could not move. these promoters of this pill says it is basically zi xiu tang without senna or cassia, well guess what zi xiu tang no longer contain cassia or senna. so why pay 50.00 for yas, when you can get it alot cheaper for zxt. I am not a seller, but i do have a forum that discuss experiences on zxt, and also contain a list of legit sellers to choice from.┬ázxtandme.betaboard.us/
03 Apr 11 08:34
ross18234 — I have heard the pills no longer work with out the senna inside. What happened with out the senna or cassia, was there any weight loss for you?
10 Apr 11 23:17
I've take zxt without the senna or cassia and I have lost 40 pounds.  I love this product.
04 Jun 11 21:38
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In 2010 i had lost about 35 pounds with the Zi Xiu Tang Pills, but in the early part of 2011, these pills no longer worked.  I think the USA government took out 2 key ingredients these pills had, and that is the reason they no longer work.  Why did they do that ?, is it because they found out these pills really work, unlike their American counter parts that don't work at all.  I think once American diet companies found, that their chinese competitor really worked, they wanted to find an argument to take them out of existence, or to take out one of their ingredients, so they are not as potent as they were, and bingo ! they got exactly what they wanted. They found some type of argument against the Zi Xiu Tang and probably complained to the FDA, and now these pills that were great at one time, dont work at all. 
17 Aug 11 13:53
does anyone know who still has the original zi xiu tang pills ..Witht the original 2 ingredients that actually worked..i'd like to buy some...i am having a hard time trying to find who has them..i bought some bought they are the new and improved that don't work at all..its a waste of money....I also heard that ZXTGold are the same old pills but with a new name...Anyone know about this..?
09 Apr 12 23:18
You can actually get the orignal formula with senna and cassia on eBay for really cheap, but it is made by another company. (Same name, just a knock-off) Look for Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen with Floyd Nutrition. It's about 30 bucks for a 3 month supply.
I recently started taking them, and have actually lost 10 pounds in two weeks. I started at 221 and am down to 211. My goal weight is about 140-150 lbs. I'm really happy with them, they curb the appetite very well and work fast. My belly feels flatter already.
I haven't had any side effects, even with the senna and cassia. I noticed if I eat something really greasy like fast food, then I have to go to the bathroom about 15 minutes later, but with normal food there's no problem. It's made me more regular, which I like. The only bad thing I noticed is that the pills make me soooo thirsty that I have to drink water all day.
Also, I work out doing cardio 4-5 times a week and lift weights 3-4 times, but my metabolism is so slow that I hadn't seen any change in three months, so I tried out these pills to see if they would give me an added boost. They work great, I highly recommend them.
04 Apr 13 21:04
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My wife heard about bee pollen at a horse show just about a year ago and I lost about 50 pounds on it.  I am 6 feet tall, weighed 245 and dropped to 195 in about 4 or 5 months.  I still take 2 caps every day and a year later I am still 195.  The stuff I use is from beepollenusa. It worked for me and several of my friends. - Jon
01 May 13 15:41
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debradasaro — Please be careful of where you buy the ZiXiTang beepollen! Do not get it from Amazon or anyone who is not an authorized retail seller of this product! It truly is an amazing product ...I found it myself thru some friends and was truly amazed at the results that were obtained by all of them....Then i had my daughter and husband try it...they both have lost 20 lbs each in 5 weeks....they both feel good and it is virtually effortless as it truly decreases you apppetite....I love the product so much i wanted to share with my clients.....I have a website if you want to read up more on this it is beepollenslimdown.com Please email me with any questions or concerns. I am delighted to help! I can offer a discount as well ....just email me.
02 Feb 14 00:43
GuestX — I'm still so confused after reading these conflicting
10 Mar 14 15:00
GuestX — I just received a bottle of the zi xiu pills and they still have senna and cassia in the ingredients..so not sure what that other person was referring to. My only concern was the bottle does not list the percentage breakdown of the main ingredients..esp the bee pollen. That's a red flag for me...does the pill even have bee pollen in it? And if so, why not list the percentage? I'm on day 3 of taking.
14 Jun 14 20:37
GuestX — Is there anyone with an update result if Bee Pollen is working now. I used it in 2010-2011 and my had 'Great' results, but again the product made changes and it didn't work for me anymore.

What I loved about it wasn't just the weight loss, but also the energy and my facial skin was radiant. It also slimmed down my face and neck.

USA always messing up a good thing. Is there anythings else out there that works as well and natural?
12 Dec 14 08:50
GuestX — I am a menopausal woman who gained approx 20lb and was unable to lose any weight. I tried the original with the cassia and senna and had immediate results. Lost almost 10lbs in two weeks and eventually lost another 5. But I felt that I had really lost alot of body fat in my abdomen and thighs. It was great. I stopped taking it for about 6 months and gained about 5lbs since tried the new formula and am not having as good results although I have lost a few lbs and have been consistently working out my body is just not as lean as the first time.

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