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Sugar T*ts

Sugar T*ts — Redacted. Take care, all. ~Sugar

Any body here? Today 23:08 9

speedyzippitydoo — Yoo hoo, Any body here.?

My experience with LG Today 20:10 17

lamy314 — If anyone is on the fence about ordering from LG, let me tell you, don't hesitate. L

VACATION Today 16:06 17

ladygaga32 — I am finally taking a vacation with my family!! I am so excited!!! So I wanted yall

waiwaaaa — I lost 30 pounds on terfamex but it doesn't work for me anymore what should I try ne

Check out My Video Today 13:07 0

Acxion_Seller — Just an Info Video.. Any Questions ...Rants or Raves

The dry mouth thread Today 00:52 24

mionina — Okay, so we all know that Phen-type drugs(and a lot of other ones out there, too) c

OTB Orders Not Shipping Yesterday 19:33 56

kristio91710 — I want to warn anyone who is considering ordering from OTB that she is taking money

Sleigh15 — Hello! I use to use phentermine but now don't have the prescription. Where are some

OTB News :) Yesterday 15:03 5

Mynyc — Just a quick note after seeing several previous posts these past couple of weeks abo

letitiam40 — Helllo everyone! I just started taking 37.5mg of Phentermine. Monday was Day 1 - to

agonizing wait Yesterday 10:04 2

sally — hey guys, I know most of you have been let down my otb.. I have myself as well. ive

Kind of new to the group Yesterday 09:59 1

Low-Dog — I say I'm kind of new to the group because I finally decided to join after reading p

Dumbell (me) 27 Mar 15 14:59 0

carmen — Could anyone pm me with the instructions on using this new format. I see the post o

Talla Baja Diet?? 26 Mar 15 17:12 6

lissame — Hello!! so on my jouney to find the information i seek i have come across this Talla

Tina — I have moved and need adipex. I don't know where to go in Byran/College station Tx.


Mynyc — I read the review from a few months ago via search feature, but there wasn't much so

Email from Y Guy 25 Mar 15 15:07 47

lamy314 — I received an email from Bill today saying he now has the real phentermine HCL 37.5

New Board Layout 25 Mar 15 03:51 36

LockedOut — I hate change. This is gonna take a little getting used to...

Nice To See You All 24 Mar 15 18:25 24

anne — I thought I'd pop in today to see if things are as they were, or getting better. I

Yelloweyes WOW 24 Mar 15 17:59 63

ladygaga32 — I had to permission to share this with yoy guys... as for yall who wondered about Ma

Traveling to mexico 24 Mar 15 10:35 7

Fatintexas — Hey guys, i just joined this forum last night, ive been on the weight loss roller co

alhan2 — I am new to this forum. I was given phentermine by my Dr on January 2nd on the unde

OTB or LG? Opinions? 24 Mar 15 03:05 15

StephTX83 — Hey everyone! I havent posted in a while. (But you can tell I'm not a newbie, lol!


Nessa131 — Ok so i have a few people that i workout with that have went to this new weight loss


Endora — I think i have ask this before, or i saw it here some place? does anyone ever feel

Doing RIGHT NOW 23 Mar 15 19:11 769

baglady — The thread for instantly announcing the bad behavior you're endulging in at that moment.

Big girl
How long can you take phen? 23 Mar 15 12:16 2

Big girl — I have had some great success with phentermine. I lost 80 lbs but I have gained abo

Getting Phentermine 22 Mar 15 12:49 8

Qwenny — Anyone in Northern California can be prescribed phentermine by Phoneconsultations Do

lady gaga 21 Mar 15 12:44 5

sally — hey guys, has anyone heard from lady gaga? I have tried inboxing her many times... i

Anyone w wrong tracking #...? 20 Mar 15 14:43 1

Kskitty — Hey, all!! Just wanted to put it out there...if anyone is waiting for tracking # fro

LG order 20 Mar 15 08:22 77

pepper — Thought I would send a little good news since we seem to be down after getting rippe

Is OTB MIA again???? 18 Mar 15 23:04 4

Kskitty — Hey, Ladies! So I have ordered from OTB before (twice) and it was all good. Not as g

short vacation 18 Mar 15 14:24 5

ladygaga32 — I will be leaving tomorrow late afternoon and return Tuesday evening in case yall tr

OTB update :) 17 Mar 15 15:14 16

lissame16 — I just wanted to show my thanks and appreciation to OTB. OTB came through for me and

filmbuff — Medical Arts had always been a reliable source for me. I had previously been a cust

OTB 17 Mar 15 05:29 384

aeroplanejelly — So I was wondering if anyone had actually ever ordered from OTB, and what their expe

Sugar T*ts
Blacklist 16 Mar 15 11:59 529

Sugar T*ts — KNOWN scam sites/artists

Funny girl
Newbie's Guide Revisited 15 Mar 15 21:38 109

Funny girl — Here's a blast from the past that may help the New Folks! Sugar T*ts wrote:I thoug

OTB--YES! 14 Mar 15 14:15 37

kayto22 — got my mail - happy dance!!!!

sammac — i am wondering if anyone besides me is still getting daily calls from 888 numbers or


thunderthighs — Went to place a reorder and sent out a couple of emails and received no replies. Cam

filmbuff — After reading all the recent posts on this forum related to the above, I can make an

Duped by Yguy's Phentabz! 12 Mar 15 11:40 8

Suga — I placed an order for my the usual cookies with YGuy and today a package with "

OTB or LG 10 Mar 15 12:37 28

tbishop777 — OTB or LG pleeazze contact me my email:

THE TRUTH ABOUT CHEN 10 Mar 15 04:21 66

exbearkat — This post is going to be the TRUTH ABOUT CHEN, and nothing but. I have been a loyal

Disputing charges from "Y Guy" 09 Mar 15 21:52 11

Rkshipley — I was one of the customers who got suckered by B the Y guy... I called my bank, and

Fat and Back show on TLC 09 Mar 15 17:18 18

LockedOut — So, I watched this show where a British reporter, who is very thin and very against

Marie814 — Hi Friends.....wondering if anyone has ever gotten locked out of their accounts? I

Funny girl
Where is Mrs. Punchie? 09 Mar 15 13:37 65

Funny girl — Hope you are OK! We haven't heard from you in awhile!

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