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Sugar T*ts

Sugar T*ts — I thought it might be useful to post some tips on how to actually use this forum for

another vacation Today 20:19 2

ladygaga32 — i have been so busy and decided to go out to dolly wood for my kids and my nephews s

hothead — Trying to reorder from 1 of my sources for the past week and finally got an email th

OTB Today 15:00 390

aeroplanejelly — So I was wondering if anyone had actually ever ordered from OTB, and what their expe

medsfast email Today 14:55 34

tm2va — Got email yesterday from Bob the G*r* @ medsfas"""".. Haven't h


funphenfriend — I've been to Mexico a couple of times, but couldn't very well break away from the fa

I help you; you help me? Today 00:43 2

Justachub — Hello All, I have spent the last 4 days reading threads and getting information. I'


angelinheartland — It's non-prescription and has some pretty good reviews from what I've seen. But trut

where 2 get phentermine????! Yesterday 21:03 34

helpp!! — hi! Ive tried to look at different websites and keep getting run arounds to differen


fatmama40 — Can ANYONE help.. i live in Australia and want to buy genuine Reductil or Meridian.

alhan2 — I am new to this forum. I was given phentermine by my Dr on January 2nd on the unde

ORDER FROM LG Yesterday 18:56 2

libloo — I place an order with LG she debited by account 3 times for $170 each! Update she i

New "binge eating disorder" med Yesterday 18:36 11

filmbuff — I've been reading the ads for this new medication in various women's magazines. I'm


Endora — I think i have ask this before, or i saw it here some place? does anyone ever feel

Mex. Phen side effect? Yesterday 01:16 25

Endora — Ok. I've been on reg phen before and never suffered any side effect's. Been awhile s

filmbuff — After reading all the recent posts on this forum related to the above, I can make an

Acxion vs Terfamex 20 May 15 22:45 9

JayBird — Hello my lovelys. Sorry I have been away. I was attempting a career change and it wa

My experience with LG 20 May 15 22:41 35

lamy314 — If anyone is on the fence about ordering from LG, let me tell you, don't hesitate. L

SOURCE INFORMATION 20 May 15 19:45 30

LockedOut — Please be VERY cautious in giving out information either on the board or in a pm to

Who to trust.... 20 May 15 17:02 1

sparkles010306 — OK..I'm new to this forum...but this isn't my first rodeo. I heard back from C toda

tansz 20 May 15 17:01 8

tansz — Hello! I just wanted to let everybody know how easy telemed service wa

Hi.... Newbie *waving* 20 May 15 16:54 7

Bigfem — Hi, I'm new to the forum. I joined back in April (I think) while I was searching f

Houston, Texas Drs 20 May 15 16:48 13

reina_87_2006 — For people in and around Houston, Texas

Best Way to Take PhenPro 19 May 15 21:12 23


Big girl
How long can you take phen? 19 May 15 12:24 20

Big girl — I have had some great success with phentermine. I lost 80 lbs but I have gained abo


jezza-belle — I've been gone a while, What happened to all the fun with the veteran's that used t

Ever take Dexedrine? 18 May 15 21:30 10

Kskitty — Looking for Phen alternatives... Anyone have any experience with Dexedrine? I know i

jimjim111 — Hello, please share your experience How much have you lost with Phentermine? Did y

The dry mouth thread 18 May 15 11:24 36

mionina — Okay, so we all know that Phen-type drugs(and a lot of other ones out there, too) c

PhenPro 18 May 15 04:12 18


nessa — What kind is best?

Dr. B's Phen Pro 17 May 15 11:23 408



sdsurfmeds — i went to a new diet clinic and was offered a phen 37.5mg capsule that is blue &

Lasix or furosemide 40mg 16 May 15 17:50 5

bebe — Does anyone know where I can purchase water pills? Thanks

Email from Y Guy 16 May 15 12:58 92

lamy314 — I received an email from Bill today saying he now has the real phentermine HCL 37.5

Phentermine and sex drive 16 May 15 10:22 8

hothead — Anybody notice any spikes in their sex drive while on phen? Mine is out the roof and

2 more sources GONE 16 May 15 10:20 12

tm2va — Loose Lips, Sink ships!

Rena_ — Hey all- I have read thru posts here off and on and I'm familiar with how things wor

Funny girl
Newbie's Guide Revisited 14 May 15 21:45 110

Funny girl — Here's a blast from the past that may help the New Folks! Sugar T*ts wrote:I thoug

Success Stories 12 May 15 17:31 17



Nikemom13 — I have consulted with an attorney regarding the fraudulent action taken by Medicol a

Experience with Terfamex & LG 10 May 15 22:41 9

missjo — I've been off and on for Phentermine 37.5 for many years --few scripts from my dr. t

OUT OF TOWN 09 May 15 22:02 9

ladygaga32 — HI I will be away tomorrow late afternoon till Monday so do not panic if I do not re

New Board Layout 09 May 15 21:59 38

LockedOut — I hate change. This is gonna take a little getting used to...

Been Forever! 09 May 15 14:07 0

funphenfriend — I'm creeping out of nostalgia and it's fun to see so many familiar folks and kindred

Nayera — Hi to everyone im NOT new on this website as i have been on here for a while but i w

Bad experience with OTB 08 May 15 18:44 56

bethbethhazy — Stupidly went out on a limb and ordered from OTB. She was very communicative in aski

Want to Try Phen375 08 May 15 15:27 3

dhasma — I want to try Phen375 Diet Pills but have some doubts on it?

Newbee to the forum!! 08 May 15 07:06 1

Fitgirl1234 — Hi! I'm new to this forum but I've been looking at it every so often when my current

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