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Sugar T*ts

Sugar T*ts — I thought it might be useful to post some tips on how to actually use this forum for

otb not replying Today 00:57 16

alexandra12 — Hi everyone, hope you all are great :-) placed w/ OTB on 6/17, have been asking for

Grkm3 — anyone else not getting any pms replied back?sent payment and then nothing back from

Nolagirl — Hi all, Discovered this site while trying to find the best way to optimize my use o

dulcettine — Hi everyone, I have been on a search for phentermine for a while now and even got sc

Newbies helping newbies 27 Nov 15 20:20 57

sparkles010306 — Thought I would start a thread since it is really hard getting help when your new le

Where are my WLF sista's? 27 Nov 15 20:18 53

Mr/Mrs.Punchie — Hey WLF friends! Its been a long time! (You know, Life, Good & Bad)But I am stil

Sugar T*ts
Blacklist 27 Nov 15 15:03 535

Sugar T*ts — KNOWN scam sites/artists

Tums improves stims 27 Nov 15 14:59 11

hungrygirl — Ok, so this is a weird thing but I've tried it so it's not nonsense. I read in a few

nvm 27 Nov 15 13:35 4

itsallboutaboutmee — .

Babygaga 26 Nov 15 01:13 38

hunnibeez — Anyone know if LG has had her baby yet?

Kept in the dark 26 Nov 15 01:10 10

hunnibeez — Ok, y'all, I want to vent about the lousy way most sellers treat us---the customers-

Funny girl
Where is Madonna? 24 Nov 15 23:40 15

Funny girl — Dear Ones, Have not heard from Madonna since early September, and I am quite worri

Duromine (Phentermine)30MG 24 Nov 15 21:45 0

in_flu — Fresh New Stock of Duromine (Phentermine) 30MG for sale: https://www.ioffer

Combination 23 Nov 15 22:22 0

Sharon — Hey there - I just wondered what the experiences were - I've used Phentermine with D

redwing — Hi! I'm looking for a legitimate and safe place to order phentermine 37.5. Ohio law

Advice please - Package seized! 22 Nov 15 16:15 16

moby210 — I am a long time member who doesn't post much. Really need some advice or reassuran

Received Axcion Today 21 Nov 15 21:47 11

SusanConstant — My doc died suddenly April. The rumor is it may have been suicide when he was only 5

Looking for a new source 20 Nov 15 16:42 20

BlueSky — Hi there! I'm new to posting here though I've been a bit of a lurker for a while. Ba

new to site, wanted to say hi! 20 Nov 15 16:40 2

snazzy_jazzy456 — Hi ya'll. Not really new. Been on this site for a while but stayed quiet. Alittle bi


sweetcayleesue — I wanted to stop by and say hello to a few friends. Seems like ages since I have be

Blast from the past 19 Nov 15 10:19 6

jrzygrl — Anyone know if Yguy is still legit?

Sun. night- off topic 16 Nov 15 18:41 11

hunnibeez — Sorry this is off topic, but I can't help it. I'm a huge fan of The Walking Dead and

Freaks 16 Nov 15 03:52 3

hunnibeez — Looks like the freaks are invading this forum..... again!

Which meds worked for you?? 13 Nov 15 19:46 1

IrishEyes76 — Hi, I'm fairly new here & hoping for some guidance....or @ least opinions (y'all

Gonnagetsofit1 — So I got my prescription last Monday, got it filled at target the next day ... Took

online website PHENTERMINE 12 Nov 15 13:26 0

prochipharma — please how can i buy Terfamex or any PHENTERMINE products and delivery international

Terfamex opinions 12 Nov 15 13:08 9

RylansMimi — I am ordering Terfamex next week.... Anyone that has opinions or experiences with t

looking for phentermine 11 Nov 15 22:02 34

littled_455 — Can anyone help me,please?

Hello WLF New to the forum! 11 Nov 15 03:25 1

Trendtherapy — Hey all new to WLF glad to find such an informative place ! Obviously the goal is to

sdsurfmeds 08 Nov 15 23:58 109

Heat179 — i ordered phentermine from sdsurfmeds and they were awesome. Answered every email ve

Chilibean2010 — Ok so my therapist had me on celexa, amitriptyline & klonopin. But the amitripty

Gonnagetsofit1 — So I just got my RX and also 5 B12 shots but I want to get my prescription filled at

ephedrine — Ephedrine/Caffeine combination is proven!

Duromine without prescription 01 Nov 15 18:15 71


Just started phentermine37.5 31 Oct 15 13:33 4

Chilibean2010 — My doc prescribed phentermine 37.5 yesterday because im 146lbs and 5'almost 3"

Flaunting info 31 Oct 15 11:01 6

Meatygirl — How is it that people are openly posting the names of their suppliers? I don't usual

Xoxo50 — I am taking 37.5 tablet blue and white sprinkle pill. I'm only supposed to take one


kindredraver — I'm wondering if anyone else goes out of thier minds in sexual extacy when taking ph

Newbie here, but not to phen 29 Oct 15 14:53 3

The boss — Please, if anyone has an outlet for phen, please share. My docs won't prescribe even


wdl8477 — NEWBIE here----where is a LEGITIMATE place to order Phentermine or equivalent in the

Do you need phen? 29 Oct 15 00:06 9

zum76 — send me a pm if you're interested. I'm looking to set up in NY and need customers. T

old site now new site 28 Oct 15 21:30 4

hungrygirl — So, I used to order Phen from a site that was midn****m**n which then changed to rxi

apsis2 — Hi, I just ordered from lg. Gave her my cc number and now my bank is asking if there

Phentermine search 28 Oct 15 12:58 4

Imagerotica — Bupropion isnt doing shit for me. Thats all my doctor will prescribe. Will someone

Notiibond — The predominant venture was once as soon as rapidly as quickly as that amongst these

Newbie, just want to say hi!! 28 Oct 15 08:14 4

Jynjur — Hi I'm new to the board but not PHEN. I lost 80lbs in a year then had some unexpecte

buy abilify 183 mg 28 Oct 15 00:32 4

Jefferyclew — Howdy! buy abilify online good web site.


funphenfriend — I've been to Mexico a couple of times, but couldn't very well break away from the fa


Rayofsunshine6988 — So here's some pictures do they look real or ..?? http://i1143.photobucket&

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