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Sugar T*ts

Sugar T*ts — I thought it might be useful to post some tips on how to actually use this forum for

bestmedz Today 14:37 0

smalltown — Has anyone ordered from this company? They are from Australia

tansz Today 13:14 85

tansz — Hello! I just wanted to let everybody know how easy telemed service wa


smalltown — Hello hope all is well tonight. I am hoping to make friends and receive great inform

OntheB? Today 08:43 34

Maymom23 — What is the deal?!? I am so tired of her not following through! I sent my money ove

Newbies helping newbies Yesterday 22:56 64

sparkles010306 — Thought I would start a thread since it is really hard getting help when your new le


dadomax — Just signed up but have been using this site as a reference for years. I used to ord

rachaelfernandes090 — Hello, I was searching for some weight loss pills and found this website http://www

emb1234 — Hi has anyone ordered Phen online and shipped it to the UK? If so, please PM me with

Rena_ — Hey all- I have read thru posts here off and on and I'm familiar with how things wor

NEXPLANON -- Lady Gaga Props 06 Feb 16 02:13 22

sheeners181 — Hey Guys, Just wanted to say WUDUP!?? I know it's been way too long since

Newbie Here!!!! 04 Feb 16 02:38 0

Pugcrazy15 — Hello all!!! I am here because 2015 was a hard year for me. My beloved dad, whom is

Source 03 Feb 16 17:38 8

MzAnonymous — Long time lurker, finally registered. I've read several posts over the last couple y

lurker 03 Feb 16 09:46 15

honeybeetx — long time lurker, finally registered. love reading the threads doing my research f


blanchedevereaux — I've only been around for a month, but have seen a lot of crap spam posts and I know

lady gaga 02 Feb 16 13:38 19

sally — hey guys, has anyone heard from lady gaga? I have tried inboxing her many times... i

Best place to get RX filled 30 Jan 16 23:21 8

sarron714 — I finally have an RX for it. I don't want to get at my pharmacy which is CVS. It wou

GoodbodyLLC? 30 Jan 16 05:13 4

Alexis143 — Anybody heard of this guy before??? Reviews? I need some cookies! he's on Instagram

Hydrochlorothiazide 30 Jan 16 03:15 4

honeybeetx — Anyone ever taken this water pill with the phen ? I LOVE the combo. Huge difference


hasb — I've used Phen in the past, and the person I got them from said to go to 876wellness

.onion network 29 Jan 16 14:41 16

yamiacaveman — Just wondering if anyone here has had any experience using the onion network to sear

Phentermine vs Adderall 29 Jan 16 14:37 45

healthywithh — I'm wondering if anyone knows how similar these two products are? Don't they have th

Jaaade — Hi guys. Does anyone have any ideas or tricks of the trade that can help me aquire

Lasix or furosemide 40mg 26 Jan 16 23:17 10

bebe — Does anyone know where I can purchase water pills? Thanks

Duromine (Phentermine)30MG 25 Jan 16 00:53 9

in_flu — Fresh New Stock of Duromine (Phentermine) 30MG for sale: https://www.ioffer

Newbie needing assistance 25 Jan 16 00:41 5

chubbyhippo — Hello, Looking for a source for phentermine / phentermine like pill in Sweden. I h

carmencita — Does anyone know what happened to OTB. I have tried to contact her for a month and

10lb Blizzard 24 Jan 16 17:43 1

tm2va — This is off-topic, but I think I'm going to gain 10 pounds this weekend if the snow

Terfamex opinions 23 Jan 16 11:39 22

RylansMimi — I am ordering Terfamex next week.... Anyone that has opinions or experiences with t

email 21 Jan 16 21:05 4

honeybeetx — Anyone know why my messages are sitting in the outbox rather than in sent messages ?

ontheborder not responding? 16 Jan 16 08:45 42

Grkm3 — anyone else not getting any pms replied back?sent payment and then nothing back from

Nooooobie 12 Jan 16 23:11 1

Jpramuka — Hey all! I'm a noobie. Clearly with my single post after you all investigate me. I

Sugar T*ts
Blacklist 12 Jan 16 02:21 540

Sugar T*ts — KNOWN scam sites/artists

Where are my WLF sista's? 06 Jan 16 22:09 72

Mr/Mrs.Punchie — Hey WLF friends! Its been a long time! (You know, Life, Good & Bad)But I am stil

Why So Hard 04 Jan 16 21:56 7

yamiacaveman — Why is it so hard for Dr's to prescribe Phentermine? In my 30's, just about any Dr y

Looking for Acxion 28 Dec 15 16:04 0

deviatedseptum — Hi everyone, long time lurker. In fact I think I discovered Yahoo guy and medical a


Mr/Mrs.Punchie — Hello Friends, First off I would like to wish everyone here a Happy safe Holiday sea

Houston, Texas Drs 25 Dec 15 10:17 14

reina_87_2006 — For people in and around Houston, Texas


DMARTIN82 — What does everyone do now that the "old faithfuls" seem to be out of busin

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