Probably the most well known and used prescription diet pill on the market. See real experiences from people who are using Phentermine.

Sugar T*ts

Sugar T*ts — I thought it might be useful to post some tips on how to actually use this forum for

Johnnyjohansenjr — I have items available, PM me for a list. Since I think it is not allowed to openly

Axcion Today 01:40 6

Qtfromaz — Ugh I think I lost my hookup. Which is very sad. I have been ordering for months an


kindredraver — I'm wondering if anyone else goes out of thier minds in sexual extacy when taking ph

tansz Yesterday 14:52 42

tansz — Hello! I just wanted to let everybody know how easy telemed service wa

waiwaaaa — Been using terfamex for about 6 months on and off But seems its not working anymor

B-12 & Phen/Pro Yesterday 07:52 0

megandrayer — Has anyone had any luck with getting weekly B-12 injections along with the Phen/Pro

Dr branch and phen pro 29 Jul 15 18:41 11

Trix123 — Interested in hearing people's experiences with this. I've taken phen alone for year

Aanj — I want to try Phentermine. I live in Canada. I could drive over the border to see a

LG order 27 Jul 15 23:44 80

pepper — Thought I would send a little good news since we seem to be down after getting rippe

any body try these 2 together? 27 Jul 15 20:19 2

Endora — Becuz i have some each of these left over i can't remember if i try these to gether

Newbie...need help!!! 27 Jul 15 16:54 1

justme — I read Sugar T*ts Newbie Guide, thank you! A little about why I'm here. I've purchas

Weekend. 27 Jul 15 00:04 0

Kidox813 — Hey yall just saying hey and seeing how everyone's weekend was?mine was busy as usua

"Declined" by LG 26 Jul 15 01:49 19

Divarunner — I am attempting my first purchase with LG. She has been very slow at responding to m

Great job, OTB! 25 Jul 15 14:01 0

Maymom23 — Just want to take a quick minute to say that I LOVE OTB! Despite a recent surgery,

Ready to start my journey 25 Jul 15 08:22 41

papsred21 — Hey everyone! I'm a newbie here... I tried to start another topic but I may be too n

B12 + Axcion 23 Jul 15 22:00 13

Mynyc — Hey ladies...are any of you doing a combination of B12 and Axcion? I've been making

Kalistis — Hi guys! New to the forum but not a new phen user. Just over a year ago I was prescr


LockedOut — I'm just wondering if anyone has tried this non-prescription formula from drtohelp.c

Acxion vs Terfamex 23 Jul 15 00:31 19

JayBird — Hello my lovelys. Sorry I have been away. I was attempting a career change and it wa

Thought's on 5HTP 22 Jul 15 15:17 9

speedyzippitydoo — I just started on the Costco brand 100mg not been using it but a couple day's, Any

July 4th weekend over! 22 Jul 15 15:12 10

LockedOut — How did everyone do with picnic food & mucho beer consumption? I over did it...u

Where are my WLF sista's? 22 Jul 15 13:43 8

Mr/Mrs.Punchie — Hey WLF friends! Its been a long time! (You know, Life, Good & Bad)But I am stil

And this is me. 22 Jul 15 13:21 15

Kidox813 — Just wanted t

Skinnymeds 22 Jul 15 00:07 11

Katiedean — Has anyone ordered from Skinnymeds? Or know anything about them? I know I'm proberbl

otb not replying 21 Jul 15 19:17 13

alexandra12 — Hi everyone, hope you all are great :-) placed w/ OTB on 6/17, have been asking for

Everyone's experiences! 20 Jul 15 23:44 10

neaner02 — Morning! I was just curious what everyone's experiences/opinions are with the diffe

how is everyone? 20 Jul 15 10:58 6

Nessa131 — Hey everyone! I have missed everyone- its been a while since ive been in. My life h

Feedback for Yguy orders 20 Jul 15 01:17 111

domesticdiva — Okay I do NOT need contact info, I was just wondering if anybody has order from yguy

OTB 18 Jul 15 23:05 403

aeroplanejelly — So I was wondering if anyone had actually ever ordered from OTB, and what their expe

Hypothyroidism and Phentermine 18 Jul 15 09:44 11

notaminion — Has anyone with Hashimotos/Hypothyroidism have any luck losing weight with Phentermi

Newbies helping newbies 17 Jul 15 22:35 42

sparkles010306 — Thought I would start a thread since it is really hard getting help when your new le

Phentermine docs near me 17 Jul 15 15:00 1

Batmom — Hi everyone. I am 35yr old mom of 3children, my newest addition may9, 2015. My typic

My experience with LG 17 Jul 15 09:47 62

lamy314 — If anyone is on the fence about ordering from LG, let me tell you, don't hesitate. L

OTB or LG? Opinions? 17 Jul 15 03:15 17

StephTX83 — Hey everyone! I havent posted in a while. (But you can tell I'm not a newbie, lol!

Tightening in my throat 13 Jul 15 13:38 6

brittsworld1234 — Hi guys. Just wanted to ask a question to the seasoned phen takers out there. Have y

New "binge eating disorder" med 10 Jul 15 21:24 16

filmbuff — I've been reading the ads for this new medication in various women's magazines. I'm

Phen from 02 Jul 15 05:51 292

veryveryhungryhungry — I got an email fro them last week, i may fill out the medical forms and place my ord


annahall — I just started taking phentermine 37.5 mg a day and I already take trazodone 100mg a

Newbie intro-Hello:) 29 Jun 15 16:33 1

NeedsHelpToday — Hello-I am new here:) Just stumbled across this site today and I like what I see!!

Lay Bill the YGuy to rest 28 Jun 15 19:34 24

hunnibeez — Bill, YGuy, Yahoo guy, whatever you want to call "him" has been gone for s

bbbblah — SOLD

Duped again 24 Jun 15 05:00 11

Lollipop — I'm here a newbie. I've been scrolling through a lot of post and taking in all the h

j30589 — Hello everyone, I've spent some time reading through the forum and decided to join.

phen-fen for sale 22 Jun 15 10:58 160

armygirl2009 — hi i have phentermine and fenfluramine for sale. the phentermine is 30 pills for 125

Light.. can you help? 18 Jun 15 01:45 3

yelloeyes — Can you please fix the search button (magnifying glass)? There have been thread upo

the "real thing" 16 Jun 15 01:03 2

carmen — Do they make A159 s anymore?

lost and would love help 15 Jun 15 19:02 0

bjlay13 — I am lost and would really love some honest to goodness help. I admitted already I w

LG away? 15 Jun 15 16:12 2

sally — Hi there! has anyone heard from LG recently?

Where did everything go? 15 Jun 15 12:13 3

bjlay13 — Hi all. I have been gone from here for a few years because I had a great source for

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