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Sugar T*ts

Sugar T*ts — I thought it might be useful to post some tips on how to actually use this forum for

SO DISAPPOINTED!!! Today 01:31 8

Hot_Caramel — Hey WLF friends, I've been so disappointed lately, with the direction in which this


papsred21 — I know I've found it on here before.... now I can't seem to find it.

Ready to start my journey 03 Sep 15 17:11 63

papsred21 — Hey everyone! I'm a newbie here... I tried to start another topic but I may be too n

SM2015 — Anyone know of any decent clinics to get this from? I'd prefer a clinic that provide

Ouiser Beaudreaux
Mex phen making me sick 03 Sep 15 00:53 13

Ouiser Beaudreaux — I tried some of that Disebsin Fentermina that some of ya been talking about on here,

Living overseas 02 Sep 15 13:49 3

Mailkmc22 — Hi, I'm living in Germany do to my hubby us military. The doctors on base prescribe

Dr to help HELP..... 31 Aug 15 15:45 7

Maymom23 — Would anyone living in Florida, Oklahoma, Texas, California or Nevada be willing to

where 2 get phentermine????! 31 Aug 15 14:53 36

helpp!! — hi! Ive tried to look at different websites and keep getting run arounds to differen

Dental problems and Phentermine 31 Aug 15 14:42 14


Phen not working anymore 31 Aug 15 08:52 13

megandrayer — I have been back on phentermine since July 27th as I had previously taken it several


kju — Hello everyone, I pop on & off here a lot, just to keep up on what's new in the

Where are my WLF sista's? 29 Aug 15 16:20 29

Mr/Mrs.Punchie — Hey WLF friends! Its been a long time! (You know, Life, Good & Bad)But I am stil

tansz 29 Aug 15 12:51 49

tansz — Hello! I just wanted to let everybody know how easy telemed service wa

sdsurfmeds 29 Aug 15 12:47 82

Heat179 — i ordered phentermine from sdsurfmeds and they were awesome. Answered every email ve

Funny girl57 — Edited.

Increase metabolism 26 Aug 15 19:22 9

Rubyfoley — What're the Best Bodybuilding Supplements for novices? If you should be considering


sdsurfmeds — i went to a new diet clinic and was offered a phen 37.5mg capsule that is blue &

Getting off Phen 25 Aug 15 23:45 3

domesticdiva — So I am almost out of my last real phen and I have decided since it is so hard to ob

slimming pills and diets 23 Aug 15 18:22 8

rachelpastel — Hi guys, I myself have lost 3 stones in the past 6 months following different diets


Mynyc — I read the review from a few months ago via search feature, but there wasn't much so

Sick of all the Sharks Here 20 Aug 15 12:05 27

homzie — Just skimming thru some posts here and it seems like it's just the same ol stuff eve

LG order 19 Aug 15 22:18 82

pepper — Thought I would send a little good news since we seem to be down after getting rippe

YGuy Legit? 19 Aug 15 21:33 1

Cindy75 — Hi Everybody! I'm a real old newbie...I was on the old forum as Phenfan but haven't

otb not replying 19 Aug 15 02:04 14

alexandra12 — Hi everyone, hope you all are great :-) placed w/ OTB on 6/17, have been asking for

Any vegetarians out there? 18 Aug 15 12:31 10

short.n.sweet — Hi all, For those of you who are vegetarians, what are some of your staple foods an

I need some phentermine ASAP 16 Aug 15 20:54 3

Ilovedogs777 — Hey guys ! Anyone in Dallas have any?

USA Phen Vs. Axcion 15 Aug 15 22:27 2

justme — Hello- I just started taking Axcion a little over a week ago, but I have taken Phen

NW Atlanta Doctor? 14 Aug 15 15:26 1

Vespa — Hi guys, I've had a ton of success with phentermine in the past (bought online years

Newbie Intro! New friends? 12 Aug 15 11:35 10

charmbella22 — Hello to all of you, and i hope ur having a great weekend. Im new to this forum and

j30589 — Hi everyone my name is Jen.. I've been lurking around the forum for a little while n

Aanj — I want to try Phentermine. I live in Canada. I could drive over the border to see a


short.n.sweet — Hi Forum Friends, I read the WLF and hope I didn't miss anything with this post. I


Olivia — I thought I already posted the following message earlier today but can't find lol. I

Gone Girl? 11 Aug 15 08:44 5

short.n.sweet — Hi forum friends, Has anyone seen Gone Girl? If so, what did you think? I'm undec

LIGHT-I need your help!!! 11 Aug 15 08:17 0

divarunner26 — I have locked myself out of my old account-Divarunner and had to create this new one

Post-op Recovery 10 Aug 15 13:47 4

short.n.sweet — Hi everyone, I had surgery on June 1st (rib removal) and am still recovering. Gra

ontheborder not responding? 07 Aug 15 23:47 12

Grkm3 — anyone else not getting any pms replied back?sent payment and then nothing back from

Out of phentermine :( 07 Aug 15 19:07 4

Natalie — Help! I have ran out of phentermine and am rapidly gaining weight. What is a close

Dr branch and phen pro 07 Aug 15 18:59 12

Trix123 — Interested in hearing people's experiences with this. I've taken phen alone for year

Chilibean2010 — Im prescribed 30 mg of celexa once each morning. 50mg of amitriptyline ans bed time.


Cntrygrl — Hi, I have been on phentermine for 2 months and have had great results (17lbs lost),

Newbie 05 Aug 15 17:25 28

Addy — I have never joined a forum before. I hope I am doing this correctly. Before I writ

Newbie/Oldie RE: Drtohelp 03 Aug 15 17:37 0

marymary — So, I was a member here way back in the days of plenty, but couldn't remember my SN/

newbie... 03 Aug 15 00:29 0

Funny girl57 — I'm from South Carolina and I've joined tonight...I've been reading through some of

Axcion 02 Aug 15 23:36 7

Qtfromaz — Ugh I think I lost my hookup. Which is very sad. I have been ordering for months an

Adipix 02 Aug 15 23:32 0

ladybug777 — So about 12 years ago my doctor prescribed Adipex. I went from 175 to 145 in about a


annahall — I just started taking phentermine 37.5 mg a day and I already take trazodone 100mg a

Johnnyjohansenjr — I have items available, PM me for a list. Since I think it is not allowed to openly


kindredraver — I'm wondering if anyone else goes out of thier minds in sexual extacy when taking ph

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