08 Jan 13 17:35
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Another one gone

slees620 — Thought I would share this. Went to this Doc for years, then stopped when he started selling a generic form of phen.

HAMMOND | A physician who owned a weight loss clinic in Merrillville pleaded guilty in federal court Monday to tax evasion and illegally dispensing millions of pills to patients without proper examinations.

Dr. Rakesh Anand, 57, and his wife Meena Anand, 53 -- both of Tinley Park, Ill. -- owned and managed Doctors Weight Loss Clinics in Merrillville, Tinley Park and Orland Park, Ill. The Anands agreed to forfeit and pay the feds $5.2 million as part of their plea agreement.

U.S. District Court Judge Joseph Van Bokkelen on Monday accepted the couple's guilty pleas on the tax evasion charges at the federal courthouse in Hammond. Van Bokkelen deferred acceptance of Rakesh Anand's guilty plea to conspiracy to distribute controlled substances until his sentencing on March 20.

In the plea agreement, Rakesh Anand said between January 2002 and February 2010, he and Dr. Dinesh Saraiya purchased and dispensed more than 1 million pills containing Phendimetrazine and more than 3 million pills containing Phentermine. Both of the drugs are controlled substances.

Saraiya, 75, of Tinley Park, worked with Rakesh Anand to dispense the amphetamine-based pills to patients as weight loss pills without performing physicals or exams, reviewing patient records, obtaining medical histories or performing subsequent monitoring, according to federal authorities.

Rakesh Anand paid Saraiya based on how many patients he saw and how many pills he dispensed to patients, he said in the plea agreement.

Over the course of the investigation, undercover law enforcement officials -- two of whom had slight builds and body mass indexes below the obesity level -- purchased the pills at the clinics without any exams or other medical considerations, federal officials said.

Saraiya cooperated with the investigation and is awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty to conspiracy to distribute controlled substances.

Rakesh and Meena Anand remain free on bond until sentencing. Van Bokkelen added electronic monitoring to Rakesh Anand's release on Monday.
08 Jan 13 17:47
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Mr/Mrs.PunchieSee, Another Government greedy stupid move!
They sit and gripe about "supposed" American obesity and then turn around and make it impossible to lose weight for common folk...Of course all the high and mighty have their "ways"
Sounds like they were going after your doctor for tax issues and probably didn't have much on him so they decided to stick the pill thing on him...
I wonder what he was giving his patients? Because Phen is schedule IV- its like a step away from OTC- Which in this day and age, Phen should be OTC.
 If they could do it for that crap making Alli-which strips you of nutrients and other things....And is just plain VILE.
I think this should be given to politicians!
They could market phen to the public-
But NO, they want to stick with the old general advice of eat "healthy"Image and exercise-Image
never worked before and never will....
And they wonder why there are supposed weight problems in America?
 Keep beating that dead horse American politicians, Physicians and fitness guru's!Image
08 Jan 13 20:40
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bware — Doesn't the government have better ways to spend our tax dollars???  How about building more prisons for actual criminals who hurt people instead of helping them?
08 Jan 13 21:24
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Hi Bware,
Nope apparently they have nothing better to do than scan forums like this one and take down diet docs! idiots!
08 Jan 13 22:28
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slees620 — well, maybe this clinic didn't screen as strictly as a regular doctor might, but i do know my brother, who is overweight, was refused meds by the doc listed above because his blood pressure was too high. so.......
i guess my point is, if the majority of patients are basically healthy and want to lose some weight, whether it be 50 lbs. or 5 lbs. and a doctor is willing to prescribe the meds you need to reach that goal, what is the harm?
harm is: the government is not getting it's tax cut. bottom line.
09 Jan 13 08:41
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Edwin101 — another one gone.. another minute, i wish this person wasn't feeling the way they feel.

10 Jan 13 18:56
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laurabaker777 — darn I wish I would have known about this dr before he got busted lol!! I am in Chicago which is not far from Tinley or Orland Park.  Oh how I love and miss my Phendimetrazine 105mg!!!! 
11 Jan 13 06:33
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2big — Yep, another one screwed. When the pimps can't get their cut they don't play nice ( or fair ).  
11 Jan 13 10:55
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Tipsycherry — Crazy. I had a Dr in West Palm like this guy, except he gave you a script to take to Walgreens.  It was so awesome, 35 cash to see him and then 33 for 100 of my phendimetrazine.  Those were the days........
24 Jan 13 00:09
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yo-gabba-gabba — DR I SEE I ASK HIM 2 HEP A YO. U KNOW WHA HE SAY?

25 Jan 13 17:43
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Hi Yo,
Doctors can be a-holes, That is for sure. I hope you find the answers you are looking for- Your doctor sounds like he or she is not educated in weight loss and is in desperate need of some lessons on just plain manners and patient etiquette.
Good luck.
25 Jan 13 22:20
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26 Jan 13 04:43
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2big — Yo- that was just a-holishness on his part. Maybe you can dump that doc and find a good one- there are good ones, just sometimes takes a little looking.  You don't need to put up with being treated that way! POOOOP on his fuckbudgger self!
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