24 Apr 09 09:58
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Bad news about axcion...

mrsc — i just had contact with my person, and was told that the company that makes it shut down. sorry, i know we did not need anymore doom and gloom.
24 Apr 09 10:06
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JessieGirl — R U sure? The acxion I have comes in a blister pack of 30 tabs with A-159 on the tabs. Says "IFA acxion Fentermina" on the back. OMG...if that's the case, I am going to order as much as I can before the price triples and the sources run out!!
24 Apr 09 10:13
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mrsc — yes, there is only one acxion that i know of, and thats how it comes. all i know is what she told me. i have no reason to not believe her, or i can't think of any. if she were just trying to get me to buy alot from her, get more for each pack, i think she would have told me that she has only a certain amount left and that i better go on and buy them all. she told me she was sold out and that she would let me know if she finds some or when the pharmacy gets another brand of cookies to replace the acxion.
24 Apr 09 14:56
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Mr/Mrs.PunchieImageI wonder if "perhaps"  they're  just trying to get rid of it and maybe she thinks if she says it isnt being manufactured any longer, maybe people will rush her to buy the product?
If that is so, that is one of the oldest sales tricks in the book. 
Just a suggestion not an accusationImage
24 Apr 09 15:07
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bellewasok — who manufactures it? maybe you can google that company to figure out if it's BS or not. 
24 Apr 09 16:37
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mrsc — i would have definitely picked on a scam if she had tried to sell me any that she had left. this is not my first ice cream season. she had none to sell me. all she could do for me is make sure that i'm on her list for when the pharmacy gets a substitute phen. i don't know if or when that will happen. the box i got from her says, "IFA acxion Fentermina, 30 mg and in spanish it has under that caja con 30 tabltas. on the side of the box it says "Hecho en Mexico por: INVESTIGACION FARMACEUTICA, S.A. DE C.V.
24 Apr 09 16:38
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Sugar T*ts — There's always Disebsin and Sinpet!
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