07 Apr 11 03:15
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Clinics or Doctors in Northern Washington Area?

cyn5 — Hi everyone - I am new to the forum and was wondering there was anyone around that lives perhaps in Bellingham or Everett, Washington that knows of a good weight loss clinic that uses phentermine? I am actually in Vancouver, BC for the next year working (from the states), but I guess that doctors up here in Canada are really against prescribing weight loss drug and/or phentermine is not available. I would go as far as Seattle/Bellevue if needed.

Originally I started looking into weight loss clinics up here, but the only thing I found were a couple that do the hcg shots (which I do not want) and lots of herbal type stuff from the naturopaths.

So....I am willing to drive over the border to go to a clinic or even see a doctor (not one of those bariatric doctors) - but I have been searching around online and have not really been able to find one. I have not tried any weight loss pills yet, but after reading everything about phentermine - I think it might be worth a try to get me started as I have about 70lbs to lose.

For some reason, I just thought the weight loss clinics that use appetite suppressants like phen were common (guess I was wrong!). I suppose I would look into ordering online if it came to that, but it seems like everything is a scam. Last year (in the states) I tried broaching the subject of my excess baby weight with my obgyn and she was totally against weight loss drugs, so I never brought it up again. I think some of us just need a jump on our weight loss to get us motivated. I mean, yeah...I have tried numerous diets and when I only lose a pound a week...it makes me frustrated and I give up. Or exercise exercise and eat 1200 calories just to gain weight! Haha. I do have PCOS, which may be part of my inability to lose weight. I have tried metformin before, but it wrecked my digestive system. I just couldn't tolerate it.

Anyways - if any of you know of some clinics in the WA area, let me know. Otherwise I may need to take a vacation to Mexico soon to get some at one of the pharmacies down there!!
08 Apr 11 04:21
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Herman2011 — Hi Cyn!  Have you tried googling "weight loss clinic (insert city here)"?  I just tried it for my city and saw a few that sound like they prescribe meds - I've only been to my regular doc so I'm not sure.  I think these clinics can be pricey from what I've heard, though.  
08 Apr 11 10:38
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Sugar T*tshttp://www.centerformedicalweightloss.com has locations in No. Washington. Put in your zip and boom.
08 Apr 11 14:10
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cyn5 — Thanks for the info guys. Yeah, I have tried just searching weight loss clinics...I found one that is a bariatric physician, but I don't really want to go to one of those places due to cost, etc. I may have found one in Seattle. So, if anyone has a good weight loss place they use in the north WA or Seattle area...please let me know:) 
13 Apr 11 04:23
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cyn5 — So, there is a bariatric clinic that also does other weight loss programs (including diet suppressants...assuming this is phen) in the Bellingham, WA area. I may call them this week to see what they would charge. Has anyone had success with going to one of these types of doctors/clinics? I don't want surgery...just the phen:) Haha. I am wondering what the cost would be? Perhaps a new patient visit then they give you your prescription? 

It seems like there are not too many weight loss clinics that do phentermine here. Ugh. I see lots of clinics offering hcg though. And then I almost got excited when I read something about Dr. B - website is even still there. But I guess he is closed down. Bummer. 
13 Apr 11 20:42
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Herman2011 — I suggest calling them and asking for a percentage of their patients that are prescribed phen compared to surgery and explain that you are in no way interested in considering the surgery.  I don't know how bold you are, but if it were me, I wouldn't pay for the visit until after I saw the doctor.  They will say they need payment first.  If you have the balls to do it, tell them all of this on the phone when you are making the appointment (without sounding like a junkie drug-seeker).  I've heard so many people say they went to these places seeking rx weight loss help just to pay and leave disappointed.  

Disclaimer:   of course, this is just what "I" would do - not everyone is as cynical as I am!
23 Jan 13 23:49
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lisabays — I am in Bellingham seeking same. Did you find some back in 2011?
What and where?
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