27 Mar 09 03:43
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How do I ask my doctor for Phentermine?!

alih06 — Hey everyone, I'm new to this site. Just have a question for people who got their pills through a doctor? How did you ask for them without sounding...crazy? haha I just feel bad asking doctors for pills. Especially diet pills. And especially because I am only 21...
I found out about this pill because my sister was prescribed them from her doctor and was very successful with them. I'm just afraid to be rejected by my doctor! anyones opionions and thoughts would be greatly appreciated! I would order them online but I can't afford the risk of getting scammed!!
27 Mar 09 04:24
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deebee — How did your sister approach the subject with her doctor?
She must have said the right thing because she got the script!
Don't let your doctor intimidate you! Just tell him what you want.
If he blows you off,  find another doctor.
27 Mar 09 04:35
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alih06 — I'm not sure, my sister refuses to talk to me about it because she doesn't think I should use pills to lose weight....ha she contradicts herself, im not even sure she asked for them...haha but I got her doctors number from my mom so im thinking i will call tomorrow. She saw a special doctor for obesity&diabetes, i'm not diabetic but I have really really high cholesterol&my regular doctor didn't give me anything for that so I'm hoping this "special" doctor will help me out if not for the diet pills, the cholesterol pills! 'cus i don't want a heart attack by the time i'm 30! ahh
27 Mar 09 09:48
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Chasingkids — If your BMI is 28, I would walked in confidently. Tell him you know some one who is having success using it for weight loss. Tell him you want to see if it can help you also... Be confident&informed&hold your ground.  
30 Mar 09 23:56
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alih06 — Alrighty, I made an appt. for the middle of April, so hopefully everything will go well! :)
31 Mar 09 00:15
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allformykids — my friend went to the dr and was having diabetic like symptoms and other health/pain problems due to her weight. She has been up and down with loosing only 15 pounds with excersie and etc. The dr was noticing that she hasn't been successful with weight loss, so when she was evalutated for these health issues she asked if there was something she should take to help her. That's how she got it prescribed.
31 Mar 09 13:41
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cristee — Good luck to you!!!  A few years back I hit 199lbs and my bmi was in the 30s and my doc said "watch what you're eating and exercise, you don't need pills you only need to control your mouth"!!  This coming from the man that told me himself i have a slow metabolism and it is negatively affected by any stress!!! 
01 Apr 09 23:53
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baglady — I'd say your doctor is the one who needs to control their mouth. 
02 Apr 09 20:38
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bethbethhazy — This is something that Ive been meaning to ask for a while, Can just a general practitioner prescribe phen? Or does it have to be a bariatric type doctor? I know that some obgyns prescribe it but they are pretty stingy with it and will only give like 3 months worth and after that your on your on.  I thought someone told me once that doctors have to have a special license or certification to prescribe weight loss pills, I dunno.  Basically Im going to my regular ole hometown doc soon and I just wondered if their was any point in asking him about phen?? Anyone have any info??
02 Apr 09 21:38
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allformykids — I know my friend was able to get them from her dr. The dr. is actually a Nurse Practictioner. She's a general "dr.", not someone that specializes in weight loss. Hope that helps!
03 Apr 09 09:29
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denise1005 — My family doctor prescribed it for me, It never hurts to ask.
04 Apr 09 13:45
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sandie07It can be general medicine dr.  I remember a few years back, my old dr prescribed it for me.  I don't think the rules have changed.  And recently, I asked another doctor for it but he said that what I needed to do was exercise.  I guess every doctor is different. 
14 Apr 09 00:54
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alih06 — I don't see why you couldn't have your "normal" doctor prescribe them to you, my doctor didn't even seem to care that my cholesterol was 300, at my age. So thats the main reason why I went to the obsesity/metabolism doctor. Which I went to this morning, I never brought up the pills but waited for her to, and she did...but she decided to do a lot of blood work and tests to see how everything is before we start prescribing me things. The two pills she mentioned were Phentermine and Meridia...What do you guys think is a better choice?? I also asked her if she thought it was a good idea if I even took pills to help me and she said it wouldn't be a problem as long as it helps me get down to a healthier weight. So I go back in a few weeks and see what my lab results were and to see what she thinks the plan of action is! :)
14 Apr 09 01:07
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sunshine — You are lucky, Ali! Lots of docs don't even factor in cholesterol, LDI, blood pressure, etc. All they see is a number on the scale & then tell you that if you exercise & eat right you'll be okay.

I'm glad your doc is going to give you a plan of action. I'd go for phentermine if I were you. Lose as much as possible in the first 3 months as the majority of docs won't prescribe for more than 12 weeks.

Good luck! You can do this!
15 Apr 09 03:13
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Brownies — Hi All,
I live in Boston and have LITERALLY gone to 7 different doctors to try and get a prescription.  All have said they arent comfortable prescribing and my BMI is 32.  It's not like I dont need it.  I am 245 trying to get back down to 175.  On the off chance anyone lives in he area and knows of a real doc who will prescribe, please PM me or respond.  I lost Dr. Br, now PB and I'm feeling a little at a loss here. Any help is appreciated.  Good luck to you guys. 

15 Apr 09 08:20
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PatchesKitty — Good Morning All!!  Hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday Weekend.  Yes, your normal doctor can prescribe Phen for you.  Most will not as they think it is only about 'diet and exercise'.  The obesity doctors are easier to approach and more likely to prescribe the phen as this is their speciality area.  Great advice from AFMK-be confident, be educated, and be prepared during your visit.  Say you've done the research, you know the risks, you want to get healthy and want your dr. support., etc.
WOW!  OBGYN's prescribe phen?  I never knew that!  I might have to ask at my next visit.  Thanks for the 411!
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