23 May 09 16:49
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I'm Pleased, Terfamex working out so far

Must Beat This — I wanted to post some feedback. I've been on the Terfamex four days now, down 5 lbs. Its a lil different from phen, some energy boost but not like phen I've had before. I ordered from f and was very pleased.
Has anyone used any of her other products? How do the Noebes and Asenlix work?
23 May 09 22:14
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Tots — Isn't Terfamex phentermine hcl...just made in Mexico with that brand name but still phentermine?
24 May 09 01:25
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I think it is Tots...

I have been taking it and its ok--not spectacular..Just ok.
Doesnt make me go:Image
24 May 09 10:51
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TotsOh, Punchie.  Don't ya just love that "Yipeee"?  It really is hard to come by these days, but it sure was great.  Sigh. 
24 May 09 20:28
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Mr/Mrs.PunchieSome say phen has not changed from the old days--
I beg to differ...I think it is not the same and my phen of choice
back in the day was the smith-kline-beecham --The REAL Fastin.
I had energy to burn!
Everything was Imageclean!Image My friend said that mexican phen is usually stronger than the stuff we can get here....I don't know if I agree with that.
24 May 09 22:12
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TotsPunchie, I think it has changed too.  I don't believe it's b/c our bods have built up a tolerance, b/c we go off it for periods of time, and when we go back on it, the rush is never like it used to be in the '90's.  Back then, I went off it too for periods of time, and back on.  And, upon the return, the rush of energy was bigger and better than EVER!  My work desk was clean and the supply closet was clean and all my projects were caught up and....Image
I wish it was still the same...

24 May 09 22:27
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Must Beat This — It may be the same, I said that it doesn't feel like the phen I've had in the past. It just feels different.  I guess we all have our own favorite brands.  It is odd how something that is supposed to be the same thing can vary so much from one manufacturer to another.
09 Jun 09 20:40
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Snowhoney — I've just finished the last of the Phen by Medix manufactured in Mexico, and this Terfamax brand does surpress the appetite, but it doesn't give me any energy., they don't make "me go" either.

So, I ordered the Acxion 30mg, suppose to be the same strength as the 37.5 Phen.  I should get them by the end of the week.
30 Jul 09 15:36
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snow honey-did u get it? how is it working out for u cuz i'm thinking about trying it.
31 Jul 09 16:26
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SophiaLee — IMO, no way is Mexican phen as good as American. However, there is this one diet pill they make in Brazil that is banned here that is 10x better than phen. Impossible to find though, I've tried every shady source I can think of and no one has it. (cry)
02 Aug 09 01:16
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baglady — Have you tried it yourself, Sophialee? What's it called? Now I'm intrigued, darn it. Thanks! LOL Image
02 Aug 09 09:59
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Sugar T*ts — Is that the Bellissima, Sophia? If you can find fenproporex (I saw it for sale alone not too long ago, I believe), the rest of the ingredients are relatively easy to come by in order to make your own.

baglady, if it's the one I'm thinking of, then all they did was change the name from "emagrece sim" to "bellissima". Same Brazilian diet pills, different name after the flap in 2006.
02 Aug 09 13:54
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SophiaLee — Sugar it IS fenproporex! Lol, you're good. I got it when it was illegaly an ingredient in Emagrece Sim. It was VERY strong. I did't know about the Bellissima thing. All I heard wasthat the new pills did not contain fenproporex. Off to google!

Ok I googled and I'm leary of these pills. I need to figure out which ones have fenproporex in them. It would be illegal to put them in a OTC drug, but that is what they were doing w/ the Emagrece Sim.
02 Aug 09 17:26
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pamtech1970 — Hello ALL!
Terfamex is ok, But it does not give me the extra BOOST, I have used
the Acxion 30mg, and it controls my appetite some and I get a little energy boost through the day...but, I  think I do better on adipex, gotta find a source...
I WOULD also like to know has anyone tried Noebes, Asenlix or Itravil?
I have tried a trial of Disedsin, may have to try that again...
And as for REDOTEX, I only need to lose 10-15lbs now..and I think that may be too strong for me?   WHAT do ya'll think?
02 Aug 09 18:08
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I have never taken REDOTEX! But I think Adipex/Phen is pretty strong!
03 Aug 09 10:01
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Sugar T*ts — Sophia - Look for "Esbelcaps".

Pam - Redotex, IMHO, is very weak and does not produce results for such exhorbitant prices. If you've tried phen, I doubt you'll feel anything with Redotex.
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