26 Oct 11 00:52
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O/T Rants and Raves-Sugar here it is: A place to vent!

My rant tonight is: People who air their dirty laundry Mainly, those who moan and own their maladies/illnesses!
like we are not only inundated with Health/medical talk and bad news everywhere...
Seems like the more people are being brainwashed about health-the more unhealthier they are becoming!!!
And the people who cannot resist telling everyone about their ailments...ugh!
Like they think its somehow a good thing..riding that pity train!!!
For example: they say: "I have [insert illness here] or the one that really bothers me is childhood obesity 
[crude and abusive]
or these so called causes where they use the word "awareness" like people are stupid or something--then, there is fight against this or fight against that-
Dont they know the more they fight against something the more it will come at them?? 
Just seems like people are getting more and more into
the label thing too--
People STOP!!! Wise up! All of this health talk crap is having a reverse effect!!!!
 labels are for boxes NOT people.
Sorry for the rant-- I just could not take it anymore.
29 Oct 11 01:35
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Rita32 — I hate it when the lady on the check-out make a comment on your shopping "thats a real big cake" " I bet thats full of callories"  ect.....

Hi Mrs Punchie hope your all ready for a spooktacular Halloween? this is the 3rd year my son has spewed up doing the pumkins its the smell I think?? Im moore excited than the kids YIPEEEEE HAPPY HALOWEEN-X-

30 Oct 11 15:41
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Rita, That is terrible that you have to deal with a nasty bitch like that. I would tell her to mind her bizzness an if not I would gently place that cake in her face.
ask her how she liked the calries.
Punchie. That is true. peoples talk way to much about sickness. I use to work with hospice an I can tell u that it got so depressing I had to quit.
even when patient's would be lookin and feelin better, All they kept telling people was how sick they was.
an before long they was dead.
Make's u wonder how many of them illnesse's could be prevented if only by not talking about it to much.
The brain an thought process is delicate. I beleve u can really talk you self into or out of being sick.
I think all that  suggestion stuff is like home grown terrorism or like attacking ur psyche. bitches.
31 Oct 11 12:28
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Hay Jazza-Bella , Ive missed you -X- hope your doing well  I know we never hit it off last time. water under the bridge and all that.
21 Nov 11 17:39
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Good Mornin Rita
I'm truly sorry for the thing's I said to u. I must have had bitch syndrome or somethin.
I agree. H20 under the bridge.
its a damned shame that u  had to go thru that with that senseless and insensative checkout bitch.
Here u just went to buy a cake which btw pays for that ol' bags salary an u get that flack?
I hope it don't happen to u again. good luck
and here's to being friends. wit a Big ol hug

28 Dec 11 16:59
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Bump-My pet peeve is spam,
30 Dec 11 17:19
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Hi All,
Well today my pet peeve is that stupid extreme couponing program!
I have been a long time couponer for about 25 years, Not like those hoarders on TLC- but I always shaved a bit off my grocery bill each week and always got my coupons through the sunday paper...But low and behold, Our coupons have been dwindling away each week.
Our paper "claims" they have not had any coupons sent to them in the past few weeks...[highly doubtful]
I really suspect that they are taking the coupons from the paper at the circulation level.
Since that damned show has aired, the stores around us have all changed their coupon policies too.
I hope they cancel that stupid program!
Its way too unbelieveable anyway, But yet there is always some idiot who believes they can duplicate the practices seen on that show.
It ruins it for everyone who is just trying to save a little bit and who does it honestly-
I pay for my paper- I dont go out and steal it like I have seen done since that mess went on the air.
03 Jan 12 18:02
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05 Jan 12 03:21
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islingdrinks — Bump! (spam sucks)
09 Jan 12 19:55
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I second that...
Where is it all coming from?
The little shits anyway.
22 Jan 12 01:42
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Here we go again!...
Government intrusion and idiotic comments like what is written by gabriela 123-which can be read here:

if you all are interested:

Please feel free to share your views.
07 Mar 12 23:33
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Hey Gang!
My goodness, am I the only one using this thread anymore? LOL.
Well, here is something that will either make you think twice or make you angry- or both...
I was discussing with a friend of mine how products and services are getting to be nothing---
Nothing like it use to be anyway----
My good friend who works with a group to expose truth in advertising found out something very interesting regarding companies/manufacturers etc...
Long story short these little shits are the most devious and underhanded bitches to come along since who knows when!
The guise is to make you think they care about you or your health  by making statements about their or someone elses product- by saying things like-
it is not healthy or or is healthy- mainly smaller portions and yes even sugared products which that little fallacy started in the 1980s...
All just to have an excuse to give smaller product and increase cost to the consumer!!!!
Anyone notice that most products food and other wise are getting smalller and smaller while cost to the consumer is rising?
Anyone who cares about their pocket books and bank accounts should really realize how these vultures are swooping in for the kill more and more everyday.
it is criminal.
I remember when you could get coke in the cans and bottles and it was like 16 oz...
A big old can! now it is less than 12 oz...yep, they are using the old "it is not healthy for you" routine-
really it is "it is not healthy for them"
these turds turn it all around and try to put it back on the consumer---how sick is that?
Making us all think they care about what we are consuming---like hell!
How about mc donalds saying they want to lower the portions by eliminating the supersize items because it is not healthy for the consumer---
Yeah right! leaveit up to the consumer- if they really dont want it they wont buy it...
simple as that....
these so called groups that are "watching out for the consumer" is really that particular company putting doubt in peoples heads so they can get off as cheap as possible....
This angers me more and more .
Any thoughts?
08 Mar 12 12:23
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Punchie~You are so right! My hubby and I were just talking about this very thing the other day.  Let us decide what we want to buy and how much...we do have brains of our own you know!
08 Mar 12 13:19
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Definitely the cost of food has gone up. And it seems like the healthier you try to eat, the more it costs, so them saying they are looking out for the health of the consumer is BS.
08 Mar 12 17:22
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Hi Belle and Toonces-
First- Its good to see you again Toonces!
I love the new gals here but I really love to see when some of the old gang gets together on here too.
I have been assisting with a friend of mine who just started their own truth in advertising agency
They have been in the biz for years though...
They are a married couple who just got sick of the games that marketing and advertising play on innocent consumers---They are going for the honest side-
We were chatting about how back in the day- they are both 50 but dont look a day past 30! lol...
Anyway we were talking about how you really never would see all of the medical stuff and how products were never this small....
Costs rising all over for half of the product you use to get---This includes fast food chains-
He was talking about how all of this really started happening in the late 1980s-
when the anti sugar craze started..
and has gotten progressively worse.
especially after 9-11
where most of these marketers and manufacturers decided to take the bully route- so to speak and play on peoples fears and weaknesses...
We are talking about everything!
from soda pop to waffles to health products to produce
He also mentioned alot of the buzz words that get people to buy certains products and services that would normally be low end and impossible to really market and make money---
 if the consumer were not told the lies and if it were left to the consumer to make up their own minds---Guess what?
Produce is one of those in the first place!!!!!
They figure by using the term "eating healthy" when it came to these items, it would be more attractive to the consumer....because after all, who wants to be unhealthy? 
How consumers are lied to on sooo many levels it is pathetic-
I could go on, But it would be a looonnnng post.
I am appalled at how these devils make their money.
Strange too is that the economy is in the dumper-
My friend feels that maybe if these people would be more honest- the economy would improve as well.
I feel the same exact way.
Southern belle hit the nail on the head when you said that they think consumers are stupid---
You know what? You are right.
That is why they talk down to people-
It is appalling-
06 Apr 12 09:37
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