15 Nov 10 15:15
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O/T-WLF family regulars, a place to show we are here.

Hey baglady!  Yes, it has been a long time!  Glad to see you guys are still here.  Bestbagelbaker????  You been steeling my mail again???  
15 Nov 10 15:18
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I guess I should say..because you're my neighbor!
15 Nov 10 16:26
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pamtech1970 — Hello WOWA!  Hope u are feeling well! Don't do like me and gain 60lbs       Just Kidden' , You eat what u want too....As long as you and the baby are doing fine!  When is baby #2 due?

Wishing you a Wonderful Pregnancy!!!
<---------------U NEVER  KNOW!!!!!  haha
15 Nov 10 22:29
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Mr/Mrs.PunchieHi Friends,
Just stopping in for a minute to see how you all are doing.
Wowababy congrats on the new baby..
Do you know if its a boy or girl?
Please know that there are wishes from the punchie family  for a healthy and happy baby for you and your family.
A big hug and Hi to the regulars..
Hi Deebee- I sometimes access Wlf from my phone when I am on the road[not driving of course] and always look for the little white dog to find your posts-Did you know someone else has the same little white dog avatar on the front page? at first I thought it was you then saw it was someone else--oops on me I guess..
still cant post from my phone though, how about anyone else?

hope that wench that hit you has gotten hers..are you ok?]

Hi Pammie- Wowzee girl, You sure sound like you have been keeping yourself busy...
Please dont run yourself ragged though okay?
Hello Sugar--I am so happy to see you here.. I think I have been on when you were gone and vice versa?
Debracat- Your name sounds so familiar...Hope to see you more..
Hi Apples! Happy to see ya got it worked out with LG[too bad you had to fight to get what was rightfully yours, that was a pissy thing she did not only to you but others as well]
Banker...Where is Banker? I hope you are okay...
Miss chatting with you and the others from the  and am sending you all big hugs!

15 Nov 10 23:16
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Punchie..that image is sooo cute!
16 Nov 10 01:02
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Hey Punchie!  Been busy getting ready to go to Arizona for awhile hope to be gone by Thanksgiving.  Those little bitches in the cup are the cutest babies I have seen in a long time.  I do love our little Schnauzer she is my baby as I know you love your babies.  Sleeps under the cover with me.  Old people and their dogs - pitiful.  How is you back?  Take care.
16 Nov 10 11:33
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wowababy08 — Thanks Punchie, we don't know yet we should find out at my next appointment.
Pam - I know, I gained 50 with my son so I learned my lesson, doing much better this time around, also started off bigger than I did with him so my fingers are crossed that I stay on track!
It's good to see the same people here and some new ones!
16 Nov 10 13:19
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deebee — Wow~
Are you hoping for a girl this time around?
When I was pregnant I slept with a pink satin ribbon under my pillow every night ( silly, I know ) but I got my girl.
Best of luck to you.
16 Nov 10 13:35
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deebee — Banker: "Old people and their dogs - pitiful."
Ain't that the truth.
Our dogs are under the covers, over the covers....plus the cats....we're completely pinned down when we try to get out of bed in the morning. We love 'em.
16 Nov 10 17:23
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pamtech1970 — @Punch, Cute pic...I am the little "choc-brown" baby in the back!
I am fine, Not too busy. Just everyday LIFE for me.......
Wish I had skipped this quarter...........
16 Nov 10 19:46
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Aw, cute little babies in the cup, Bitch Clique? Can I join?
Good to see ya all again.
17 Nov 10 11:17
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Sugar T*ts — deebee - of course, they're under the covers. Where else would they be? Chained up outside?! Never!
17 Nov 10 12:12
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Never, EVER!
They're like our children! 
17 Nov 10 12:18
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deebee — Hey mdb~
Bitch Clique? Can you join? Definitely.
18 Nov 10 00:34
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I feel like a burrito sometimes! LOL
Hubby will be under covers on one side , then I slide under the covers, then my Big-Boy po-kitty will lay right up against me, but usually on top of the covers. (unless hes cold)  And then, I can't MOVE! HAHA, So I go to sleep................Snoring on one side, Purring on the other....
Po-kitty used to "growl" at me, when he would have his "nest" made, either in the bed or on the couch etc...If I tried to scoot him over just a little?!  HAHA........ But, he has stopped that for now,  His Favorite spot now is in the recliner w/ my hubby, under the throw/blanket...I laugh at both of them, because they both try to hog the recliner...
09 Dec 10 20:34
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