22 Dec 09 14:51
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Phen makes me tired?

wannabeskinny — When I was on Phen years ago (way back when you knew you were actually getting the real product), I recall feeling very energetic. However, I feel out of breathe and just want to sleep on the Phen that I take now. Does anyone else have this problem? Thanks.
22 Dec 09 18:43
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abriley1 — check the one you are getting i had to switch pharmacies
22 Dec 09 19:03
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funphenfriends — where did you get it?  The tired thing is weird...do you mean PHYSICALLY worn out or sleepy.  I find the stuff makes me very winded and "spent feeling"  but buzzy mentally.
22 Dec 09 21:19
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I got it from M...I haven't been around for awhile, so I don't know if people are still using them.  I feel physically spent and want to sleep.  When I do sleep, I end up with my eyes closed, but mind buzzing for the first couple of hours and then I'm knocked out.  Wondering if I'm just not made for this stuff anymore!
22 Dec 09 23:19
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Stakk — I have the same problem, and I DO remember the last time I was on it a few years ago being really energized too!  Now I am the same as you.  It does suppress my appetite though... it just sucks getting all blurry and wiped out.  I've just been thinking it's because it's not a legit Rx? idk...  Last time it was straight from my local Walgreens
24 Dec 09 06:12
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azsanz — The phen I have had lately makes me go through highs and lows. When I go low I feel sleepy, which is very odd. Then I got going and felt energetic after a short restless nap.
24 Dec 09 06:20
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wowababy08 — I think it depends on what kind you take but I've noticed recently I can sleep on it and then at night I seem to be more wired and awake even though I'm dead tired all day...
25 Dec 09 20:15
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Peaches — I think it's not made the same anymore because I used to get Adipex from Walmart about 4 or 5 years ago and it made me so hyper I had to take a Klonopin to sleep.  Now I get K25's from my Dr. (his office dispenses them) and it's nothing compared to Adipex of a few years ago.  Even the phen I got from Kmart and Walmart are nothing compared.  I'm thinking the ingredients have changed.
29 Dec 09 12:39
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baglady — Peaches, maybe it's the difference between the generic and name brand that you're noticing? I haven't had actual Adipex myself, so I don't know for sure. I'm just making an uneducated guess.
Wannabe, how are you feeling these days? Is that a new order from M or have you had them for a while? Maybe it's a bad batch? Hope everything works out for ya.
30 Dec 09 00:49
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Sounds to me that they may be fakes? Is that possible? I always get an energy surge....
30 Dec 09 03:03
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dollar2200 — Actually the active ingredient can also cause lethargic effects "like speed and cocaine" it is an amphetamine related product and will effect certain persons that way, which is one of the reasons it is a sched 4 narcotic
30 Dec 09 09:27
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"the active ingredient can cause lethargic effects like speed and cocaine....."
30 Dec 09 09:55
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baglady — Deebee, I think the lethargy comes after the flat line?
30 Dec 09 10:19
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Paging Dr. Howard !
04 Apr 11 00:16
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I have fatigue to start with!
I went to the local weight loss clinic after hearing wonferful reviews about Adipex in person and online.  I'm SO disappointed.  I'm allowed 1 per day and break it in half.  I still get hungry all the same and feel even more fatigued.
Then I got sick and had an antibiotic shot-- I was told not to take it while on antibiotics as they can cancel each other out.  Ten days later and 10 extra doses, I took a whole one a little while ago just to see if maybe the halves weren't enough.
I could lay down and sleep.  I feel like sluggy crap.   
04 Apr 11 09:56
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domesticdiva — The last couple of order both mp's (one from M and the other from yguy) for what ever reason have not been very good.  I have been sleeping like a baby at night and before when I would take these I would have to take a sleep aid to get a good nights sleep.  I have been taking phen on and off for years so something is different I just don't know what.
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