18 Nov 09 19:48
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Phentermine and Topamax?

Seaweed — Hi all,
I'm new. I've been on phen for about a year now--have built up a tolerance needless to say. My doc just gave me a prescription for phen and topamax, saying the combo would help. I tried to find info here but I couldn't. Anyone had experience with this?
PS: I'm surprised it's so hard to get prescriptions for phen and pple have to go online and risk getting scammed. There are so many weight loss clinics and stuff willing to prescribe it where I live. I'm not obese either but overweight (5 foot 7 170 pounds.)
19 Nov 09 03:30
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SwedishBeauty — Hi, I'm new here also, and I don't know about the combination of the two, but I do know that Topamax alone can have some pretty icky side-effects. I was on it for migraines for about 4, and lost about 10 pounds on it, but I also starting losing hair galore, having depression, horrible forgetfulness, lack of memory, concentration and bi-polar like symptoms. It's also been linked to causing hypothyroidism, which, by the way, I have now. I can't say for sure if it's due to the Topamax or not, but seeing that the medicine can cause it, I'm not going to rule it out. From my personal experience, the weight loss wasn't very great with it alone. I had a friend who took it and lost quite a bit, so it might really help, but beware of the symptoms you may experience on it.
19 Nov 09 10:55
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Hi, I saw this combo on  CBS sunday morning.  They are testing a drug called q-nexa with those two ingredients.
19 Nov 09 11:18
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Sugar T*ts — Seaweed: some others were wondering about it too, not too long ago. Here's a thread with a little more info: phentermine/qnexathe_new_phentermine

Before ordering based on anyone's recommendation, see this thread: phentermine/wwwphenterminecom
19 Nov 09 15:30
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famsuccess — I have never done this combination either. But I was on Topamax for over two years for my headaches. I lost 20 pounds in the first month and a half I was on it. Altogether I lost about 40 pounds. I wen off because I got pregnant and now I am trying to lose weight again. But I am breastfeeding and cannot take topamax yet.

There are some side effects I got. I had lack of concentration. My thinking skills were foggy. I felt stupid sometimes. I was thirsty alot. My hands and face would tinlge like when your foot falls asleep.

It was bad when I first got on the drug but after awhile the side effects went away.

Healthy Lifestyle
19 Nov 09 16:11
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oh no  bald and thin or chunky with hair????  What a choice!
19 Nov 09 21:11
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wowababy08 — Hmm well I have Topamax for migraines and I will say that it hasn't helped me lose any weight.  From what I've read your dosage of Topamax has to be extremely high to get results.  I also read it makes you lose your sense of taste.
19 Nov 09 21:31
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I had to stop taking topamax...it made may hair fall out...rteally bad!!!! A long with other side effects!
20 Nov 09 00:04
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Wow, the hair loss thing is scary. You can't gain that back, can you? Yikes. My dose is very low, 25 mg, along with 37.5 phentermine. I definitely feel less hungry than usual today (my first day on this) so that's good. I don't feel spaced out, which is good. I'm already a bit spacey so that wouldn' t be good. We'll see, I hope it helps, cause I am the worst dieter in the world, especially post 4pm.
06 Jan 10 16:07
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Sugar T*ts
Seaweed - are you still  on the combo? Any update? My GP just prescribed topamax to help control eating (I've heard all the horror stories about potential side effects), but I'm wondering how the combination is working for you.
07 Jan 10 10:51
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baglady — Sugar - it sounds like you have a pretty open-minded doctor. That's great! But yes, please be on the lookout for strange side effects. I would hate for you to suffer from the same effects that my friend did - it was awful! But on the flip side, I know someone else who has taken Topomax for a couple of years for migraines with no trouble at all.
07 Jan 10 10:55
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Sugar T*ts — Well, baglady, I don't know if it's the power of suggestion b/c it seems weird that side effects would happen so soon (after 1st dose!) but I woke up in the middle of the night last night with the most bizarre dream ever. And, I never remember dreams. On the other hand, I'm not at all hungry. Hmmm.

I was shocked that she agreed to let me try topamax. I have to arm-wrestle her to give me an antibiotic! Then again, I have gained 20 lbs since she last saw me, so she probably thought we better put the brakes on.

Good to hear from you!
08 Jan 10 17:43
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I just recently stopped Topamax that I was prescribed for nerve pain.  I titrated up from 25mg every week and made it to 100mg.  I was in a complete fog. Face hands and feet all numb.  Cola tasted horrible and some foods tasted bad.  I never lost an ounce.  They made me very aggressive, moody, and suicidal thoughts.  Christmas was a blur.  Also, I am a student at night school and I was forgetting where the letters were on the keyboard.  I also started saying stupid shit.  Unless you are seriously desperate, stay away.  Also, if you stop taking it, you can have seizures even if you never had them before.  I read that FDA hadn't approved it because the study had so many risks and side affects that it wasn't worth it.  Take in alot of info before considering this. 
And for Sugar T, my tongue and face was numb after 1 25mg dose.  it may not do the same for others but it will definitely change your personality for the worse.  It makes you feel like a mental  case. 
18 Jan 10 10:42
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bagladyHey Sugar, how's the Topomax treating you?
18 Jan 10 12:05
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Sugar T*ts
It's only been 11 days, baglady, and I'm on a low dose (25 mg bid) but it's going well aside from that bizarre dream the first night. I do feel as if it has taken the edge off my desire to binge, which is a wonderful relief.
19 Jan 10 20:50
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wowababy08 — I'm taking topamax as well and i'm not hungry at all, even with just that i started on 50mg, i know a girl who lost 40 lbs and another who lost almost 60.  They had higher dosages, I take it for migraines but hell if I can lose weight with it too even better.  I think the side effects are really bad for some and not for others, it just depends on you as a person, just like I say about all meds.
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