23 Feb 10 17:42
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Phentermine and working out/meals?

CheetoLover — Hi everybody- I searched before posting but couldn't really find an answer to my situation, hopefully someone can help!

Looking for some advice on *when* I should be taking my phentermine in relation to when I eat. When will I get the most out of it? I've always taken it on an empty stomach, but is that really necessary?

I've been on phentermine for about 6 months, and I'm down about 35 pounds. I didn't start incorporating a workout until about a month ago, and trying to schedule working out and eating around my classes makes it difficult to take my pill on an empty stomach.

My new schedule starts in a few weeks and I'll be working out right away at 8am. I am NOT a morning person, and getting up early enough to eat a good breakfast and have time for it digest before working out is not an option- I hate exercising after I've eaten a meal!

Should I take my pill right away on an empty stomach before I go to the gym? Should I eat a little AND take it before I go to the gym? Should I JUST eat a small breakfast and NOT take my pill, go to the gym, and take it afterwards?

I drink a protein shake within 15-20 minutes of finishing a workout, and try to eat a meal within an hour. Would I then have to wait until after that has digested before I take it?

Anyone that takes phentermine and is diligent about working out have some advice for me? Thanks!

I'm so glad I found these forums! It's nice to get real feedback from people and not someone with an agenda and something to sell me. I'd like to stick around awhile and soak up the wisdom from you veterans :)
24 Feb 10 12:24
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You may want to take the pill early depending on how long it "lasts" for you during the day. I think you could get away with taking the pill after your morning workout with your protein shake. Basically, for me, as long as I took the pill by 10am, I was fine all day and had great workouts. Then again, I am a 200 pound man. I know people who would have to take it first thing in the morning because the side effects include sleeplessness in some people.
I would eat something 30 minutes before a workout. This is vital. Consuming a protein shake within an hour after your workout is also vital especially if you are looking to gain muscle. I think if you woke up, grabbed a small bite to eat to help fuel your workout and then took your pill with your post-workout shake you should be fine all day. Since the 37.5mg is pretty strong, I would take the pill first thing before your workout if you find yourself not being able to sleep at night.
Good luck and congratulations on your success so far.


25 Feb 10 15:21
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deebee — I've found it works best on an empty stomach---one hour before or two hours after eating something.
I'm also not a morning person and I don't like to eat anything before I work out, so I usually take my pills in the afternoon.
I used to take them first thing in the morning, as soon as I woke up, but after a while I found I had no willpower at night. 
At first I had trouble sleeping but eventually it got easier.
You kinda' have to experiment on yourself and find what works best for you. Good luck.
26 Feb 10 06:04
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Stakk — Ew - for me, I couldn't take phen before a workout that early.  When I work out super early, I usually just do it on nothing, then afterward I supplement, wait a bit, then eat/shake, depending. (Of course rehydrating in the meantime...)

How much experience do you have with the 1st-thing-in-a.m. workouts, and what kind do you have scheduled? I find my body can handle different things depending on the workout... Because if you are okay on an empty stomach totally, I would just do it that way - I used to, and my workouts were fine. When I did the ECA stack, I'd take some caffeine before I headed off to the gym, and that was pretty great for running, actually. But I definitely prefer to remember my younger days without needing a thing and just being able to "go"... :(

Overall, if it's mainly a cardio workout, I'd skip the phen beforehand. I totally realize that it varies so much for all of us - Hope you update on what you figure out and how it works out for you!
01 Mar 10 22:02
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Thanks for the responses! Yes, I am on the 37.5mg, and yes I do experience sleeplessness if I take it too late in the day- If I take it before 3 or 4 pm I'm usually fine.
I feel very sluggish/unmotivated to workout on an empty stomach. I usually do a quick 5 min warm up on the treadmill to get my heart rate up, then weights (usually about 30 min), then cardio (30-40 min).
I think I'll try eating something light (banana? piece of toast?) as soon as I wake up, finishing my workout before my 9:25am class, drinking a shake before/on the way to class, eating a meal after my 11:50 class gets out, and taking my pill a few hours later.
The appetite suppresent part of phentermine has pretty much worn off for me, I still struggle with cravings and willpower, mainly in the evenings. Maybe taking the pill a little later in the afternoon will help with that!
Thanks for the tips!
02 Mar 10 17:50
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bostonfitchic — I've always used phentermine on an empty stomach as soon as I wake up, then work out (morning i the only time women have testosterone in their systems) so you can burn fat most effectively then. Then if you eat a restricted diet of 500-900 calories with at least 40% protein and eat 1/2 cup non fat cottage cheese before bed you'd be surprised how much weight you can lose.
Also - for best results if you are not  hard core work out fan - pick up the book Body for Life - it incorporates simple weight training and HIT cardio and explains all the philosophy behind high protein/low fat 5 meal a day eating and weight training/interval cardio - really great first step in getting in shape.
03 Mar 10 01:38
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03 Mar 10 13:35
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Hi Bostonfitchic
Thanks---I'm gonna check out that book.
03 Mar 10 14:00
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bostonfitchic — Anytime Deebee! I'm a hard core workout fan so I've tried just about everything out there - if you ever have any questions on training, feel free to ask - I love sharing the tricks that I know work. And you all have been so helpful here to me that I'm all for giving back!
03 Mar 10 16:35
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03 Mar 10 19:33
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slappy — @Punchie: hahaha! I love it.
@Boston: I agree. My nephew is a personal trainer and he's very educated when it comes to exercise, fitness, food, etc., (he has an M.A. in Physiology). Body for Life is a solid book/plan, even my nephew vouched for it, and he's really picky.

Question for any of you: Is Tracy Anderson a hack? I was thinking of getting her mat workout DVD, but all the 5 star Amazon reviews seem to be written by reviewers who've posted only once, with no verified purchase. Coincidentally, I text messaged my nephew today with this very question, but he hasn't gotten back to me yet.

I'm suspicious of reviewers like that, and I've heard she has some sketchy philosophies, such as: women shouldn't lift more than 3 lbs, or they get bulky, etc. Just curious.

06 Mar 10 18:55
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@ Bostonfitchic: Thanks for the book tip! I'm a big fan of interval cardio, I'll be sure to find a copy of that. The high protein method is pretty much what I'm aiming for, but I've been worried that I'm skipping out on other important factors- do you find that you lack any important nutrients/vitamins and if so what do you do to make up for that? Do you take a protein supplement? Thanks for your advice!
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