21 May 09 23:22
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Phentermine Compound (PCH)

used2BAcutie — Did they happen to mention what brand of phen it is?
22 May 09 06:46
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jinglejangle — No..they never told me. I will ask next time! What is the best brand?
22 May 09 11:34
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losewtWow, thanks for sharing that info with us. I've had a large bottle of chromium pic in my cabinet for quite a while but never took any. If it helps with the phen, i'm game.
27 May 09 08:29
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baglady — It varies from person to person, Jinglejangle. Different strokes for different folks. :-) I think the 504's are the most liked right now. The MP 273's have been popping up a lot lately. They get mixed reviews... people either hate them due to headaches or weakness, or the tolerate them but feel they're average, or they love them. I hope your concoction works out well for you.

I'm going to check my multivitamins for chromium pic. I just might start taking them on a regular basis! Anyone else know if it really boosts your metabolism?
27 May 09 08:39
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PatchesKitty — I have recently been taking the 5HTP and it really makes a difference for me.  You can get it OTC-but it does upset my stomach for a couple of hours.  I take it with a little milk, and it helps tremendously!  But I have noticed a BIG difference when I take it vs not taking it.
I might switch and try the chromium pic-is there any stomach upset with this?
Thanks and Good Luck!
27 May 09 10:41
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Sugar T*ts — JMHO, but any weight loss advantages of taking Chromium Picolinate are exaggerated. However, PK, you wouldn't have to switch. There shouldn't be any interaction betweem CP and 5HTP.
27 May 09 11:31
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myajd69 — jingle - please keep us posted on ur progress...i, too, am curious how it's working for u...moreso with the SJW, cuz i find myself more irritable and wonder if that would help any.
deb - the pic of that cat is soooo cute and funny!!!
10 Oct 10 00:09
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MagtownKutie — Hello, I just started this pill, Phentermine and chromium compound (PCH), and I was wondering how well was your success with this and if you had good results how long did it take before you noticed results?
15 Apr 11 12:44
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mannel19I started the PCH#1 about 1 month ago and I love it I started off at 180lbs and lost 12lbs on my own by cutting soda and wanted a little extra help with the rest. Were I live we have a weight loss clinic which is owned and run by a licensed Physician but it cost allot for weigh ins and the script which can only be bought through the mail or a specialty pharmacy. So I spoke with my Dr. and he is writing the scripts for me now you take 1 A day between 9am-10am and weight loss is 3-4lbs a wk.
15 Apr 11 22:53
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Herman2011 — I've taken CP in the past (not combined with phen) but I don't remember it having any significant impact on weight loss.  I am curious about these "add-ons," though.  Need more data.
10 Jun 11 16:59
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I have been taking PCH that I got from a weight loss center on 3/15. I have lost 36lbs to todays date! It makes me very euphoric at first but then i become very agitated. I sometimes find myself very anxious and want to scream. But then I get on the scale! :-) I feel great for the most part....It is expensive., You have to weigh in every month in order to get a script and that cost $75 then the pills are $63 for a 30 day supply. I have been obese all of my life, so its well worth it! I am proud to say that I am finally under 200 lbs since high school!
11 Jun 11 07:27
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I went to my Dr yesterday to see if would put me on adipex...and he was wonderful about it :) So happy I went to him and asked  being I was really nervous he would say NO....Had the office call of 20.00 and got my script filled for 5 bucks!! I have to go see him once a month, and he said as long as Im dropping weight he'll keep me on it :) Said sometimes people will stop losing after three or four months, he gives them like a month break, and then they can get back on it after that. He was saying how great the energy level is gonna be for me....took my first one this morning....excited to lose the rest of this weight!! Thanks to everyone here for all the info.....really helped!!
11 Jun 11 07:59
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Herman2011 — Women2020 - Congrats!  That is so great!  Let us know how it goes for you.
11 Jun 11 08:16
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 I will, might even post a pic if all goes well..don't like having a bag over my head.....lmao :)
11 Jan 12 11:07
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I had great luck with this for the first 3 months - lost 11 pounds in the first month alone.  Altogether, on PCH I lost about 30 pounds on PCH in about a year - 20 of those in the first 3 months. Those last 10 were a struggle. Once my body got used to it, it just wasn't as effective. It was definitely the Phen part of it that was the major factor in losing that first 20. But like I said - once my body got used to the Phen, it stopped being effective. Then the struggle to lose even a pound a month became depressing.
Was on PCH on and off for 2 years, but never had the same kind of weight loss as I did in those first couple of months.  I've been off it for about 3 years now, and thinking about asking my doctor for it again. I've put back on that 10 lbs that I struggled for that last PCH year to lose. I need that jumpstart of the Phen.
Good luck, and I hope you're loss with PCH goes better than mine did!
11 Jan 12 15:41
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littlerose — My weight loss clinic gives me phen 37.5 and chromium picolinate 200mcg. They are two seperate pills which i like. My dr. told me to take the chromium when it's my toughest time of the day for cravings...mine are usually around lunch. I def helps!! I forgot to take them for two days with the phen and found myself driving to the store to get something horribly bad even though i wasn't really hungry! Just craving something. The information i was given with my scripts says "used to assist in fat metablism and decrease sugar and hunger cravings." 
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