03 Oct 09 23:26
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Phentermine vs Adderall

healthywithh — I'm wondering if anyone knows how similar these two products are? Don't they have the same main ingredient? Also isn't phentermines main ingredient an amphetamine? Just curious, I've been doing some googling and have been getting mixed clues. But I'm thinking this might be the forum to get some questions answered!! And which one is better for weight loss and which one is easier to get?

Also just wanted to say thanks to all the friendly people on here who have answered my questions and made me feel welcome!!!

:) Can't wait to hear your responses!!
04 Oct 09 00:40
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it's interesting, I really don't know.  But I think it's facinating how leave give hyper ADD kids a stimiulant to calm them down. So many of the cookie types certainly the asenlix and neobes for me, have "mental focusing" side effects.
I'm gonna clean out all of my bathroom's closets and cabinets...crushed make up, forgotten hair products, broken combs
04 Oct 09 00:57
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Yeah I heard that too! Now all I need is the energy you have! Lol! I need to clean out a lot of hidden places around the house. Not enough energy most days.I really want to try something soon! But I have to wait till payday now ....
If I knew some way to get Adderall I would probably get both Adderall and Phentermine to see which one worked better for me. If anyone knows answers to my above post or where I can get Addy let me know!
And I hope your cleaning goes well funphen!!
04 Oct 09 02:28
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baglady — I think Phentermine is better for energy and appetite suppression. That's just me. The Adderall might help me sit down and focus more.
04 Oct 09 07:13
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Add.and Phentermine are not the same. Phen is not an amphetamine, Add. is.
You will only get Add. from your doc. Any pharmacies claiming to sell this online are definetly not legit!
If you feel you may have ADDHD, visit your doc., sometimes all you have to do is ask!
04 Oct 09 09:47
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FUNPHEN- your bathroom sounds just like mine! Crushed make up and all!! Were the anselix and neobes better for mental concentration for you than the old phen?
04 Oct 09 09:59
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wowababy08 — I've taken Adderall for weight loss, it works really well but it's a lot stronger then Phentermine.  Phentermine is something that metabolizes into amphetamine, and the generic for Adderall is "amphetamine."  The first week was the strongest by far, and recently I'd been thinking about it as it's the same price basically as Y & C charge for phen.
I do like it, but I don't like the after effects when you don't take it, it's highly addictive and one of the most abused drugs among teens and college students.  I think it's a dangerous drug but I don't judge anyone for trying it.  Also like phen, after being off it you are prone to gaining weight, and typically more than you had lost.
Also I think people should be more aware of what could happen, I talked to the nurse at my dr's office and she had said that with ADD drugs, if you have anxiety or depression, typically it will make it much worse.  I have noticed this if I took the Adderall for several days.  Plus you can't sleep, and I had been super active when I first tried it, towards the end it was more of a mental focus.
BIG~I think both are good for mental concentration, I'd like to know which FUNPHEN prefers as well.
04 Oct 09 13:57
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Well before I start my BATHROOM purge, I popped an "itravil" aka "greenie Capsule.
Timed realeased somethin somethin
In general, when I'm imersed in a project, I can go all day without eating.  This stuff makes me wanna imerse myself in a project But I'm putting off my workout like noones business!!!
These are good for focus (for me) my job can be detail oriented and dealing with a few kids at a time with complicated applications, several different essays, recommendations, envelopes ...you have to be REALLY organized.  I by nature am obsessive and organized, but this stuff makes me really want to tackle stuff.
No crazy hear-racing energy (physical) but again, If I'm super busy, Im not hungry
I wouldnt take it every day
04 Oct 09 17:28
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Mmmmmhhh....Yeah I think I'll stick to the Phen!! Thanks for the input everyone!
I have another question though! Hopefully I don't need to start a new thread to get this one answered. I've been offered help to get something by M and I was wondering if anyone has used this source with success. No offense to you M, you probably know who you are. I just want to be careful so I don't throw any hard earned money away. If someone knows who this is please pm me, as I have no idea who to ask about this source. 
Thanks everyone and I hope your weekend was a blast!!!  
04 Oct 09 20:19
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Ive been prescribed to addi since i was a freshman in highschool, i cant stand how it makes me feel. The energy it gives me is...cracked out energy compared to the energy i get from phen which is more enthusiastic energy. if that even makes sense? addi makes me emtionless & irritated when coming out of my system
i still have my addi, i just sell it :) being in college everyone seems to like it but me!
05 Oct 09 01:37
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LeeAnn — Well this was written last night but I couldn't get on the board. It made more sense then but its written so I am gonna post it

Both adderall and phentermine are controlled substances but since adderall is considered to have a more potent risk of addition it is classed as a Schedule 2 drug while Phentermine is a schedule 4. There are many more restrictions for writing prescriptions for sch 2 drugs than there are for sch 4. That's why it is impossible to get online.

From personal experience and from watching others, withdrawing from a drug like adderall is much harsher than withdrawling from phentermine. Its tough so be careful with it.

There is a great deal of information within these two links if anyone is really interested.

http://www.prescriptiondrug-info.com/dr ... hentermine

one link per post
05 Oct 09 01:44
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LeeAnn — well here is the second link

you have to scroll down a little on both these links

http://www.prescriptiondrug-info.com/dr ... 40&ad=true
05 Oct 09 10:26
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shortn'chubbyAmphetamine gives me that lovely "I can conquer the world and feel like talking about nothing and anything and everything with everyone"!! I have never tried Phentermine, but does anyone think it gives you the same feeling? If you have ever taken Adderall and enjoyed it, you will know the feeling I am talking about!
05 Oct 09 13:30
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I tried both and Phen definitley gives you more energy.  Add seems to curb appetite but gave me a weird feeling!  I am not sure I can describe it but I didn't feel myself at all!
06 Oct 09 22:04
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I would not take adderall. it made me stay up for 2days and made me feel different not in a good way.Whan you want to go to sleep you cant you feel drug out not full of energy like the phen i use to take
06 Oct 09 22:26
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baglady — Thank you for the info, Leeann. That is very informative.
My friend decreased his dosage by half when he was first prescribed adderall. He felt the dose his doc prescribed was stronger than he needed. It worked out very well for him, but he also doesn't take it as often as directed. Just on an as needed basis.
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