25 Feb 12 05:58
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hollyb20 — so I just got back from Mexico where I bought two types of fentermina, Acxion which are tablets and Raamcap capsules both 30mg. I've seen Acxion mentioned on this forum quite a bit but not Raamcap, does anyone have any experience with it?

Also, are either of them time release?
31 Mar 12 04:01
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fan.smiles — hollyb20: did the raamcap work for you??? I just place an order and I've now noticed there are very few ( to no) reviews on Raamcap.
15 Apr 12 19:54
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porkydork — Raamcap and Acxion are BOTH fentermina (phentermine) just different name brands. Same dance, different song. Just as  Bayer, Anacin and St. Joseph are all aspirin, just under different brand names.
07 May 12 16:22
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My niece bought a few packages of raamcaps [different sellers] and she said they were awful!
She had no energy and was hungry and sluggish far more than when she did not take it...
I guess it could just be her experience with them...
I had that same affect long ago when I took itravil- to me it seemed inferior to obeclox...
However, I have since not taken anything so I cannot compare to recent times.
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