02 Mar 14 12:51
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Still hungry???

London1113 — Okay, just started Adipex 37.5 mg, which was prescribed by a physician and filled at the local pharmacy. Is it normal to still be hungry when taking this medication?? I am finding that my appetite hasn't really changed. Nor do I have the jittery, can't sit still feeling that others talk about.
02 Mar 14 23:57
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kclove78 — I don't remember my appetite changing or feeling much different for the first few days....maybe even the first week. Somewhere in the second week I started getting the jittery feeling with a racing heart and shortness of breath. The doctor told me to give it 2 more weeks and my body should adjust, which it did. I was still wired up some but the other stuff went away along with my appetite. Also, with the appetite thing for me, it's not so much a noticeable thing like "I've completely lost my appetite and don't want to eat anything"...it's more like "wow...it's 4:00 p.m. and I haven't eaten...or even thought about eating". You can still eat just as much as you ever have if you think about wanting to eat. I just realized one day that I NEVER thought about eating anymore. I guess I'm just saying to give it some time.
03 Mar 14 17:04
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junebugz — Exactly what kclove said. This time when I started Phen, I had no change in appetite for a few days. Then it kicked in. I am not feeling jittery, but I keep spilling things. Like whole glasses of water, whole cups of tea. And I dropped a glass pot lid and it shattered. So I must be jittery.
04 Mar 14 18:40
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gabrield — keep me posted you guys!
04 Mar 14 20:58
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Jacks*Lantern — I'm ready to explode with every thing I have been sucking down.
10 Mar 14 21:27
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kjsf — hi. first time posting, though i've been hanging out here off and on over the past few months.

phen does that to me, too, esp if i've been off it for awhile. seems to take a day or so to kick in. and spilling things, omg, totally. lol.

looking forward to getting back together with phen later in the week, thanks to this forum. it's been almost 4 months, and sadly, it shows!
11 Mar 14 14:38
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junebugz — kysf, have you gained weight in the 4 months you were off Phen? I just tallied up what I gained when I went off Phen. 9/26/13, I weighed 141. By 2/4/14, I had gotten up to 162. I gained twenty one pounds in four months. Ridiculous!

Why do we gain it back so fast? Or is it just me?
11 Mar 14 15:00
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kjsf — hey junebugz, i just replied to your post on Got my Phen.

have i gained weight in the 4 mo.s since off phen? that would be a BIG yes! and i think i'm right behind you in lbs gained, too.

over the past 10 years, i think it's been (wow), i do take phen holidays - maybe a month or even two months off in between bottles. this time i took twice that time, and partly due to not knowing what the hell was up with medical net...

now as i wait for my new source delivery, i'm mentally prepping to get back into serious diet mode, in other words, MAJOR phen mode! i've read several posts of women who've lost like 20lbs in one month or 40lbs in seemingly no time and i'm dumbfounded. i've lost a fair amount here and there over the years, but that much that fast, never.

well, be glad junebugz, that it's 21lbs gained, and not 31, right? and as i learned long ago in my 12-step days, then take it a day or even an hour at a time.
11 Mar 14 15:47
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junebugz — Talking about 12-step! I am a red wine addict. When I lost all that weight last year, it was partly from quitting my bottle of wine a night habit.

I think the reason I gained 21 pounds so fast is I started drinking a bottle a day again.

When I started Phen I quit the wine two days later. Ditching 500 calories of wine a day should equal at least a pound a week, I hope.
12 Mar 14 02:03
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kjsf — red wine, huh? i've been on a bit of a holiday from drinking at home, but i hear ya. and i've soooo been there. now, if i could only be on holiday from all the sugary foods.

phen, take me away!
12 Mar 14 02:19
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junebugz — Oh KJ, sugary foods do me in, too. Pre-phen, I would buy chocolate bars and scarf them down in no time. Then I started keeping them in the freezer. It only slowed me down a little.

Now, for some reason, with Phen, I can eat just 1 square! I can't believe I can do it. Since Phen, I haven't had more than 3 squares a day, and sometimes only 1 square.

Friday will be a challenge A friend is coming in from London, and I live in the land of amazing pizza, Chicago. So we are going out for pizza. I haven't decided if I should just not take my Phen that day and pig out, or if I should try to eat in moderation.
12 Mar 14 22:21
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Mr/Mrs.Punchie — Mr P brought 2 boxes of donuts home yesterday, Chocolate covered cake donuts and chocolate covered glazed donuts.
I ate 3 of the glazed in a row, The only "saving grace" I guess?
Is that they like everyone else these days are making them smaller than they use to, Honestly though, I wish these manufacturers would stop being greedy and making everything smaller for more money. ugh!
12 Mar 14 23:57
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kjsf — junebugz, good luck on fri. i have found that it's better to just stay on the phen regardless of chicago pizza, or in my case, ruth chris steak house.

for me anyway, it's empowering to be able to just eat in moderation. lol.
13 Mar 14 00:01
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kjsf — mr/mrs punchie, i'm a former krispy kreme addict! hmm, they were never really big doughnuts--except in calories--but i think even krispy kremes got smaller.
13 Mar 14 00:44
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junebugz — Donuts!!!!! Yummy! We have Ruth's Chris here too. Yummy!!! Thanks, KJ, I need luck on Friday. I have not tried going to a restaurant yet on Phen. I don't think I can eat pizza in moderation. The deep dish pizza made in a black pan, with a slab of sausage that goes all the way across the pizza. And ice cream pizza for dessert. Jeez, I don't know if the Phen will even help!

Pizza, take me away.
13 Mar 14 22:06
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kjsf — still laughing, junebugz.

well, enjoy that deep dish. last time i had deep dish pizza was at unos in manhattan. lol.
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